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As mentioned, the Indian lotteries are among the oldest lotteries in the world. The Indian lottery has gone through a judicial journey where during different periods of time, lotteries were legalized and during a certain period of time, the lotteries were completely banned. Today, in 2018, India allows few states to run the lotteries completely while it is banned in others. Sikkim is one of the states that has been running the lotteries for quite some time now.

Playwin is one the leading lottery operators in India. This organization has multiple for players to participate and play both online and offline. Among the games offered, one of these games is Jaldi 5 double. This is mostly similar to the Jaldi 5 with a few differences. In Jaldi 5 (which translates to Quick 5), the winning prize is at INR 5 Lacs at all times whereas in Jaldi 5 double, the winning prize money is doubled and at all times is set at INR 10 Lacs.

Players must match all five numbers to take home the jackpot. But prizes are given even for those who match two out of the five winning numbers.


How to play Jaldi Five Double

In order to participate in the Jaldi 5 double lottery, the players must first purchase tickets either online or from an authorized retail store and select any five numbers of their choice. These numbers must be between 1 and 36. Once the numbers are selected, the next steps are simple. They have to keep their ticket safe and wait for winning numbers to be drawn. Winners who match 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers win the prizes.

If players are unable to match any of the five numbers, then the entire sum that has been set aside for the draw rolls down. Either the entire sum as mentioned or INR 2 Lacs whichever is higher gets roll down. Players who match 4 numbers will win this prize. Each player who has matched 4 numbers gets INR 9000. The balance amount after that will go to those who have matched 3 numbers successfully.

The Jaldi 5 double has the winning numbers drawn every Wednesday from 10 pm t0 10.30 pm. This lottery draw is broadcast live on the TV channel Zee 24 Taas.

Who can play Jaldi Five Double

For a player to purchase the Jaldi 5 Double tickets, they must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone can play the Indian lotteries online. In India, not all the states lotteries. But Sikkim functions as a multi-state lottery and the game is played in all the states where the lottery is legal. International players must ensure that they are eligible to participate in lotteries from other countries.


The odds of winning a Jaldi Five Double

The winning prize of the Jaldi 5 double lottery is 10 Lacs. The odds of winning the jackpot prize for players in 1 in 376,992. Prizes are also offered for players who match other numbers. For those who match four numbers, INR 7500 is offered as the prize and the odds of winning this prize is 1 in 2,432. The third tier winners win INR 200 and the odds of winning this money is 1 in 81. This is for players who match three out of the five winning numbers. And lastly, prizes are also offered to those who match two out of the five winning numbers. The odds for this is 1 in 8 and the prize won is INR 30.

Payments and Costs for Jaldi Five Double

The tickets for Jaldi 5 double cost INR 26 for each ticket. These tickets can be purchased directly from any of the authorized retail stores. Alternatively, players can also purchase these tickets online. Playwin has an official online website where players can register themselves to participate in not just in the Jaldi 5 double lottery, but any of the Playwin games. To play online on the website, players will have to invest in ‘Playwin cards’ that will be used to purchase the tickets online. The prizes of these cards vary. They begin at INR 200.

Claiming the prize money

Winners of prize money of INR 10,000 and less do not have to go through any tedious process in order to claim their prize. They can go to any of the Playwin outlets that are authorized to distribute the prize money to the winners. For those who have won more than INR 10,000, they will have to collect the ‘claim form’ from Playwin. This can be collected from any of the stores or a PDF version of it can be downloaded from their website. Players will have to fill out this form and submit it any of the Playwin offices or regional headquarters to collect the prize money.

Tax payments for Jaldi Five Double

The Lottery laws in India treat all of the lottery or game prize money as income. Because of this, a tax of 30% is deducted from lottery prize monies. It is treated as the tax that is deducted from the sources of income. An additional cess of 0.9% is also charged making the total tax to be 30.9%. There is no tax charged on prizes that are INR 10,000 and below.


The Jaldi 5 double is operated and run by Playwin. This is an organization that not only ensures that all the lotteries are run as per the nation’s laws but is also committed to providing a share of its revenue for charitable and social causes.


The Jaldi 5 double offers twice as much opportunity for the players to take home a jackpot that is double the prize