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Freelottofest is an online website that allows players to participate in a select number of lottery competitions completely free.

This website was set up by “Harry Dazzle”. Harry Dazzle is described as a true and loyal lottery fan who played the lotteries every week for 25 years with hopes of winning the jackpot someday. Then, one day fortune came his way when he won the jackpot. Harry Dazzle spent the next few years enjoying his new-won money while contemplating the entire time if winning a lottery should have been as hard as having a 25 years-long commitment. With this in mind, Harry brought to virtual life the Freelottofest website to make it easier for players to play for millions every day.


Lotteries and Software

Freelottofest has a USP that sets it apart from many online lottery websites. Members and lottery fans who have subscribed will not have to spend time purchasing tickets, choosing numbers and waiting for draws for a small probability of winning any money. At this website, members are offered opportunities to play for millions of dollars every day of the week. Apart from this they also receive two different chances to wager on winning the biggest jackpot every day. And above all, a player does not have to spend any money to participate in the lotto competitions. It is absolutely FREE.

The first step to playing free lottery competitions is to register at the Freelottofest website. Like any other website, the registering process here is crucial and mistakes on any of the registered information (such as contact number, e-mail address etc.) could lead to rejecting the claim of any prize money won. And this will solely be the responsibility of the player. Post-registration, the players move on to choosing the numbers. The competitions offered in the website asks the players to choose a few numbers from within a range. Once the players choose the combination of numbers according to their liking, the entries are submitted to the website. Now, the players can sit back, relax and wait for their prize money. Based on the type of membership the players have subscribed for they will be alerted if they have won anything. The WinFest subscribers will get a personal e-mail alerting them of their wins and letting them know to collect their prize money. The list of winners is also made available for players to check if they prefer manual confirmation.

How does a website offering no charge games work?

  • WinFest Subscriptions: WinFest is an automated membership package open to players from different parts of the world. This process is completely automated. Similarly, the process of checking the results and claiming prizes is also automated. The subscribers pay a small fee to be able to remain members of this package.
  • Revenue from advertisements: The brand is run by the income from advertisements that is done through the website. This could be noted as one of the negative points about the website. It has a lot of advertisements. But for what the brand is offering, it makes sense that it would depend on advertisements. One of the best things about the website is that it states straightforwardly to its members that it runs on ads and explains why. This shows a good brand value.
  • Revenue from surveys: The website describes this to be revenue that pays the bills. The members of the website are sometimes asked to take part in surveys when they visit the website. These are surveys that are conducted by external brands and Freelottofest receives payment for conducting allowing brands to conduct surveys of their website. All of the monies generated in these three methods go to into the pool of competition prizes.

Lotteries offered

The structure within which Freelottofest works does not allow it to offer the traditional lotteries that are player globally. Rather, this website offers player free competitions that they can participate in every day. These are a total of seven games offered and they are named game 1, game 2 and so on until game 7. Players have the chance of winning $1000 in game one up to $5,000,000 in game 10. All the details of these games are explained on the website.

Players at Freelottofest

According to T&Cs, players must be 18 years of age or older in order to subscribe to the membership and participate in the competitions. It is also stated that legal residents include but are not limited to those from – United States of America, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and Namibia. The website also states if any individual above 18 years of age is bound by their country’s law to not participate in the lotteries, they would not be able to pay at Freelottofest as well.


There’s no app published, but the website is responsive to match mobile smartphone screens. Both platforms have a simple design, which makes the responsive layout easy to implement. The website is functional as there’s little depth to the gameplay offered. Simple, yet effective, considering the lotto options.


Playing is completely free. you can read about the business logic (?!) just above.


Payment options: Freelottofest has a range of payment options made available for its members. Payment can be done through VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, MTN and direct bank transfer. This range of options allows more number of people to subscribe to the website and participate in the competitions.

Deposits: Although the website offers free competitions, deposits have to be made for membership. Those seeking “optional added benefits” service are required to pay 2 Rand per day which is charged as 60 Rand monthly. There are no refunds available for cancellation of membership once the money is debited from the player’s account.

Withdrawals: Winners of the competitions will be alerted via e-mail or telephone call. The list is also made available on the website. Once the winners are declared, they will have to send an e-mail to [email protected] notifying the team. There is no claim period mentioned. The prize money will be transferred within 48 hours of the declaration of the winners. This process is automated for members. The money is transferred via Bank transfer, Skrill or Neteller as desired by the winner. International transfers have a charge of $30 attached.

Customer Support

Customer support is available for members via snail mail and e-mail ([email protected]). In the United Kingdom, there is a telephone customer support service as well. The website takes 48 hours to respond to any e-mails sent. For those who are not members, the website that a useful FAQ section that contains all the information.

Is FreeLottoFest legit or fraud?

The Freelottofest website is owned by a company registered in Cyprus. The head office for the company is also here. Operations are handled in different countries. The Freelottofest website is safe for google browsing, has a registered domain and uses HTTPS (SSL) connection. Freelottofest has not been alerted for any scams so far. However, it is important to note that it can easily be mixed up with “” which sounds very similar. The free lotto website has been alerted for scams and speculated to be a farce website.

The business model doesn’t make any sense, the jackpot is unreal. There are mixed reviews and legitimacy signal by users, but their trustworthiness is in doubt. I can’t say this is a legit operator with no fraudulent intentions.


Freelottofest is a website that has challenged the usual structure in which lottery websites operate. It challenged it to the extent it is unreal and leaning towards the fantasy world. But despite this, it has found success and has been doing a good job keeping some members and players happy – based on some questionable signals on review sites and social media.

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