Is WinTrillions a Legitimate online lottery platform? Let’s Give It a Closer Look

With each review of an online lottery agent's website, a number of review aspects are taken into account – mostly game and UI related. These reviews are for a lottery player who wants a quick overview of a brand so he could make a quick decision about his next brand to play at. For those who wants to dig a little deeper and deal with the legitimacy of the brand, I write this post and cover the brand's potential to scam its lottery players.

These are the review aspects I consider for my Legit Score:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • Suspicious technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


WinTrillions is a very well known online lottery brand, and its legitimacy would be pretty easy to review, if it wasn't purchased in 2017 by Legacy 8 Gaming – a firm that also bought LottoKings, a brand I think highly of. WinTrilions has an exceptional reputation and positive track record of many years. It was established in 2005, but it now under new management.


License and ownership

WinTrillions is owned and operated, as mentioned above, by a company called Legacy 8 Gaming. It is based, registered, and regulated in Curacao. The same operation owns LottoKings, WinTrillions, Trillonatio, along with some lesser known brands – such as BuyLottoOnline. There's no record of abuse or fraudulent acts of any of the mentioned brands that operate under Legacy Eight Gaming – this is a strong positive signal on one hand, but it is also a relatively new firm. Its license is of Curaçao – it is an island that is part of the Dutch Caribbean – one of the oldest online gambling regulators. While still a gambling regulator, it is of a lesser strict standard than UK's. This is no indication of wrongful doing, but does mean that the effort of gaining the regulators sign of approval is not as difficult.

Type of service

WinTrillions, as does most modern online lottery services, gives its players a platform for completing a wager on a specific lottery's results – as opposed to the option of actually purchasing a lottery ticket back to back with any online transaction. It is called lottery betting. The other option is called lottery carrier. Each has its own downsides and upsides. In terms of a users experience, making a bet on lottery results means much higher flexibility on time of bet and gaming options. WinTrillions has an exceptional user relations record and it is mostly positive. They keep a close contact with players and seem to address different issues – no major ones found – quickly and to the users satisfaction.

Real winners

Real winners are a strong indication of a brands legitimacy, but… lack of it doesn't mean the opposite. Players winning big is a numbers game… the longer the brands exists, the more players complete wagers on the platform, the more likely it is for the brand to have BIG winners. And since WinTrillions is one of the longest running online operations, it also has more than a few jackpot winners that collected some life changing rewards.

A quick search online came up with a number of publications relating to big winners on the platform. It means that winners get to collect their prizes!

Players' feedback

WinTrillions' page on Trust Pilot is a proof of positive relations with its players. This is also the case looking for brand's real players reviews on other websites. As mentioned in this articles intro, being under new management should, somewhat, dim this light as it could have it's own agenda. Not likely, but still an options to consider.

Technology used

Win Trillions, just as other online lottery brands operate under Legacy 8 Gaming, is taking all the needed security measures to make sure the website's users and platform's players are completely secured. This means the latest SSL certificate in the common encryption.


If not for the brand being purchased in 2017 by Legacy 8 Gaming, WinTrillions would get a perfect legitimacy score. But… the brand was purchased and it is under new management. While there is no change in the brand's behavior with its users, there's a small risk. I'll be sure to revisit this article and update as the months pass.

For the meanwhile, I feel comfortable giving it a score of 8/10. A score that is just slightly higher than its sibling brand – LottoKings.

WinTrillions offer players alternating offers based on Jackpots and coming draws. You're welcome to check today's offer here or read my brand's review here.

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