World Lottery Club Has A New Games Section

World Lottery Club Enhance Its Offers – Now With Slot Games

The guys at WLC not satisfying with a perfect online lottery experience – after launching the successful scratchcards section a new section is now launched with some exciting slot games.

World Lottery Club has been and still is one of our most favorable brands, its been there since 2011 and always evolving – ultimately bringing the ultimate lottery and gaming experience to its users from around the world.

The new Games section is all about slots, over 20 games are already there such as the likes of: Dracula's Family, Atari Asteroids, Bloodshot and The Three Stooges and most importantly its translated to 6 different languages including Chinese!

World Lottery Club Games Section

World Lottery Club Games Section

Each game offers, quite the same as the scratchcard games, a demo mode and a “real money” mode. You can also enter the pay tables section where you can find additional data and RTP (return to player) ratio for each game.

For those of you who are unaware RTP rate is the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time. For example, if you make a hundred $1 bets on a machine on which the RTP is 90%, you might expect to get back about $90 in wins. So obviously you should prefer games with as highest RTP ratio as possible.

We want to use this article to answer a question we keep getting all the time regarding World Lottery Club: IS IT LEGIT?

Well, that's probably one of the most easiest questions to answer and we will use 3 simple facts to support our claim that World Lottery Club is 100% legit and legal:

  1. Its completely regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – here's the complete licence info
  2. Operating since 2011, that's much more than most lottery operators out there
  3. Has already proven it can bring winners – check out for yourself this great article in the Mirror

If you're still not convinced, we sure you'll find all the answers on the full article we made on this matter.

To conclude, this new Games section in World Lottery Club is fun, entertaining and brings a completely new flavour to the already extensive choice of selections this website has. From the world's greatest jackpots to Scratchcards and slot games – all is now available on World Lottery Club!

Atari Asteroids Slots on World Lottery Club

Atari Asteroids Slots on World Lottery Club