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Free-Lottery.net score: 3/5


The relatively plain lottery website – Free Lottery offers free of charge daily and weekly draws of its own lottery draw. Important to mention that this website is not regulated by any gambling commission which means no one will watch your back that the operation is running 100% legit on the back end of the website. The user experience is quite smooth on both desktop and mobile, however the trust score this website gains paints our experience with a relatively bad score.


  • Safety and Security

    Site is secured with SSL certificate, however its not regulated, nor government licensed and supervised.

  • Products

    There are 3 basic product types offered to online lottery players:

    • Daily Draw – a ticket for the website's daily draws with a £1,000 jackpot
    • Weekly Draw – join the sites weekly draw to take your chance on the £1,000,000 jackpot
    • Competitions Giveaways – every once in a while the site is running its own competitions among lottery participants, you can win gift vouchers for Amazon or even some small ammount of cash, this also known as “Extra Chance”
  • Features

    Free Lottery doesn't excel in this area, its a pretty basic website that offers only the Quick Pick functionality – An auto fill feature that randomly picks line's numbers. No subscription offer is available on site.

    Besides this basic functionality you can check number statistics to help you pick your lucky numbers based on previous draws. You can also find an extensive FAQ page and a winners section that has some success stories.

  • Lotteries

    Free Lottery offers its own free lottery product with single and weekly draws, so if you're a big lottery fan that want to take a shot at the biggest jackpots like: US Powerball and Mega Millions that's not the place for you.

    You can see across the site promotions to participate in those great jackpots, however a quick look at them will show you you're redirected to a completely different website.

  • Payment methods

    Free Lottery is a free service so no payment methods are supported, nor needed to enjoy the service.


Despite the fact the website is free to use and not require any payment methods, most chances are you will be exposed to be heavily spammed with all sorts of ads that Free Lottery must send to cover the prizes cost. Besides that, Free Lottery doesn't offer you to participate in the world's biggest lotteries so you're options as a lottery fan are quite limited with this website.

Pick a winning number at the world's greatest lottery websites