The Lottery Scams You Didn’t Know About

Lottery Scams

The Internet is a wild, wild place. You can never know exactly who to trust, and sometimes on otherwise trustworthy sites, people will still try to scam you. One such website is Fiverr, a website that will allow freelancers to sell “gigs” for at least $5. These gigs range from content writing to video creation to more unique gigs. However, along side the perfectly legitimate gigs selling things like scriptwriting services, there are also gigs that are completely shady and probably scams. One area that is particularly prone to scams is online lotteries.

There are two main forms that these lottery scams seem to take: offers to perform the services of an online lottery agent and offers to create lottery systems (aka lottery wheels).

Lottery Agent Scams

To understand what a lottery agent scam attempts to do, you’ll first need to understand what a lottery agent does. A lottery agent is basically a service that allows people to purchase lottery tickets from various locations including outside of the country in which they reside. The main reason that a person would want to do this is that lotteries in other countries may offer better odds than the lotteries in the location where a person actually resides. They also offer the opportunity to play more and different types of lottery games that you would be able to play if you just stuck to walking down to the gas station every time you wanted to play the lottery.

Lottery agent scams occur on Fiverr in the form a person saying that they will perform the job of a lottery agent for a fee. The problem with this is that the person paying the lottery agent has absolutely no idea how much the lottery tickets in that country cost. There’s also absolutely no guarantee that the seller is going to pay you if you do win. So for all you know, they could be selling exorbitantly overpriced lottery tickets and then not actually planning on paying you when you win. It would be best to stick to verified and vetted online lottery agents.

Lottery System Scams

The other type of scam frequently encountered on the internet is an offer to sell a lottery system to you. A lottery system distributes possible lottery numbers across multiple tickets. By doing this, one of the tickets should contain the winning numbers if certain conditions are met. If you’re interested in lottery systems and their effectiveness, then you’re free to do more research. One thing that is certain though is that giving money to a person upfront for a system that you haven’t seen and don’t know the effectiveness of certainly sounds like a scam. It is also a little fishy when the seller of such a system has no references by which to verify their success beyond claims that the system works. If you’re going to buy a lottery system, go through someone who can demonstrate their results.


Fiverr is full of honest people doing honest work, but just like the rest of the internet, it can also be full of scammers. Be careful out there and use your best judgement to avoid lottery system scams and lottery agent scams.