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The Ultimate Guide for Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015

Loteria de Navidad (El Gordo) is Spain's special Christmas lottery, having taken place every year on December 22 for over one-hundred years. It's an absolutely huge deal in Spain and around the globe, attracting players from all over the world to play for what amounts to billions of Euros in prizes.

Unlike other lotteries, Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo takes the form of a raffle: a number is drawn, and all tickets that contain the number win from the prize category that's being drawn. In 2012 alone, the €720 million grand prize jackpot was split between 180 winners – each winner received €4 million. This isn't the only prize category: there are 6 total prize categories, with multiple winners in each bracket, depending on how many people purchased tickets in the winning series (each series corresponds to a number from 00000 to 99999).

Following the numbers from the 2013 Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo, the prizes are split up as follows:

1. Grand Prize (El Gordo) – € 4,000,000
2. Second Prize – € 1,250,000
3. Third Prize – € 500,000
4. Fourth Prizes – € 200,000 – two draws
5. Fith Prizes – € 60,000 – eight draws
6. La Pedrea (‘The Stoning') – € 1,000 – 1,794 draws

As can be gauged from ticket sales alone, El Gordo is not a small event: it's broadcast over 5 hours on live television, sometimes takes longer, and attendees wear wild, special lottery clothing and hats. There are some theatrics involved. Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015 will be drawn at 08:30 CET in Madrid on the 22 of December if you'd like to tune in and experience the excitement for yourself!

Purchase Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015 tickets online!

Thanks to the internet, it's possible to purchase tickets for this massive lottery online and participate from anywhere in the world. Whether or not you have a credit card doesn't matter – you can pay directly from your bank account or bank card, or through several different online payment services. There's really no excuse not to try to get in on this fascinating lottery.

Tickets are sold as either full tickets, billetes, for € 200, or as décimos, 1/10th of a billete, for € 20. This makes participation a snap regardless of your financial situation, and there's opportunity for savings if you purchase tickets as part of a lotto syndicate. Of course, the benefits of purchasing tickets via syndicate are covered in a previous article, and there are only two more words you need to know for this part: increased odds.

With that in mind, there are a lot of online lottery sites that sell tickets for Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo, though we're only listing those that have a solid reputation:

PlayHugeLottos.com are offering all the info you need on Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo as well as online tickets
CongaLotto sells tenths of a ticket here
LottoBroker.com allows you to purchase tenths from five full tickets at a time, and their sales page for El Gordo is here
WinTrillions.com has their El Gordo page running here
LottoLand's Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015 page even tells you your approximate chances of winning based upon your purchases
The Lotter displays five numbers at a time and allows purchase of up to ten shares of each ticket
IceLotto only displays one full ticket that you can purchase shares from, but you can shuffle to see more and buy from others

WAIT, there's more! Before you buy a ticket, check out the special offers available. We've listed them from best to worst, to help you decide what's most beneficial for you.

Special offers for Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015

From best to worst, we have:


Out of all of the ticket operators on our list, Lottoland is the only one that lets players pick their ticket numbers. They're also the cheapest option, as you can get into the raffle for 4.99 GBP with purchasing 1/100 of a share. The next cheapest base entry price is 21.97 GBP – that's a difference of 16.98 GBP.

Lottoland also provides discounts as you purchase more shares, starting at a 10% discount for 1/50, and capping at a 50% discount for 1/1. This is the absolute best way to enter Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015. You can't beat the pricing, and the website is very straightforward.

The Lotter

At 25.75 GBP per share, The Lotter isn't the next cheapest, but it is the next best. For purchases of 4 shares or more, you can get a discount of 2.55 GBP per ticket, which is about 10%, and you get a selection of five tickets with each refresh of their selection. As with most offerings, you can purchase up to 10 shares of each ticket.


IceLotto is the next-cheapest at 21.97 GBP, though they only offer one ticket at a time per refresh and one ticket per purchase. Even so, this is still not a bad option as far as purchasing on a per-share basis goes.

WinTrillions and CongaLotto

Both sites charge about 58 GBP per share, with a 5% discount after three shares. Your shares can come from the same ticket, or you can branch out to others, but you can't select the ticket number. If you're feeling really lucky, you can also purchase up to five books of tickets (that's 10 tickets per book) for 550 GBP, which comes out to 55 GBP per ticket. It's not recommended simply because the previously mentioned sites offer a much better price per ticket than this.


The biggest reason that this lotto site is at the bottom of the list is that it's not made readily apparent what you're going to pay without digging around. Your ticket quantity is picked from a drop-down list, but you can't pick numbers and you can only buy a book of 10 tickets when new ones are added. To add insult to injury, you do not get a discount when you purchase multiple tickets.

Summary of Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo 2015

El Gordo is the biggest lotto of its kind for very good reason: the payouts are fantastic, the hype is real, and the opportunities are endless. It's no wonder that entire families, entire villages, get in on this game every year – and now, you and your family can, too. The odds are among the best and the payouts are far too large to ignore.