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  • Payment options : credit and debit cards, epayment.
  • Available languages : English, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese.
  • Customer support : contact form.
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American Auto Real Lotto (AURL) offer their players two types of playing features, the smart pick and the wheeling system. The smart pick uses a combination of hot and cold numbers to increase the players’ chances of winning while the wheeling system is for players who want to play more than five numbers for a lottery tickets.

They provide their players with expert advice that guides the players on how best to play to ensure a big win, they also offer play in the two biggest lotteries – the US Powerball and the US Mega Millions giving their members a great shot at the jackpot. They also provide their member with the flexibility of playing multiple group numbers increasing their winning chances.

Although there are claims of the jackpot never won by any player and some people claim that the eBooks they offer are not legit.


Lotteries and Software

American Auto Real Lotto offers two types of lotteries, the Powerball and the Mega Millions and since its creation, have had a lot of winners emerged. They offer subscription features and the members have to register first before they can participate in the lotteries.

They do not offer instant win games or scratch games apart from the two big lottery games. Once the member log onto the site they can choose which ever lottery they want to play and the feature too, whether the smart pick or the wheeling system.


American Real Lotto does not offer a mobile or tablet app, but there website can be accessed through an electronic device and a confirmation sent to the players number.


They offer Promotional rewards to their members for referring a friend to join their platform. Once that friend has joined and completed the normal process and paid for their services, American Real Lotto will give the member that referred the friend a reward.


American Real Lotto allows their players to make deposit through the many options provided at the site which includes the PayPal, visa and MasterCard. The deposit that the players pay into the online account enables them buys the lottery tickets and participates in the lotteries.

For withdrawals, the customer can withdraw a maximum of $10,000 per withdrawal and $30,000 per month and for the jackpot wins the company pays directly through cheques to the customer. The company usually do this within 30 days after the winning numbers have been announced.

Customer Support

AURL published a Q&A/FAQ page that is very limited in its coverage of the many questions visitors to the site might have – me included. They also publish a page of Learn to Win that should shed some light on the operation, but doesn’t really. I worry of how little information is provided and to my opinion, promoting a SMART way for picking winning numbers is never a trust inducing move.

The contact Us page has an icon for a phone, but there’s no number published, just a contact form. No mention of expected response time other than shortly.

Is American Real Lotto legit or fraud?

Although they only two types of lotteries, but those lotteries are the biggest among them and they offer their player advanced way to win in the games. They operate with full compliance to both the state and federal laws. They also provide their member with agreement forms and document that are written in well explained and comprehensive way.

Anybody can participate in the games as long as they are above 18 years old as that is the age limit for anyone who wants to participate in any of the games. Other than that anyone from any part of the world is free to enter.

Although there are claims of fraud by some users, the issue is really not that serious just ensure you understand exactly what you are getting into before you full immerse yourself in it.


With American Real lotto, the players stand a chance to win big in two of America’s biggest lotteries – the Powerball and the Mega Millions and the best part of it their advanced system allow players to be flexible with their numbers by giving them the chance to play more than the five numbers usually allowed for a lottery ticket thereby increasing their chances of winning big.

Their feature which includes the smart pick and the wheeling system gives the players more shot at winning the jackpot, not only that they also provide expert advice to guide their players in making decisions that increases their chances of winning. There is no restriction to those who can play as the site is opened to everybody from all over the world, all you have to do is enter the website, register with them, and deposit a certain amount and start playing for a chance to win that big jackpot!