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The United States Lotteries are the most popular lotteries in the world. They have the largest jackpots and the biggest games ever played. Although a lot of the games are limited by state boundaries, there are also many national and international games such as the Powerball that has gained loyal followers from across the globe. In this article, we are looking at one of the state lotteries that has been popular among its players for a long time.

The New Jersey Lottery is one such lottery that is popularly played in the New Jersey. Like most of the U.S lotteries, the New Jersey Lotteries is also managed by an organization regulated by its corresponding state, New Jersey. The New Jersey Lottery was first launched and the games played in the 1970s. The games offered by the New Jersey lotteries include Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, 5 Cash Card, Quick Draw, and Pick-6. One of the largest prizes won in New Jersey is the jackpot of a multi-state game, Powerball. The prize money was around $429,000,000 and was on by Pearlie Mae Smith and her children. Higher prices have been won since then.

The New Jersey Lotteries has grown to become a $2.6 billion per annum business. Revenue earned via ticket sales have gone up by 13 percent since the year 2005. With this revenue, the New Jersey Lotteries has always been committed to contributing to the state needs. It has since its inception, always set aside a part of its revenue for causes such as state education and health. It is estimated that over the years, the New Jersey Lottery has contributed over $24 billion to the state of New Jersey. This money goes to the departments of agriculture, military and veteran affairs, education, human services and higher education. The state programs that receive the revenue from the lotteries are – 1. School Nutrition Program, 2. Tuition Aid Grants, 3. Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship (NJ Stars), 4. Marie H. Katzenbach School of the Deaf, 5. Centers for developmentally disabled, 6. State Psychiatric Hospitals and 7. Homes for New Jersey’s disabled soldiers. Apart from contributing to the state causes, the lottery also is a pivotal part of supporting the growth of businesses in New Jersey. In the year 2016 alone, there were over 7600 lottery licenses sold.


As mentioned, the New Jersey Pick-6 is one of the games offered by the New Jersey Lottery. This game was first played on 9th May 1980. When the lottery was launched, it was the first of its kind. This lottery also has an XTRA feature that was added in the recent years. The system of this lottery is similar to the 6/49 matrix that is played in most lottery games. This matrix has been adopted since the year 2000. Before the 6/49 matrix was adopted, it required players to choose six numbers from a poll of 1 to 39 and players would have to match at least four out of the six numbers drawn in order to win. This then changes to 6/42 and finally settled on the 6/49 followed today.


Each entry on the Pick 6 costs the players $1 dollar. Therefore, the costs of the tickets vary based on the number of entries that players choose to play. Players have the option of playing the same numbers they have picked for continuous eight draws. The number of draws that the player wished to play has to be mentioned on the bet slip. The numbers for Pick-6 are drawn on Mondays and Thursdays at 7.45 pm EST. Pick-6 has a guaranteed annual jackpot of $2 million dollars that increased over time because of the rollovers.

The Quick Pick

Other the choosing the lottery numbers manually, players also have an option offered for the Pick-6 and few other New Jersey Lottery games known as the Quick Pick. Here, the players can automate the process of choosing the draw numbers. This can also be done offline. Players just have to ask their lottery ticket retailers for a Quick Pick.

Pick-6 XTRA

The Pick-6 XTRA option was added as a key feature on 15th January 2015. It is a feature that players enjoy incredibly. This is because this feature allows players who are not jackpot winners to be able to increase their prize amount. And to get opt for this wonderful feature, players just have to select the ‘XTRA’ option while purchasing their tickets for an additional $1 dollar. Once subscribed to this option, non-jackpot winners who win 3 out of the 6 or even 2 out of the 6 numbers will have their winning prize amount multiplied. These multipliers range from two to five and players should keep in mind that any damage to the ticket that does hinders the scanning process will delay the claiming process. Prize money and the ‘multiplied’ prize money can also be rejected if tickets are damaged.

How do players become winners

The Pick-6 follows the 6/49 matrix to choose its winners. This means that players have to get a minimum of three numbers out of the six they have chosen. Jackpot winners have all six chosen numbers matching to the six draw numbers. There are three other tiers of prizes offered for the Pick-6 other than the jackpot prize. These are – if the player matches 3,4 or 5 numbers out of the 6 balls drawn. And with each increasing numbers matched, the prize money also increases. For those who have chosen the XTRA option, there is a prize if the numbers match 2 out of the 6. Similarly, players who have opted for XTRA will have their prize money multiplied based on the tier they win. Their prize money will be multiplied using the XTRA multiplier. The winning prize for matching 2 out of six is $2 dollars. The odds of winning the New Jersey Pick-6 XTRA jackpot is 1 in 13.98 million.
The largest jackpot ever won by the Pick 6 was won by a couple in the year 2001. They won a jackpot prize of $48.9 million.

1Pick 61:13,983,816
2Pick 51:54,201
3Pick 41:1,032
4Pick 31:57
5Pick 21:8


Taxes for the New Jersey Pick-6

The New Jersey Lottery charges players 25% of their prize money as taxes. This is applicable to all prizes that are above $5000 dollars. Players who are not United States residents will be charged 30% of the prize money as taxes for all prizes above the cost of $3000 dollars. This is for the Federal tax. There is also the New Jersey Gross Income tax charged. This law requires that the Lottery holds back 5% as taxes if the prize money is more than $10,000 and up to $500,000 and 8% if the prize money is more than $500,000. The tax is charged on the excess amount. If the winner is not able to display proper state identification card and social security number, then 8% will be charged for all prizes above $10,000 dollars.

Claiming the prize amount

The winners of the New Jersey Pick-6 have the option of choosing the mode of payment to be paid. They can either choose to accept the prize money at one go as a lump sum or choose to claim the prize as an annuity payment. In the latter method, the payment will be done over 26 years.

For claiming the prize, the winner can display the signed ticked at any of the New Jersey Lottery Retailers or at the New Jersey Lottery Headquarters and collect the cash directly. If the prize money is more than $599.50 dollars, there is a claim form that must be filed with the New Jersey Lottery. These forms can be collected from any retail shop. The form along with valid identification and the signed ticket must be emailed to the New Jersey Lottery headquarters. Once identification is verified, the New Jersey lottery will hand over the check for the prize money within three weeks time.

Who can play the New Jersey Pick-6

All players must be above the age of 18 to participate in the New Jersey Lottery and play the Pick-6 game. Players will have to residents of the state of New Jersey to play the Pick-6 game. However, the New Jersey Lottery does offer other multi-jurisdiction and international games such as the Powerball and Mega Millions.


The New Jersey lottery Pick-6 has been a successful lottery played by many players since its inception in the 1980s. The lottery has generated many winners over time and has grown to become a billion dollar industry today. The unique XTRA feature of the lottery has attracted many loyal players who are able to multiply their prize money. The lottery has also been successful in contributing to some of key causes of the state of New Jersey. With high odds winning (especially if players opt for the XTRA feature), it can be said with surety that the highest jackpot prize money is yet to happen.

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