Winning Lottery Strikes

Winning Lottery Strikes

We all believe that winning the lottery is a onetime thing. It is impossible to hit the jackpot more than once, especially with those odds not working in our favor.

So if we would to ask you, if you know someone who won the lottery more than 100 times, you will probably scream ‘no’. Well, it`s been done, and there is a proof of it. Winning the lottery is not something you can lie about, you can easily check the facts. So, is it luck, or there is some other secret we don`t know about?

Clarance W. Jones

Clarance Jones Lottery winner

Clarance W Jones is a self-proclaimed ‘professional gambler’ from Massachusetts. He has purchased over 10, 000 winning tickets over a period of 10 years and he won around $18 million. That is quite impressive, we have to admit. He claims that the secret to his success is very simple. One of them is to buy scratch tickets from the middle of a pack, and the other one is to buy from stores that had recent large jackpots.

Nadine Vukovich

Nadine Vukovich Lottery winner

Nadine Vukovich is an expert when it comes to scratchers. She is a veterinarian from Pennsylvania and her lucky streak began in 2004 and lasted until 2016. So, over a period of 12 years she claimed over 200 winning tickets and won over $348,000.

Angela Kouch

Angela Kouch Lotto Winner

Angela Kouch is another frequent winner, who claimed 174 draw games in the period from 2004 to 2007. She worked in a video store in Southern California. Later she was caught by the state lottery officials, and she admitted of buying winning tickets from players. Later she claimed those tickets, probably for a profit. Her case might be interesting, but she probably never won anything herself.

Ali Jaafar

Ali Jaafar and some of his family members are frequent lottery winners. Until now, Mr Jaafar has claimed over 900 prizes and won over $1 million. What is impressive about this person is the fact that on some days he claimed couple of prizes from different games. One day in particular, he has claimed 18 prizes and won around $20, 000. 15 of those prizes came from instant tickets and 3 from Keno. Mr Jaafar together with other members of his family, over the last six years have claimed 1200 tickets and won $2,1 million.

The Ohio Seven

Ohio Lottery winners

It appears that Ohio is the perfect ground if you want to play the lottery. For some reason there are 7 players who won the lottery more than 100 times each. That all happened in the span of 3 years, between 2014 and 2017.

All those 7 residents bought the tickets at different locations, but they all live in northeast Ohio in cities like Polk, Middleburg Heights, Mentor, Garfield Heights, Niles, Centerville and Goshen.

Another popular player from Ohio won the lottery even 150 times and won $150.000. He did all that by playing Keno Booster at a bar.

Keno Booster and Pick Four seem to be the most lucrative games played in Ohio. It is no wonder, since these games have high odds of winning, of course if you know what you are doing.

The Oksnes Family

Oksnes Family Lottery Winners

The Oksnes Family comes from Norway and they have just fewer than 50 wins together. 3 members of the family won the country`s national lottery three times in a period of six years. They have won around $3 million together. The funny thing here is that they all have won the jackpot when Hege Jeanette was either pregnant or had just given birth. Her grandpa Leif and her uncle Tord are the other 2 members who have won the national lottery as well. So the bottom line here is, we can never know how these people managed to win not only once but multiple times. Is it luck or were they cheating we`ll never know. Although, we are happy for all of them and we hope that that kind of luck will strike us as well.