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  • Payment options : Credit card
  • Available languages : English
  • Customer support : Email, phone
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The Irish lotto has been in existence as far back as 1988 when they replaces the Irish hospital sweepstakes. Since the inception of their website they have successfully provided lotteries and have helped numerous winners’ cash out big. Some of the lotteries in the website include; Irish lottery game, US power ball and Mega millions. Winning on the Irish lotto is very easy in terms of payments to winners as the Irish lotto team promises that all winners would be credited in 48 hours which is a big deal. If this can be achievable then, it would really be a plus for the Irish Lotto.

The Irish lotto is officially operated by Irish and UK subscription service and are based in Ireland but this does not limit the players to only players who live in Ireland. The issue arising with the Irish Lotto is that they are a lot of scam artists who pose as them; this is causing an issue as they have acknowledged it and tried to warn the public about it. It is therefore very important that you are very aware as to the online lottery you are participating in so that you don’t fall into the wrong hands.

The website contains all its basic information in one page and is not exactly suited for mobile viewing as you would have to constantly keep zooming just to have a clear view. You would also have to try really hard to grasp your head around the website before you can actually find your way around it.

One very interesting that about the Irish lottery is that the winnings are totally tax free hat this means is that you are entitled to your winnings without unnecessary deductions.


Lotteries and Software

As stated earlier, the major games in the Irish lotto are Irish lottery games, US power ball and mega millions. This comes as a disadvantage as they do not offer as many games as needed on their website.

To participate in a game, you have to register after registration you can then subscribe to for 4, 8 or 16 draws all at the same time. To help increase your chances of winnings the Irish lotto team prepared a list of statistics based on previous draws.

Participating in any of the games come with their own set of rule but at the end of the day you have to take your chances and play any one of the US power ball or mega millions to win from 200 euros to as much as 269 million dollars in the US power ball or 223 million dollars in the mega millions.


They are no mobile applications available for download on its website but it has created means where you can play the game via your internet browser. Although this can be viewed on your mobile phone, it is not exactly suited for mobile phone.


They are no promotions on going on the website as it is not stated that they have promotions available.


Currencies accepted in the Irish lotto include dollars, Euro and pounds sterling. If you end up winning in the Irish lotto lottery you are guaranteed your winnings under 48 hours. For winnings below 200 euros, this will be credited to your account which can in turn be paid to their credit card. For winnings from 1000 euros and above, your winnings will be sent by cheque or can be transferred to your bank.

Customer Support

There is no standard FAQ page, something many other online lottery agents use to simplify the player support effort.

To reach any customer support representative, there’s the direct email address contact written just below their home page which is a good spot. Makes it easy for people to find them. Another option is phone or social media as they maintain an active account for Twitter and Facebook.

They do not offer live chats.

Is Lottery legitimate or fraudulent?

The site is very legit as they aid in keeping your information safe. They are also licenced and are said to have been in the game for a while now without any bad reviews.


It is safe to say that Irish lotto is a good online lottery but if more games are included in the list of games already offered then maybe it might just be better than it is now.

Pros / Cons
  • Good reputation acquired over years of operation
  • Welcomes players from outside of Ireland
  • Winnings are paid within 24 hours