All the Tricks for Winning the Lottery You Didn’t Try Yet – And Shouldn’t

[Not] Wining the lottery using Fiverr gigs

You probably thought that the process of winning the lottery is very straightforward – you pick a lottery agent to register with (top list), chose the lottery with the most attractive Jackpot, pick your lucky numbers and collect your winnings a couple of days later. Well if you thought that was all there was to it, you’re wrong! As it turns out, there are more advanced, and quite frankly stranger, ways of being successful at the lottery. Some of these methods are sold on the website Fiverr. In case you’re unfamiliar with Fiverr, it is a website where anyone can sell “gigs” for at least $5. Most of the gigs are normal things like copywriting, proofreading, etc. but some of the gigs are decidedly not normal, and some of them will supposedly help you win the lottery. Believe it or not, on Fiverr you can pay people to have their farm animals pick your lottery numbers for you and you can pay sorcerers to cast spells to improve your luck.

Let the Farm Animals Choose

The first unconventional method of winning the lottery is by paying money to have farm animals choose your lottery numbers. Are you tired of picking your own lottery numbers? Feel like you just can’t pick the right numbers? Well then this is absolutely the service for you! If you haven’t had any luck with the lottery numbers, then why not just let an animal pick for you? At least one Fiverr gig offered the buyer the opportunity to pay to have ducks choose the lottery numbers. For an extra fee, the seller would even give the buyer a video of the ducks choosing their numbers. This would be an incredible novelty gift, but probably doesn’t give a better chance of winning the lottery. Unfortunately, no one appears to have purchased this gig, so there’s no way to know if the ducks are good at picking numbers.

Cast a Spell

Have you tried reaching out to the dark forces of the occult for your lottery needs? If not, why not? Besides letting animals pick your lottery numbers, this is another Fiverr gig that is being offered. On Fiverr, you can pay self-proclaimed spellcasters to cast a spell on you that will increase your luck and likelihood of winning the lottery. In typical Fiverr fashion, these offers of spellcasting come in basic, standard, and premium packages depending on the power of the spell you want to receive. There are at least three incredible things about this. The first is that there’s no way of knowing that a spell was cast on you. The second is that since there is no way of knowing that a spell was cast on you, you could be paying for the alleged spellcaster to do nothing at all. Lastly, as of the writing of this article, 14 people have paid to have luck-enhancing spells cast upon them. Hopefully, it worked out for them.