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Lotterydenominator is a digital e-book platform written by Richard Lustig. At the first instant of logging in to the site, you will encounter a video tagged “this video is controversial and may be offensive to some audience. Viewers discretion is advised”. The video interface has no control keys, and you have no choice but to listen to a voice talk about how this book has transformed the lives of many people.


Lotteries and Software

Richard Lustig created this website based on his stories, ideas and strategies. In actuality, any game you are playing after reading this book should start with games like Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 or fantasy 5 these are games Richard Lustig has won in a couple of time.

Richard’s gimmicks and software is directed towards finding numbers that are winning and helping you in ways that you can win but he is no magician to change the odds of a game.


Since is a website focused on content, visitors to it can access it using their mobile device – phone or tablet. It is easy to navigate on the website with your mobile devices. The operating system of these devices is not an issue since all you will be doing is reading content and purchasing Richard Lustig digital e-book.


They offer promotions from third parties which they regard as co-brands. You can get promotions such as sweepstakes, drawings, games and content after making a purchase or providing them with identifiable information for some other reason or purpose. They sometimes give out identifiable information submitted to them by clients to their affiliates third party brand.

It is of note that identifiable information can also be required when you order for products, enter a contest, vote in polls, voice out your opinion, or subscribe to services such as newsletters, or participate in online forums.

The kind of information that will be requested for are; name address, phone number, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, credit card details.


The only purchase you are making on is the digital e-book purchase which you can do with the use of online payment. At his stage you wll have to provide your credit card number and personal to complete the payment online.

Lotto Denominator has no control over the information made available to third parties during the course of purchase of a product (digital e-book).

The cost of purchase of this digital e-book goes for £73.82.

Customer Support

This is not the typical site I usually cover, but even thou it is a small operation, there’s a helpful FAQ page which covers quite extensively possible issues.

There’s a direct mail published in the site for users who would like to send emails and a simple contact form. Lotto Dominator promises a response within a 24 hours time frame.

Is Lottery Dominator legit or fraud?

Lottery Denominator is legit. It is owned by a traceable organization which goes by the name Software Projects Inc. I will cite cases that might make people concede to fear of the site not being legit.

The first case is that they only offer an email address and online forum as the only means of contact.

The second case is their terms and condition which they used by citing “the computer misuse act 1990 in the UK”.

The final case is the review made by people in the comment section of blogs about Richard Lutwig. All these summed up together might be enough reason to bring panic to people about the legitimacy of Lottery Denominator.


People fall off a ladder while climbing it, either they have no anchor to firmly hold down the ladder or they fail to stretch out helping hand to people at the top. Either way it tells us how imperative it is to stand by each other in good and bad times. Borrow a leaf from Richard Lutwig, though making a profit from the sales of the digital e-book but he opened up on his winning ways and we see testament of how people were able to win greatly. It is on this foundation Lottery Denominator is built on, to serve as a support system for people who want to hit the jackpot hard. It’s amazing how Richard gets people to poise about the possibility of winning games. For those who doubt the positive impacts of the book to channel people to the path of winning, he promised a return purchase within the period of 60 days. Even with those statements of powerful re-assurance, we have people who are still going to be in doubt of the site legitimacy, let it be known that what is good is not meant for multitude. So, we have limited the number of people that we can accommodate on Lotto Domination.