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  • Payment options : MasterCard, Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, Verified by Visa, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Available languages : English, Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Thai.
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The rise of Bitcoin (BTC), which was first introduced to the internet community in 2009, has had a remarkable effect on various aspects of online gambling. As more and more gamblers and gamers began to favor Bitcoin (and subsequently other forms of crypto currency), so more and more online gambling sites including online casinos, sportsbooks and lottery sites have incorporated it into their gaming and payment options.

Bitplay Club is one such site and offers a selection of Bitcoin games with their main focus on an online Bitcoin-powered lottery game. Despite being fairly new, having only launched in 2017, Bitplay Club has managed to garner quite a lot of attention. The interest has mainly come from online users already familiar with Bitcoin who have been looking for new ways to gain more BTC online. However, the site has now also come to the attention of regular online lottery gamers who are interested in new forms of online lottery gaming. Both have pushed sites like Bitplay Club into the limelight, prompting a thorough review of the site to see what they have to offer you, the online lottery gamer.


Lotteries and Software

As you may expect from a website that is less than two years old and embraces the very latest in web technologies, the Bitplay Club website is fast and responsive. The big deal here is the fact that they are using Blockchain technology to operate their lottery games. Blockchain technology is very new and represents the latest breakthroughs in digital technologies and codes. The fact that the vast majority of major financial and mercantile institutions have fully embraced Blockchain technology for verification and security purposes, should give anyone looking for a new way to play lotto online, all the confidence they need.

Currently, Bitplay Club only offer two lottery games, a 5 out of 36 number game, and a 6 out of 45 number game. For those readers that are new to Bitcoin or the Blockchain technologies, there is an excellent explanation of the entire draw process on the Bitplay Club website. Something that is very encouraging about the Bitplay Website is their willingness to really go out of their way to explain how their software and related technologies work. There is tons of great info regarding BTC lottery games, along with in-depth FAQ’s regarding virtually every aspect of their site.

Aside from their two Bitcoin lottery games, Bitplay Club have added a unique Bitcoin-powered roulette game. The reasoning behind roulette as the choice for an alternative game to the lotteries makes sense. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and is easy to play. Playing Bitcoin roulette is also a great way to spend your time while waiting for the next lottery game to start or waiting for results from the previous one. It’s also a great way to generate more Bitcoin and extending your range of lottery ticket purchases.


Bitplay Club can be easily accessed from your mobile device simply by entering the web address into your mobile browser. Mobile technology has advanced to such an extent that the majority of mobile devices these days no longer require a dedicated app in order to access the web page. The Bitplay Club website automatically optimizes your device so that you get the perfect experience of the standard size, tailored to your device screen. Playing Bitplay Club’s two lottery games or their BTC roulette game is quick and easy from any device including iOS, Android and others.


Some lottery sites offer a wide range of additional promotions in order to draw in more players while others prefer to keep their promotions to a minimum. Bitplay Club happens to among the latter group and currently only offer a referral program as a promotion. That said, referral programs are always welcome as it is just another way in which you can generate funds to keep playing lotto games.

The Bitplay Club referral program gives members an easy way to earn Bitcoin by getting their friends to register and start playing Bitcoin lottery games. To get yourself started with the Bitplay Club referral program, simply register your details and click on the “Get Started” button. You will then be issued with a referral link along with promotional materials which can be found under the “My Referrals” tab under your account.

The Bitplay Club referral program offers the following:

  • 5% referral reward of the ticket price purchased by the referral
  • 1 year cookie lifetime
  • High conversion rate
  • Ready to use promo materials
  • Daily referral reward payout to your balance


Since Bitplay Club is predominantly a crypto currency lottery site, banking is not only easy, it is extremely safe. Once registered, customers can then play directly from their Bitcoin wallets and all winnings are automatically and instantly transferred to their wallets. Another bonus is that, if you are interested in playing the Bitcoin roulette game and not the Bitcoin lottery games, you don’t even have to register an account. Just set up your Bitcoin wallet and play directly from there.

Customer Support

Customer support is excellent at Bitplay Club and comes in a variety of communication channels. Unlike most online lottery sites, Bitplay Club actually offers a fully functional instant chat facility which is extremely efficient and very friendly. The nice thing is that as soon as you open the Bitplay Club website in your browser, someone from the support team will message you, ready to be of assistance. This is a great feature, especially for those that find the BTC technology a bit overwhelming.

Is Bitplay Club legit or fraud?

Bitplay Club is completely legitimate and, with so much information published on their website, completely transparent. The provably fair algorithm used for draw results is what really sets them apart as it creates instant trust with their players.


If you are looking for new ways to expand your online lottery gaming palette, Bitplay Club is certainly an option that you should be looking into. For many, Bitcoin along with other crypto currencies like Ethereum, are the way of the future. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that traditional lottery games will start adopting the currency as a new way to play. Bitplay Club is actually more reliable and trustworthy than traditional lottery games thanks to Blockchain transparency.