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Playing and winning the lottery is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more people start to play top international lotteries from around the world. As a direct response to these challenges, many so-called lottery syndicates have sprung up, not only in the UK but around the world as well. Sites like WSHFUL or, are quickly becoming a preferred option for lottery gamers for many reasons. In this in-depth review of the WSHFUL, we take a closer look at how their lottery syndicate systems work and how you can go about signing up with them. We also take a closer look at their core features as well as the benefits of each subscription service that they offer.

A Quick Overview of WSHFUL

WSHFUL is a simple lottery syndicate website that started as a way for a few friends to get together, pool their resources, and play some of the biggest lottery games in the world. The idea behind a syndicated lottery ticket purchasing strategy is to drastically improve the odds of winning by have more diverse numbers in every lottery draw. These friends enjoyed remarkable success and, in 2017, decided to launch a public website called WSHFUL or is owned and operated by Cloud Canyon Ltd and purchases tickets on behalf of their syndicate members through LotteryTech. The company is also registered in England and Wales and is open to members of several countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and parts of Europe. The stated goal of WSHFUL is to fill more than fifty syndicates which will cover over 300,000 lottery combinations in one year. In order to achieve this goal, WSHFUL do not accept any large investments. In fact, according to their subscription options, the largest single investment that any member can make is no more than £12 per week, although the average investment is more in the region of £3 per week.

Lotteries and Software

Because WSHFUL isn’t a lottery site, it works a bit differently. With regular online lottery sites, you purchase your ticket, either to participate in a local/national lottery or an international lottery. With WSHFUL, you are purchasing your tickets as part of a group of buyers, known as a syndicate. The idea here is simple, the more tickets purchased and number combinations covered, the more chances there are of actually winning the lottery jackpot.

But how does the WSHFUL site actually work?

The primary function of WSHFUL is to organise lottery syndicates which are then applied to all of the world’s biggest lotteries which includes Euro Millions, Mega Millions and Power Ball. According to their definition, a lottery syndicate consists of a specific group of individual players that come together to play the lottery together to improve their odds of winning. The idea here is that, if you join WSHFUL and sign up for one of their subscriptions, you will stand a much better chance of actually winning the lottery than if you had to play as an individual, purchasing tickets and playing single lines.

The other added benefit of signing up with WSHFUL and buying a monthly subscription plan is that you end up playing the lottery or lotteries for much less, so in the long run, it becomes cheaper to play this way. There are essentially three main managed subscription services that you can sign up for:

  • Bronze Tier Subscription – Gets you into one (1) lottery syndicate
  • Silver Tier Subscription – Gets you into three (3) lottery syndicates
  • Gold Tier Subscription – Gets you into six (6) lottery syndicates

As you can no doubt see from the above subscription tiers or plans, the more you buy into (higher tiers), the better your overall chances will be of doing well in the weekly lottery draws. The weekly subscription prices are set to a very low level, making long term affordability very realistic. Each syndicate is limited to a total of 88 members and each purchase 5 lottery tickets for the Euro Millions draw, and 5 lottery tickets for the Mega Millions draw.

Built-in Benefits of WSHFUL lottery subscription tiers:

  • Automated service – With the WSHFUL lottery subscription service, everything happens automatically. This means that there is never a chance of you losing out because you forgot to check your numbers. Your numbers are always automatically checked for you.
  • Personal Log in area – The WSHFUL website is very easy to use. As soon as you’ve signed up, you will be allocated a personal log in page containing all of your important information including lottery ticket purchases, personal results tracking and winnings and so forth.
  • Autoplay Claim – WSHFUL features an automated claiming and payment system, which means that your winnings are automatically collected on your behalf.
  • Instant Withdrawals – You can withdraw your winnings as soon as they rise above the £3 mark.
  • No Commission Charges – WSHFUL do not charge any additional fees or commissions on any winnings or on any withdrawals.

WSHFUL Subscription Plans

WSHFUL feature a variety of subscription packages to suit various needs and budgets.

Bronze Subscription

  • Bronze subscription yields 80 chances
  • Cost = £4 per week
  • Number of syndicates = 1
  • Improved odds = x20
  • Cost = 20p per lottery line
  • Euro Millions = 5 lines x 2 weekly draws
  • Mega Millions = 5 lines x 2 weekly draws
  • 5 weeks free per referral

Silver Subscription

  • Silver subscription yields 240 chances
  • Cost = £7 per week
  • Number of syndicates = 3
  • Improved odds = 60x
  • Cost = 11.7p per lottery line
  • Euro Millions = 15 lines x2 weekly draws
  • Mega Millions = 15 lines x 2 weekly draws
  • 5 weeks free per referral

Gold Subscription

  • Gold subscription yields 480 chances
  • Cost = £12 per week
  • Number of syndicates = 6
  • Improved odds = 120x
  • Cost = 10p per lottery line
  • Euro Millions = 30 lines x 2 weekly draws
  • Mega Millions = 30 lines x 2 weekly draws
  • 5 weeks free per referral

It is worth noting that your subscription account is set by default to always auto-renew. The idea here is so that WSHFUL customers never have to worry about missing out on a draw. The subscription payment recurs every four weeks at the full price, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


WSHFUL works very well on mobile devices including most smartphones and tablet devices. You get all of the same features on your mobile device as you would when logging in from your desktop or laptop computer. This includes all of WSHFUL services that come with each tier of their lottery subscription programs such as automatic entries into their various lottery draws, automatic number tracking, winnings collected and paid and so forth. The WSHFUL website automatically adjusts to your mobile browser and looks great on virtually any screen or phone model and operating system.


WSHFUL are not too big on promotions and currently only offer a ‘refer a friend’ promotion. In the refer a friend promotion, whenever a new member signs up with WSHFUL and buy into one of their subscription programs, you get 50 free Power Ball lines to play. The nice thing with this promotion is that you can also give your friends 50 free Power Ball lines as well. You will also get 5 weeks free on your subscription per referral across all tiers.


Banking at WSHFUL is quite standard and offers facilities to purchase to both MasterCard and Visa cardholders. The fully automated payment system at WSHFUL means that you will get paid out automatically each and every time that you win, without you needing to do anything further. All winnings are deposited directly into your WISHFUL account and can then be withdrawn immediately. WSHFUL use the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption to ensure a safe online experience 24 hours a day.

Customer Support

Customer support at WSHFUL is a bit of a mixed bag with an email contact form as their main avenue of communication. You can also make use of a call centre number which is open from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT Monday to Friday. However, the call centre is closed on Saturday and Sunday as well as on Bank Holidays. There are also several FAQ options available which cover basic topics including how to collect your winnings, how to deal with payment issues, how to cancel your subscriptions instantly, and detailed information regarding data privacy.

Is WSHFUL Trustworthy?

By all accounts, WSHFUL does seem to be a trustworthy online lottery syndicate site, with mostly positive feedback regarding their services. There are one or two complaints on various online forums pertaining to the percentage of winnings received which seems to have more to do with how winnings are divided between syndicate members based on the actual amounts won. WSHFUL is a registered company in the UK and Wales, and they do publish their registration numbers and other pertinent details on their website.


If you’ve been playing the lottery for a while with no real results to show for it, signing up with a syndicate resource site like WSHFUL might just be the ticket. With several affordable syndicate options to choose from you should have no problems finding one that suits your budget and your preferences for lottery gaming.

Pros / Cons
  • Fastest growing lottery syndicate in the UK
  • Various affordable lottery syndicate subscription services to choose from
  • Euro Millions, Mega Millions and Power Ball
  • Not available to US residents
  • UKGC licensing unclear

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