World Lottery Club Offers a New Euromillions-Scratchcards Bundle

World Lottery Club is probably turning to one of the biggest online lottery websites out there on the web. With a fully regulated and licensed brand in the UK, ever-changing deals and new features – you simply can’t go wrong with them.

In the past few months we already published several articles on WLC great offers: World Lottery Club Now Offers Online Scratchcards and Is World Lottery Club Legit? We Gave It A Close Look all pointing out that this website excels in 3 main aspects:

  1. Trust and 100% Legal
  2. Innovative promotions
  3. A perfect customer experience

And now, WLC is bringing one of the best offer we’ve seen in a while for Euromillions: Get 2 bets for the next Euromillions jackpot + 10 free scratchcards – only for £0.98 ($1.2)!

Euromillions is huge among lottery fans in UK and Europe in general, which turns this deal to an absolute must.

World Lottery Club Euromillions Offer

World Lottery Club Euromillions OfferNow imagine yourself hitting the next big jackpot with World Lottery Club, with the new deal offered here you can even win up to £1,000 with the popular Dragon Scrolls scratchcards given free to those who claim the deal.

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So what are you waiting for? go to WLC website and enjoy this limited time offer

World Lottery Club Now Offers Online Scratchcards

All the major online lottery websites are enhancing their services lately with new and cool features, World Lottery Club is no different and has a brand new section on the website dedicated for exciting online scratchcards.

As opposed to their competition at LottoKings, World Lottery Club offers a much wider selection of games – 12 as opposed to 7 by LottoKings. Prizes vary from £1000 to £125,000 and the participation cost starts at the super cheap price of £0.50.

Games available at the moment are: Santa’s Workshop, Dragon Scrolls, Cash Cuisine, Cops And Robbers, Barn Ville, Rio Bingo, Atari Star Raiders, Ocean Fortune, Lucky Irish, Fruit Basket, Mega Love and Zodiac Fortune. All games are supplied by Gibraltar based Pariplay which is one of the top online scratchcards supplier out there.

Cops and Robbers Scratchcard - Biggest Prize Available On This Game

Cops and Robbers Scratchcard – Biggest Prize Available On This Game

Pariplay’s games odds are being verified by Gaming Associates, which is key factor to ensure you playing a safe and fair game. At our reviews we always have a suspicious eye for any operator’s activity and do our best to make sure we can validate that they are not scams. World Lottery Club, as a respected lottery brand is expected and delivers, as always, a fair and enjoying online gaming experience.

If you wish the get the maximum out the scratchcards experience, WLC offers you up to 16% discount if you buy a pack of several games rather than just one – not only those packs are improving your odds to win one of the great prizes for each games, they also save you money and we highly recommend to give them a try.

To conclude

Scratchcards are always a fun game to play, prizes are high and participation cost is affordable, so while you’re waiting to see if you got the next big lottery jackpot don’t miss a chance to have some scratchcards action at World Lottery Club.

Want to Try World Lottery Club Scratchcards?

LottoKings Offering You up to $300,000 in Scratch Cards Prizes

As a brand that stands firm on providing nearly perfect user experience, LottoKings (formerly known as Congalotto) is adding another winning product to their basket.

LottoKings Scratch cards are now available to play, offering prizes up to $300,000 (this specific prize is live on Fruit Basket scratch card). Each game has dedicated money prizes and tickets starts at $0.5.

Fruit Basket Scratch Card

Fruit Basket Scratch Card – largest money prize is available on this one: up to $300,000

The games variety is a bit disappointing to our taste: just 7 games available, each one has a different theme and sets of prizes attached to it. However, we expect LottoKings to keep adding more games to this new section in the near future.

You can save up to 10% of the tickets price by purchasing a large bundle of tickets, this can also dramatically improve your odds to win of the game’s money prizes. Next to each game there is the winning odds starting at 1 in 2.82 (means that averagely every ~3 attempt at this specific scratch card results a win).

The games are supplied from the Gibraltar’s based games supplier: Pariplay. The scratch cards are highly entertaining and some of them even contains old time favorites such as Atari’s Star Raiders. More games that available at the moment are: Cash Cuisine, Cops & Robbers, Dragon Scrolls, Fruit Basket, Mega Love and Zodiac Fortune.
To conclude – Lottokings ever growing product range has now a new exciting addition to try your luck with – the scratch cards. So while you’re waiting to hit the major lottery jackpots from around the world you can use some spare change to give the new scratch cards a try – maybe you will enjoy a mini jackpot before the draw.

Try LottoKing’s Scratch Cards now and let the fun begin

Lottoland Go All In With New Scratchcard Games

Sometimes waiting to find out whether your six numbers have matched the lottery can seem like an agonizingly long time, you can be sitting on the edge of your seat for up to a week riddled with anticipation before the final numbers event takes place. If you’re one of those people that thrive on the anticipation then good for you, if not then we have the perfect game for you. Read on to find find out about some new exciting scratch card games on the market.

If you’re waiting to find out whether you have won big and are looking for other ways to receive quick cash, Lottoland have introduced a brilliant new feature for winning big cash prizes and investing at a fraction of the price. Ticket costs start at a minimal €0.22 per opportunity. Whereas game prizes vary from €2,500 to €1 million! This gives you an extraordinary opportunity to win a massive cash prize, whilst paying less for a scratch card online. Another huge benefit of playing scratch cards online is the fact that you get to find out whether you have won instantly. There are no more long waits to see whether you have purchased a lucky lottery ticket. Instead, all you need to do is play the game and find out whether you have won big.

Not only are there tonnes of opportunities to win large cash prizes, but they’re also fun and engaging games to play. Some of the games that you can already play online at Lottoland are Instant Millionaire, Fruity Flurry, 777, Raid the piggy bank, Ten Luck years, 33 chances and more. All of these games give you multiple opportunities to win for a marginal price. There will also be loads more games, just like these, in the near future. This brand new feature includes three options. You can buy games individually, to try out the different ones available. Or, if you really enjoy a particular game and want to improve your chances of winning, you can buy scratch cards in groups of 5, 10 and 25.

If you’re wondering what types of games are available, here’s a quick look at some games you can find on Lottoland’s scratch card feature. For Instant Millionaire, all you need to do is play this scratch card online and match 3 numbers to win. Their top prize is €1 million, but they also have prizes that total €3 million. If you fancy playing Raid the piggy bank, you won’t be disappointed! For one game, it will only cost you €0.25 to play. All you have to do is match 3 numbers to win and you could take away €2,500. Or perhaps you’d like to try Ten Luck Years. If you match 3 symbols correctly on this game, you could have a chance of winning €5.000 a month for 10 years! The opportunities are endless.

So, if you’re waiting for your lottery numbers or you just like the sound of playing to win instant money, you can find the brand new scratch cards feature on the Lottoland website. It’s a simple as paying a visit to the website and you can find the scratch card option available. There are loads of exciting games to play and lots more on the way. These life transforming cash prizes are waiting to be played and won. With costs starting as low as €0.25, you can win prizes up to €1 million.

So, why not take a chance and try out Lottoland’s brand new feature today. Good luck and happy scratching!