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  • Payment Options: n/a - free to play
  • Customer Support: Contact form, FB page
  • Available Languages : EN, IT, FR, DE
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  • Mobile App: Web only
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An experienced free lottery operation running since 2008, 22 Lottery simply offering you a chance to win a $22,000,000 jackpot as well as a $500 daily draw prize – if you just enter your numbers and email address.

Top 10 Best Online Lotto advices you to take a step back for such lotteries that are not supervised by any regulation factor or goverment. Despite its relatively long exerience in the online lottery world, your e-mail in the hands of 22 Lottery team will probably end up being spammed heavily by their team in order to finance its operation. Now its your decision if that’s suits you or not.


22 Lottery website is working with a https:// protocol, however a close look will show there are issues with its certificate. This is something you simply wont see in online lottery veterans such as: The Lotter or Lotto Agent.

In addition there is a serious risk your details will be transferred to other websites or marketing figures that will try to approach you with all kinds of offers, all because you joined the free of charge lottery of 22 Lottery.

A very simple product here: pick 5 numbers to enter the daily draw and the multi millions mega draw. The participation cost is 0, but there are some risks as we pointed out in the security section.


A simple and basic feature: pick your lucky 5 numbers (out of 30 available) and get into the draw. There are also special offers from time to time in the members area of the website.

In addition 22 lottery offers some interesting reviews of lottery strategies as well as links to other online lottery operators.

Its an independent, non regulated lottery activity – the participation is free and there is no guarantee prizes will eventually will be paid to the lucky winners.

No sign here for one of the major jackpots available on our top ranked online lottery websites.

Participation on 22 Lottery free lotto is free of charge (in exchange for your e-mail address, of course) – therefore no payment method is needed.


Don’t get blind from the activity period or jackpot prizes mentioned on this site, its simply not one we can recommend you. Problems with SSL certificate as well as lack of major lotteries from around the world like Powerball or Mega Millions say one clear message – Stay Away!

If you still fancy trying the free lottery service of 22 Lottery do yourself a favor and use an email address that’s different from your main one, this way you can make sure that you won’t be heavily spammed.

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