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The private operation of Alissa Kline’s 2 Step Lotto is one of those offers that exists for quite a while online (since 2009), but recieving the intrest of only few users each month.
The concept is simple yet exotic in the world of online lottery: you can incease your odds of winning the lottery by using the 2 step method, first you play the game with the best odds and second the game with the best jackpot.

This is venture that works completely on facts and statistics, its not the common way to play the biggest lotteries in the world but probably one of the smartest ones.


Despite the fact this is a non regulated opration, its completely legal and safe. Important to mention aain this operation is running safely since 2009 winning almost $300,000 for its subscribers.

Once registered to one of the participant groups (each slot in the group costs 25$ thats worth $1.5 Million in the big jackpot), you’re automatically entering 2 Step Lotto’s great system of playin the lottery with the best odds (for example: Treasure Hunt), and once jackpot is reached you can proceed to the lottery with the biggest jackpot (For example: Mega Millions)


The only feature there is on the site is to join the 2 Step Lotto program and secure a slot for you in one of the groups.

It depends on which is the lottery with the best odds and the best jackpot is on that specific time. Examples on site points to Treasure Hunt and Mega Millions.

Mail check, bank deposit ir POP money.


It’s deffinately not the standard lottery operator website you can expect, however its there for over 8 years which is more that most lottery operators we have enlisted in our site.

Alissa Kline is taking statistics as her guide in 2 Step Lotto, and as the proud owner she can proud in nearly $300,000 won for its participants. Our recommendation is if you’re tired of playing lotteries the old way, perhaps you should give 2 Step Lotto a try – with 25$ for a slot in the group its simply a no brainer! Good Luck.

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