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Just like the name states, Free Postcode Lottery is a free lottery site where wins are dependent on the postcode of players. Players have up to five chances in a day to win the cash prize and are required to continually visit the site to see if they are winners.

Money given away to winners is generated from ads, surveys, offers and mini jackpots from the site. Whatever surplus is left from the revenue at the end of the day is kept by the site owner, Chris Holbrook.


Lotteries and Software

There are really no complexities involved in the Free Postcode Lottery. At the top of the website, there is provision for players to enter their email address and postcode – and ‘start winning’. It’s as simple as that. Daily draws are held based on the registered postcodes and a postcode is selected at random at 12 noon each day as the winning postcode. However, winners have within 24 hours (until 12 noon of the next day) to claim their prizes. Unclaimed prizes are returned to the prize pool and added to the next day’s lottery draw for the winning.

Technically, it is possible for a postcode to have more than one user (as postcodes are specific to places and not people and persons from one region could register the same postcode), and if a shared postcode wins at the end of the day, the cash prize is shared amongst all users of that specific postcode who have laid claims on the prize.

The biggest price claim since the inception of the site in 2011 is £2,501 with a current price jackpot of about £500. So far, a total of £569,018 has been won with about £17,841 donated to charity. There are also bonuses attached to referrals and advertisements. Users received reminders in their e-mails to check for the winning postcode and to reiterate, winners who do not stake their claims on a prize are automatically forfeiting the cash as the money is rolled over after 24 hours without a claim.

Other smaller games to play include the Survey Draw and the Stackpot. In Survey Draw, players can fill out a quick survey and stand a chance of winning £75. For the Stackpot, players are eligible to win £10 if their postcode appears in a list of 5 registered postcodes drawn twice daily at 9am and 9pm.


There is currently no available mobile support for Free Postcode Lottery.


There is currently no known promotional offer on the website.


Once again, just to lay emphasis on its importance, winners have to actually check the site and lay claims on their winnings within 24 hours before they can be paid. There is no notifications of winnings neither is there an automatic payment system.

Players with the winning postcode for that day will see a big “Collect” on the screen when the visit the site. All they need to do is click on the button and their winnings will be paid into their Paypal account. There’s also the option of payment via Amazon gift card as well as a donation option for winners who want to give away their winnings to charity.

Customer Support

Free Postcode Lottery has a relatively good FAQ page with most of the important and relevant questions are duly answered.

The ‘contact us’ link loads a page where users can lay their request and complaints to the system. It is unknown how the response system works or if there is one.

FAQ and Contact Us are basic, and considering there’s no phone options of live chat, players would find this site lacking in the customer support aspect.

Is Free Postcode Lotto legitimate or fraudulent?

Free Postcode Lottery is ranked at 14135 on Alexa ranking with over 96% of traffic generated from users in the United Kingdom, as a matter of fact, about 45% of all UK postcodes have been registered on the site. The website was created on the 28th of February 2011 and has been up and running since then. It is hosted in Ireland and registered in London. With no direct contact information or efficient customer service, the site leaves a lot open to questioning but at the end of the day, it is a free service and no one is being scammed of their hard earned money.


Free Postcode Lottery offers its users a chance to make money at absolutely no cost and no spam. Though the jackpots are relatively small compared to other lotteries, it is a free lottery with daily draws and players have absolutely nothing to lose. People with UK postcodes can register and stand a chance of winning free cash.