Make an error filling his lottery ticket and wins the first prize twice unintentionally

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The man used the numbers that came out most in the draws and, as he had one column left to fill out, he made another combination without realizing that he had already used those digits.

People who believe in destiny often think that almost everything that happens to us in life is written somewhere. Both the decisions we make and what is happening to us are scheduled in advance and we are a kind of puppets in the hands of the whims of a higher entity, nature … or luck.

If we take this belief to the world of gambling, we find two types of people: a good part who play the lottery because they dream of winning a grand prize one day, but there are also those who believe that everything happens for a reason. To this second group must belong the character of this story, an Australian who wants to remain anonymous.

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This is a father who lives in Parramatta, near Sydney, in south-eastern Australia. The man bought a ticket for the Lotto raffle last Monday but did not realize that he had choose the same numbers in two different boxes. But as luck is unpredictable, those numbers were the winners of the draw.

Two prizes in a ticket

That means that in a single ticket, the lucky player had two winning combinations. Therefore, when collecting the prize, which was $666,666.67 for each winning, this happy man will take double: a total of 1,333,333 Australian dollars, the equivalent of approximately 820,000 euros.

The winner, who describes what happened as “a happy accident” will now live much calmer, knowing that he can reach the end of the month without any pressure and that, in addition, he will help his children in the future thanks to the money he won in the lottery: “I appreciate this money a lot, it is something I can never forget in the rest of my life.”

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He also stated that the first thing he did with the prize was paying off his mortgage.

The winning combination of that raffle was the one made up of numbers 2, 9, 17, 19, 22 and 36. The owner of the store where the ticket was sealed, William Ho, was almost as excited as the winner: “We have been here 15 years and we had never sold a top-notch prize . I am very happy … and more when I saw that we had sold not one, but two top prizes. It’s great news. We wish our customer all the best with their double prize.”

It is not the first time that a similar episode happens: last April, another Australian, this time from Melbourne, bought two identical tickets for the same draw, with the difference that, in this case, he did it on different days and in different lottery offices. His ‘mistake’ earned him two millionaire awards: in total, 29 million Australian dollars, almost 18 million euros.