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  • Draw days: Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Numbers to pick: 6 out of 52
  • Win odds: 1 in 7.6
  • Jackpot odds: 1 in 20,358,520
  • Jackpot: R 2,000,000
  • Biggest Jackpot: R 232,000,000

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What is South Africa Daily Lotto?

The National Lottery is operated by ITHUBA Holdings, to whom the license was granted in 2015. The lottery is regulated by the National Lottery Commission and was established in 2000.

When is South Africa Daily Lotto draw?

The draw is conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays on SABC 2 at 20:56 Central African Time (CAT).

How much does a South Africa Daily Lotto ticket cost?

The entry fee to the lotto draw is set at R5.00 per board.

How do you play South Africa Daily Lotto?

Players buy tickets with their choice of six different numbers between 1 and 52; there is a provision for random numbers to be generated automatically for those who do not wish to choose, known as Quick Pick.

In the draw, six numbered balls are drawn without replacement from a set of 52 balls numbered from 1 to 52. A further Bonus Ball is also drawn, which affects only players who match five numbers.

How much is South Africa Daily Lotto jackpot?

Minimum jackpot is R 2 million

Biggest jackpot is R 232 million on 19 February 2019

What are the Chances of Winning South Africa Daily Lotto?

The odds of winning this lottery’s jackpot is 1 in 376,992. The odds of winning any prize of the four tiers is 1 in 7.6.

Prize TierPicks to MatchWinning OddsWinning Odds %
1Match 51:376,9920.000265
2Match 41:2,4320.0411
3Match 31:811.234
4Match 21:7.613.157
Any Any1:7.613.157


Ithuba National Lottery has an official online portal that can be accessed via phone number and a pin code. Once an account is created, you’ll be provided with more detailed information about how to add funds to your account, buy tickets and withdraw your prices.

There are no limitations as to the nationality of people who can play the game. Anyone who is legally on the territory of South Africa can give this opportunity a try.

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