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  • Draw days: Everyday
  • Numbers to pick: 5 out 39
  • Jackpot odds: 1 in 575,757

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What is Take 5 New York?

Take 5 began in 1992 as a Friday-only game, then called Take Five; it has since expanded gradually to nightly drawings beginning in 2001, operated by New York Lottery.

When is Take 5 New York draw?

Take 5 draws daily at 10:30 PM.

How much does a Take 5 New York ticket cost?

It costs $1 per line to play.

How do you play Take 5 New York?

Simply pick five numbers between 1 and 39, with the aim of matching the numbers drawn in the lottery. You win a prize for matching two or more numbers, while the jackpot is awarded to anyone who matches all five.

What are the Chances of Winning Take 5 New York?

The odds of winning this lottery’s jackpot is 1 in 575,757. The odds of winning any prize of the four tiers is 1 in 18

Prize TierPicks to MatchWnning OddsWnning Odds %
1Match 51:575,7570.000173
2Match 41:3,3870.0295
3Match 3 1:1030.970
4Match 21:1010.000


Take 5 may not produce the biggest jackpots but it does feature spectacular odds which gives Take 5 a big number of fans. According to one of the lottery ads, Take 5 produces 100,000 winners per day. While most of these people end up winning a relatively small amount, the result is rather impressive for a modest state lottery.

Take 5 may not be particularly impressive but it has a charm of its own, the low cost of the ticket and the good odds of winning.

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New York Take 5 Lotto logo

Play Take 5 New York With Our Top Pick

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