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  • Payment options : Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard.
  • Available languages : Norwegian.
  • Customer support : Snail mail, email, Live Chat.
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Online lottery websites are springing up all over the web and have been for the past few years. Finding the right sort of online lottery site for your needs or your region can be quite challenging. This is why we research online lottery websites and find the perfect sites for various regions and players needs around the world. Reading through and in-depth reviews such as those found on our site is the safest and fastest way to find the perfect online lottery site for you. In this review, we take a closer look at Norsk Tipping, one of the leading online lottery websites that deal exclusively with the Scandinavian markets, and more precisely, with lottery games for Norway.


Lotteries and Software

The Norsk Tipping uses highly sophisticated, state of the art software to deliver an outstanding overall online lottery and gaming package. The Norsk Tipping site can be accessed from virtually any device that is capable of logging on to the internet, including desktop, laptop, and most mobile devices.

While still focused primarily on Norwegian lottery games, Norsk Tipping manages to cover a lot of ground, offering a varied selection of weekly lottery options as well as multi-national lottery games. The most famous of these is the Viking Lottery, which is also dubbed as Víkingalottó, VikingLotto, Vikingu Loto, Onsdags Lotto, OnsdagsLotto, Viking Loto, and the Norsk Viking Lotto. The lotto brand is the most popular of all lottery games on offer on the Norsk Tipping website and is played by millions of Scandinavians every week.

Aside from the Viking Lotto, Norwegians can enjoy access to the Euro Jackpot Lottery, one of the biggest lottery games in the world, open to participants from around the globe. Lotto is another Norway lottery game that features weekly draws every Saturday. Lotto is based on the classic lottery game and is based on the 7/34+1 lottery number matrix. Another hugely popular lotto option offered by Norway lottery is the Joker, which is essentially a side lotto game that can only be played when playing Viking Lotto. The Joker lotto, which first appeared in May 2000, offers Norwegian a great opportunity to enhance their normal Viking Lotto or Lotto weekly game. In fact, in 2004, a woman from Buskerud won a massive NKr 4.9 million playing Joker Lotto.

Norsk Tipping currently covers these lottery games:

  • Lottery
  • Viking Lotto
  • Nabolaget
  • Euro Jackpot
  • Lotto
  • Extra
  • Joker
  • Flax
  • Keno

Keno is another popular lottery option in Norway and was first introduced in 2007. Keno lottery draws occur on a daily basis with jackpot prize money going as high as NKr 20 million. It all depends on how much you are willing to play per day, which is one of the reasons for Keno lottery’s popularity in Norway.

Aside from a wide range of lottery games, Norsk Tipping has also diversified extensively, and now covers a wide range of other interesting online gambling games. All games are overseen by the Norwegian government to ensure that all games are responsibly developed and offered, and are fair and above board.

  • Sport
  • Langoddsen
  • Liveoddsen
  • Tipping
  • Oddsbomben

Kong Casino (Instant Games)

  • Casino
  • Bingo (Belago)
  • Scratch tickets
  • Multix (Kiosks)

Some Huge Norway Lottery Jackpots from the Past
The Norway Lottery has made more than a few millionaires in its existence and we’ve gathered just a few here for inspiration! As mentioned a little earlier, a woman from Buskerud won a massive NKr 4.9 million playing Joker Lotto in 2004. However, the single biggest jackpot win of all time goes to a man from Troms who managed to win a staggering NKr 216.12 million in the Norway Lotto. Another lucky winner hailing from Akerhus won NKr 47 million in 2012, and there have been at least three separate occasions when lucky winners have walked away in excess of NKr 20 million.


The Norsk Tipping website is fully compatible with most popular mobile devices, thanks to sophisticated technology that automatically adapts to your devices specific screen size and device specifications. Whether you prefer using a mobile tablet or your normal smartphone, accessing the Norsk Tipping website can be achieved simply by opening your mobile device browser and typing in the Norsk Tipping web address. Whether you use iOS, Android, or Windows-powered mobile devices, you can access the full range of lotteries, games and services offered by Norsk Tipping. This means instant access to all Norway lottery results, safe and secure mobile payments and on the go mobile support. You can also download a dedicated Norsk Tipping mobile app for your device from your relevant app store which features fingerprint secure login and access to all Norsk Tipping features.


Once Norwegians have signed up for an account with Norsk Tipping, they can go ahead and sign up for the Norsk Tipping newsletter and SMS program. This is quite an important feature on the Norsk Tipping website as it grants you access to a range of promotional features. For starters, once you’ve signed up for the newsletter, you stand a chance to win a travel gift card worth as much as SEK 10,000. In addition to the travel gift card promotion, all Norsk Tipping newsletter subscribers stand a chance to win additional prizes, and will be included in all the latest and exclusive lotto news, receive exclusive invitations to enter fun free competition offers, get hot tips on lotto games and jackpots, and much more.


Banking through Norsk Tipping is safe and secure and uses your standard banking cards and banking accounts to fund your Norsk Tipping account. In other words, before you can set up your Norsk Tipping online lotto account, you will need to have set up your Norwegian banking account and have relevant cards issued. You can use your Visa credit and debit card, or MasterCard options to fund your account.

Customer Support

Customer support at Norsk Tipping is only available in Norwegian and comes in three main channels of communication, email, snail mail (post), and live chat. Live chat hours are limited to 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Saturday, and 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sundays and on Public Holidays. Customer support is solid, with customer support team members being highly trained and very knowledgeable in Norsk Tipping products and features. Aside from their comprehensive live customer support, Norsk Tipping also run a thorough FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, which does answer most of the fundamental questions asked when playing their lotto or other games for the first time.

Is Norsk Tipping legit or fraud?

Norsk Tipping is owned and administered by the Government of Norway Ministry of Culture and can trace its roots all the way back to the late nineteen forties. With direct Norwegian governmental oversight, Norsk Tipping is one of the safest, most regulated and most transparent of all online lottery websites.

The Ministry of Culture determines which lottery games will be on offer and provides all of the rules and regulations associated with them. The Ministry also oversees the distribution of profits derived from the lotteries and other games made available on the Norsk Tipping website and also promotes safe, fair and responsible gaming for Norwegians.


Norsk Tipping is by far the best online lottery option for players within Norway as it provides instant access to a wide array of popular Scandinavian and European lottery games. In addition to huge lotteries like Viking Lotto, Norsk Tipping provides access to all sorts of other interesting and potentially lucrative games including sports betting, scratch cards, and safe casino games. Norsk Tipping is safe and secure, with an easy to use website interface on a desktop or on mobile devices.

Pros / Cons
  • Online lottery site is overseen by the Ministry of Culture (Government of Norway).
  • Good selection of online lottery games including Viking Lotto.
  • Additional options include sports betting and casino gaming.
  • Open to residents of Norway only – only supports Norwegian.