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The lottery system in India has evolved over the years and over time. The lotteries in India have gone through cycles where they were banned. Only a few states in India allow lotteries today. Sikkim is one of these states. Playwin is one of the oldest lottery companies and among the first to establish itself in India. Organizations like Playwin have taken the responsibility to make sure that all of the games played follow legal processes and regulations.

Jaldi 5/Five translated literally to “Quick 5”. In Jaldi 5, the winning prize is always set at INR 5Lacs. This is different from most other jackpots that roll over until there is a winner to take the jackpot home and win the different winning tiers. During the roll downs in Jaldi Five, those who match 4, win INR 10,000 and those who match 3, will have any of the remaining amount divided among them equally. Individuals who purchase Jaldi Five lottery tickets directly have the opportunity of winning a special fantastic prize in the lottery game.

The winners have the opportunity of winning anything from INR 10 (this is for matching any of two winning numbers) up to INR 5 Lacs (for matching all five numbers).


How to play Jaldi Five

In order to play the Jaldi 5 lottery, players must choose between numbers 1 and 36 for each panel. Each panel represents one game ticket.

Players playing Jaldi Five can choose the numbers of their in different ways. These are:

  • Self-pick: In this method, the players choose five different numbers of their choice themselves.
  • The Lucky Pick: In this case, the players opt for an automatic system to choose five random numbers for their ticket. These lucky pick numbers will not be visible to the players at the time of the purchase and will have “LP” written on it.
  • The Quick Pick: Players can choose the quick pick option to once again, allow a system to choose a random set of five numbers. These numbers will be selected at a random pattern. However, unlike the lucky pick numbers, these numbers will be visible to the player. The choice is left to the players to choose a random number or change it.

The Draws for Jaldi 5 occur every Friday at 10 pm to 10.30 pm. It is broadcast on channel Zee 24 Taas.

Who can play Jaldi Five

Jaldi 5 can be played by anyone who is above the age of 18. It can be played both online and offline. Although the legality of who can play the lotteries varies from one state to another, Jaldi 5 is a Sikkim based lottery which functions as a multi-state lottery. It also allows players from different countries to participate in the lotteries.


The odds of winning a Jaldi Five

Since the structure of the game is straightforward and simple, there are increased chances of winning this lottery. Players select five numbers between one and 36, and those who match all five numbers win the jackpot. The odds of matching one number is 1 in 8 and winner get INR 10 for this. The odds of matching three numbers is 1 in 81 with a prize of INR 81. The odds of matching four numbers – that is the second tier prize is 1 in 2432. And the winners who match four get INR 5000. And finally, to take home the jackpot of INR 5 Lacs, the odds is 1 in 376, 992.

Payments and Costs for Jaldi Five

Jaldi 5 tickets can be purchased both online and at an authorized retail store. Tickets can be purchased online via the Playwin website where players will have to get a Playwin card that is available at all lottery stores or by text message and e-mail. The cards begin at INR 200 and go up to INR 5000. These cards are used to pay for tickets online. Purchasing tickets at a retailers’ is simple. Players select five numbers, purchase the ticket and wait for the winning numbers to be drawn. All the Jaldi Five tickets cost INR 13.

Claiming the prize money

If playing any of the Playwin games, the process of claiming the prize money is the same. Winners can take home INR 10,000 in cash without any tax deductions at any authorized Playwin outlet. There is a claiming process for prizes above INR 10,000. Any winner who has won more than INR 10,000 must submit a claim form with all the necessary details and a valid national ID. The claim form and all of the required information must then must be submitted or mailed to any of the closest Playwin claims department offices or to any of the regional distributors. The prize money can be collected from them.

Tax payments for Jaldi Five

According to the Indian lottery laws, all prize monies that have been won under lotteries or any other game are taxable income. There will be no tax for prize money INR 10,000 and below. For prizes more than that, 30% tax plus .9% cess charges will be deducted before transferring the prize money. Thus, a total of 30.9% will be deducted as a tax on lottery prizes.


Playwin contributes a significant amount of the revenue generated through its various games for good and charitable causes. The money from Jaldi 5 also goes for state causes. The lotteries send a portion of the money to state needs.


The Indian lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. It can be traced back to the Vedic ages. Although only a few states allow legal lotteries, the odds of winning are high and it welcomes everyone to be a part of the lotteries like Jaldi Five/5.

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