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Lottery Experience on The GO

Once online lottery was introduced to the world, it gave everyone a fair chance to win. Doesn’t matter where they live, they can win a major jackpot with a lottery from around the world.

As of this moment, there are dozens of online lottery websites out there. Some of them are trustworthy and some you should definitely stay from. But those who really stand out in superb lottery experience also did an “extra mile”. The worked to create a lottery experience the customer can take anywhere he goes with his mobile or tablet.

In this article, we will cover the best online lottery apps. The ones that truly deliver a high-quality gaming experience to its users and rank them. Its clear from the first minute of reviewing which one of the operators truly invested time and effort in developing a quality app and which one simply took their mobile website and framed in a mobile app framework.

We recommend checking our online operator reviews before choosing one’s mobile application.

3. WinTrillions

WinTrillions Logo

It was a disappointment to see WinTrillions have such an awful mobile app experience. It is one of all time favourite lottery websites. We downloaded WinTrillions app for iOS devices. It was sad to realize the app simply doesn’t work on Apple’s recent iOS version.

Then, after we managed to get the app running in an older iOS version the app delivered the same experience as the mobile optimized website, without any true native components that such an application must have. In addition, WinTrillions doesn’t offer an android app for relevant mobile devices.

Given the fact Wintrillions is one the only lottery websites that allow US citizens to use its services, its totally unclear how such a big name in the online lottery world couldn’t find the resources needed to bring a proper mobile app experience to its existing and new acquired users.

Check WinTrillions website

2. Lottoland

Lottoland Logo

One of the best online lottery operator in the UK, fully licensed and regulated – Lottoland delivers a top notch experience even on the go with its mobile apps. Lottoland’s award winning app offers you to bet on lottery draws from all over the world directly from your iPhone or android device, view account & game history, get automatic win notifications and enjoy special offers and discounts.

One of Lottoland’s greatest advantages is its compatibility to a wide variety of languages – this is relevant to both its website and mobile apps (a local version to selected languages is available in the relevant App Stores). In addition, Lottoland took its mobile experience seriously and developed an app that’s fun to play with and its a must for every lottery fan – truly worth a try.

Check Lottoland’s website

1. The Lotter

The Lotter Logo
The Lotter

This was quite an easy task to point out which online lottery website delivers the best mobile experience out there – make way for The Lotter. This online lottery heavyweight developed a separate native app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The Lotter’s mobile app is available in a wide range of languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish.
Alongside its great support in multi-languages in The Lotter mobile app for iOS and Android you can enjoy all the following great features:

  • Instant Lottery Results Checker for all major lotteries
  • Enter your numbers and find out if you’ve won
  • Official Lottery Tickets – securely scanned, easily accessible
  • Beat the Odds – strength in numbers – boost your chances with lottery syndicates
  • Receive all-important jackpot alerts directly to your phone
  • Buy lottery tickets online for over 45 lotteries

And many many more features – its simply a must app for every lottery fan!

Check TheLotter’s website

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