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  • Payment options: Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards
  • Customer support: Live chat, contact form, email, phone number
  • Available languages: EN, DE, SV, FI, NO, PL, CZ, IT, ES
  • Trustpilot score: n/a
  • Number of lotteries: 21
  • Mobile app: No
  • Ticket Scan: Bet
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If you are looking for a new online lottery ticket agent, there’s a trending brand we recommend you try out – Lottery Heroes. The best part – they have scratchcards instant win games for you to play while you’re waiting for the lottery numbers to draw. You won’t have much to wait as they offer a variety of 21 lottery games for you to choose from.

At Lottery Heroes, you can place bets on the results of the world’s most popular lotteries, they are not scanning actual tickets, instead of playing the lottery itself.

What makes them stand out is the language support that makes participating in the biggest jackpot draws that much more accessible.

You’ll find some popular names such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroJackpot on their list of lotteries. Even though you won’t be playing the actual lottery, the winnings are just as big as the jackpot prizes. They offer single tickets as well as syndicate and combo games. If you don’t know what these are, read on.

The site offers a variety of games and exciting odds, so both seasoned and new players can enjoy the games. Whether you are interested in lotteries with big jackpots, or higher odds, you can find something to your liking. So, is Lottery Heroes safe? We will find out the answer to this question in this Lottery Heroes review.

Is Lottery Heroes Secured?

All in all, the site itself is secure and implements necessary protective measures. But there isn’t sufficient info to determine the legitimacy of their service. Their site doesn’t mention any past winners, either.

Hence, players must be aware that there is some risk factor involved when playing on Lottery Heroes. Their license is valid and authentic, so that is certainly a positive sign – there’s a lot of terms to meet before getting a license from a gambling regulator.

Encryption and Site Security

Lottery Heroes is a secure site and take necessary measures to protect user data. They have a valid SSL certificate issued by Amazon. They use CloudFront – a content delivery network (CDN) service by Amazon that is fast in securely delivering data to visitors globally with minimum latency. Their certificate is to expire 300 days after the date of this writing (March 2020).

Blacklist Record

There isn’t any known record of Lottery Heroes appearing on the blacklist of any security services. So it seems for now that they have a clear record regarding their operation.

There aren’t many detailed user reviews about Lottery Heroes because this site was only recently launched and still unknown to many players.

Online Reputation – User Reviews and Online Ratings

They only have a single review on Trustpilot, so it’s difficult to judge the credibility of the site. Also, the company has not claimed their Trustpilot page until now. Their domain is now showing on the popular website reputation checker Webutation.

So, while the site does seem to offer a fun experience, there aren’t many sources available to check what real players have to say about it.

Lotteries Available at Lottery Heroes

You can choose from 21 different lotteries on Lottery Heroes. Below, you’ll find the names of all lotteries available on the site.

You can place bets on the winning number of these lotteries, each having different ticket prices and winning amount.

For each lottery, you will also find some additional information on the site. This includes rules, winning conditions, and odds of all the games. It is a commendable feature and especially useful for new and inexperienced players. You’ll find some in-depth reviews in the links above.

For every lottery, they even have an entire page dedicated to describing the prize structure and breakdown of the lottery. You should carefully go through all such info to understand the game better; it’ll help you to choose your numbers wisely.

Products Offered at Lottery Heroes

Is Lottery Heroes fun? Yes. In fact, there are three different game modes you can play at Lottery Heroes that make the experience enjoyable. In addition, there’s a scratchcards section to the site.

Single Line

A single ticket will make you eligible for just a single line on a single draw of a lottery. It is the most basic game mode, you guess one set of winning numbers and hope for the best. This is also the game option with the lowest odds of winning. If you are playing as a solo player on a budget, single line tickets are a suitable option for you. You can buy a single line in any of the lotteries in offer.


This is a mix of a combo, also called a bundle, and a syndicate. This is not something you find in many online lottery sites, as most offer plain combos. Instead of buying multiple tickets for a single game, you purchase a single share of a pool of multiple games. Combo-Syndicates are also bought by groups of players, and the prize will be divided equally between shareholders if any one of the tickets wins.

For example, you can buy a share of a Combo-Syndicate called UK Royal and have three shares of three different syndicates – Thunderball UK, Irish Lotto, and Euro Millions – with the potential of winning €35.6 Million (the total jackpot of the three lottery draws).
UK Royal Combo-Syndicate by LotteryHeroes


The Syndicate game is relevant for a player who wants a bigger chance of winning and is willing to share the prize with others. In this mode, you purchase a share, or a number of shares, of a group of tickets, which is also called a pool. This means you increase your chances of winning. If anyone of the ticket wins, the prize is distributed evenly, by shares, among the group of players. While the total winning will be less in syndicate mode, the odds will be higher.


The primary service of Lottery Heroes is unique and entertaining. You don’t play the lottery games but place bets on the winning numbers instead. Other than that, there aren’t too many exciting features. Lotteries and Scratchcards are the only two varieties of games available.

But even within these two options, there are some unique features, such as:


When you buy a lottery line, there’s a QuickPick button you can’t not notice – it’s in a bright green/yellow color. If you click on it, that line get’s filled automatically and randomly with numbers. This feature makes the number picking much quicker and simpler.

Other brands offer this feature, so it is not unique to Lottery Heroes, and it is useful.


Multi-Draw is a game feature that gives players that option of pre-purchasing, or repurchasing, the same number picks for a whole month. It means you won’t miss a draw in that month. In addition to the feature being useful and convenient, it also comes with a discounted rate per ticket. The reduced price rate varies between lotteries, but is it substantial – about 40% off!

Scratchcard games

Lottery Heroes takes its lottery experience another step forwards, and closer to what you might expect in a lottery kiosk, by offering scratchcards on their website. Scratchies are considered a complimentary product to lottery tickets and many enjoy playing them as a mini-game to the lottery. With Lottery Heroes, you’ll purchase the card for a fixed price and scratch it to reveal the game symbols. This means that you have to complete a ticket purchase, as you would with a lottery ticket, and then scratch it. There’s no option of completing a wager from a standing balance as in Slots. Based on the symbols, you can win a variety of prizes.

There are 9 different types of scratchcard games available at Lottery Heroes:

  • 33 Chances – buy 1/5/10 tickets for a price of €2 per card
  • Bicho Mania – buy 3/5/25 tickets for a price of €1 per card
  • BLACK Cyber – buy 10/20/100 tickets for a price of €0.50 per card
  • Double Chance – buy 3/15/50 tickets for a price of €1 per card
  • Elephant Scratchcard – buy 20/50/200 tickets for a price of €0.10 per card
  • Horseshoe Scratch – buy 100/300/500 tickets for a price of €0.10 per card
  • Raid the Piggy Bank – buy 5/100/400 tickets for a price of €0.25 per card
  • Super Shamrock – buy 10/30/100 tickets for a price of €0.30 per card
  • Stuffed with €100s – buy 1/5/50 tickets for a price of €3 per card

Compatible Platforms

You can access the official Lottery Heroes website from PC, laptops, mobiles and tablets. They don’t have their own application so the website is the only way to enjoy their services. But their site is well-optimized for mobile devices and it offers the same experience as the desktop version.

Promotions and Bonuses

Free Lines

In some lottery games, on buying a certain amount of lines, you will get an extra line/s free of cost. Lottery Heroes calls this HEROPICK and the lotteries that offer it have a present sign with the number of lines to buy in order to get the free one.

Here are a few examples:

  • Buy 5 Mega Millions lines and get 1 HEROPICK for free
  • Buy 12 Oz Powerball lines and get 4 HEROPICKS for free
  • Buy 10 La Primitiva lines and get 2 HEROPICKS for free

Free Scratchcards Every Day

with every purchase of €20 or more, during a day, you get a minimum of 3 FREE scratch cards the following day. This is a really nice offer for anyone who would like to try playing lottery side games. The higher the accumulative purchase in a day, the more scratchies are rewarded. The games change daily so you have a chance of experimenting with different games on offer.

Is Lottery Heroes Legit Or Scam?

Judging by the security certificate and gambling license of Lottery Heroes, it’s likely that they are not a scam company. But there is room for doubt because there aren’t any credible proof of payouts, nor any trustworthy user reviews.

Perhaps, it’s because the site lacks widespread popularity, but whatever the reason is, you should exercise an ounce of carefulness while playing at Lottery Heroes.

Their gambling services are regulated by the Curacao Gaming regulator which is authorized by the Government of Curacao – license No. 77207.
Lottery Heroes verified license

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support service at Lottery Heroes in the following ways.

  • Place a query on the live chat support on their website
  • Search for an answer to different categories using the live chat feature
  • Call them on the helpline or mail them on their email address, both of which you’ll find in the site’s contact us page
  • Submit a query form on their site and await their response

There are also two FAQ sections – one page with the top asked questioned and a help center with a complete knowledge base – for users to self cater to many issues.


Lottery Heroes has a mix of highs and lows. In terms of the player experience, it can certainly match up to other common online lottery sites. It does fulfill a certain role among players, allowing them to place bets on lotteries that they can’t participate directly. Their collection includes the most well-known lottery games which will surely attract a lot of players.

But on the downside, there are some shady areas regarding their services. Their website, while simple to use, is quite lackluster. You won’t find much detailed info about the company on their site. And most importantly, it’s difficult to verify past winners and the amount they have won.

If you want to enjoy the experience of global lotteries like Powerball and EuroMillions, but can’t play because of geographical restrictions, then you should surely give Lottery Heroes a try. But it’s advisable to start with small amounts in the beginning. If you win and receive the winnings, you can build some trust and spend further on their games.

And as with all gambling services, it is your responsibility to play wisely. Enjoy the game, but also keep a keen eye on your finances. We hope that this review will prove to be useful for you if you are planning to check out Lottery Heroes for yourself.

Pros / Cons
  • The unique experience of betting on popular lottery games
  • Variety in the selection of games, as well as different playing modes (single, syndicate, combo)
  • The website is simple to navigate, placing bets is very easy and convenient
  • The website can be improved, as it lacks some essential information
  • Limited payment methods

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