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  • Draw day and time : Tuesdays
  • Numbers to pick : 5/42 + 1/15
  • Jackpot odds: 1:12,760,020
  • Any win odds : 1:25
  • Biggest Jackpot: Rs. 10,500,000

Lotteries in India have been through a journey. It began in really olden times and have changed over time. Now, in few of the Indian states, lotteries have been running legally as per the lotteries act in India. Some of these states include Sikkim, Punjab, and Goa. Playwin Lotteries is the body that regulates and run some of the lotteries in India, including Thunderball. Playwin is owned by Pan India Network Ltd which is a company that works with communication, data, marketing support, infrastructure, and other services. India’s Sikkim state runs Thunderball lottery.

Individuals can play Thunderball in online platforms and participate by purchasing tickets on-site at any of the Playwin authorized retailers. It is a lottery game that offers attractive prizes for each of the draws. Players participating in this lottery must match 5+TB numbers and those to manage to match with all the numbers drawn will take home the jackpot. If players are unable to match any of the numbers, it rolls down to the lower tier winners.

Thunderball Rules

How to play Thunderball

Thunderball is a stand-alone lottery that offers amazing prices for its players. To play this game, players must purchase tickets from the Playwin stores either online or offline. This game also follows the five-numbers-drawn pattern that is similar to some of the other Playwin lottery games such as Jaldi 5 and Jaldi 5 double. In Thunderball, players must select five numbers from a range of 42 numbers. Along with this, they must also choose an additional number. The Thunderball number is an additional bonus number. This Thunderball number is selected from the second matrix of numbers that range between 1 and 15. The numbers in this lottery can be picked in three different ways. First is the self-pick method where players choose numbers themselves. In the second and third methods known as Lucky Pick and Quick Pick methods respectfully where numbers are chosen at random for the player. And finally, for those playing online, players can choose up to ten tickets at once by adding to the list tab.

The draw for Thunderball happens every Tuesday between 10 pm to 10.30 pm live on Zee 24 Taas.

Who can play Thunderball

And as per the lottery act in India, anyone who wished to participate in the lotteries and purchase any of the game tickets must be at least 18 years of age or older. In terms of citizenship, any person belonging to a few of the states can participate in the Playwin Thunderball lottery. These states include Sikkim, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal. Sikkim is a multi-state lottery that makes the participation of players much easier. Players who wish to participate in the Indian lotteries from another country should check their country lottery laws or an attorney to check if they can invest in lottery tickets for Thunderball.

Winning Terms

The odds of winning a Thunderball

Thunderball offers players to win large sums of money with a lot more opportunities to win the different tiers. This lottery has eight prize tiers. To win the last tier, players must match at least one number plus one Thunderball number. The odds of winning this tier is 1 in 39 and players win INR 20 for this. The next tier offers winners INR 50 for those who match 2 numbers plus Thunderball and the odds to win this 1 in 164. In the next tier also players win INR 50 for matching three numbers. The odds for this is 1 in 137. For those who match three numbers plus Thunderball take home INR 1000 for the odds of 1 in 1916. To win INR 2500, players must match four numbers. Odds for this is 1 in 4927. The last are prizes and jump significantly in prizes. This is for players who match four and Thunderball, five numbers and finally, five and Thunderball (the jackpot.). The odds for these are at 1 in 68973, 1 in 911430 and for the jackpot, it is 1 in 12760020. The prizes jump from INR 25000 for the third tier, INR 40,000 for second-tier and INR 1 crore for the first tier jackpot.

1Pick 5 + 11:12,760,020
2Pick 51:911,430
3Pick 4 + 11:68,973
4Pick 41:4,927
5Pick 3 + 11:1,916
6Pick 31:137
7Pick 2 + 11:164
8Pick 1 +11:39

Payments and Costs for Thunderball

The cost of the Playwin Thunderball tickets is INR 20 for each ticket. Playwin also offers ‘Playwin cards’ that people can purchase to help purchase the tickets online. These cards begin at INR 200 and go up to INR 5000.

Claiming the prize money

To claim the prize money, winners of the lottery must collect a submit form either online or any of the retail stores. This claim form will have all the necessary details required to transfer the prize money to the winner. Those who have won INR 10,000 or less can directly collect a check or cash.

Tax payments for Thunderball

India’s authorities charge a 30.9% tax on lottery winnings. The tax is Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). This is because the prize monies won from all lotteries is considered to be an income for the winner. The 0.9% is a cess charge that is added to the TDS.

Good Causes Supported by the Thunderball

Thunderball has successfully been generating large sums of money as revenue on the lotteries. A part of this is contributed to the betterment of the state.


The Thunderball is the lottery in Sikkim that has one of the highest jackpots to give away to the players. The multiple tiers of prizes also increase the chances of players to win at least one of the tier prizes.

Thunderball India Lottery logo

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