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The Canadian lotteries are one of the best-run lotteries in the world. It is well regulated, allows players to bag big jackpots and uses the profits from the lotteries to fund state-run projects efficiently. Lottario has played a big role in its contribution to the success of the Canadian lotteries since its launch.


Lottario was established in Canada by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) in the year 1978. Lottario was the first game that was launched as an online game in North America. It was the second lottery game that OLG had launched. The first lottery draw for Lottario was on November 18th, 1978.

Over the past few years, the structure of the game has changed. The new structure allows for more number of players to take home prize monies. Because of this, the game holds its position as one of the most popular and most played lottery games in North America.


How to play Lottario Lottery

Players have to pick six numbers for a range of numbers between 1 and 45. The draw for this lottery happens every Saturday night until 10.30 PM (Eastern Time). If no winners are declared in a particular draw, the lottery rolls over until a jackpot winner is declared. All Lottario drawings have a minimum promise of 250, 000 Canadian dollars.

For each Lottario ticket, players can play two draws. The main draw that happens every Saturday as scheduled. The second is known as the Early Bird draw. The draw for this happens Friday midnight. Lottario has grown in a massive scale from the day of its launch; and has been successful in producing many jackpot winners. As of 2015, the game rules for Lottario were slightly altered. Three new additional prizes were introduced for the players. The changes made to the game increased the players’ interest and the odds of winning the prize monies.

Who can play Lottario Lottery

Lottario tickets are available for sale for both national and international players. Players within the province of Ontario can purchase the tickets on-site via authorized retailers. Other players can purchase the tickets online. International players should ensure that they are eligible to purchase tickets from another country before playing.

Players have to be at least 18 years of age or older in order to participate in the lottery games in Canada. This applies to national and international players.


The odds of winning the Lottario Lottery

Lottario offers high odds of winning for players participating in the lottery game. There are a total of seven tier prizes that are distributed. The odds of a player winning any of the prizes offered in the lottery is 1 in 20.89. This is the last tier prize. The second-last tier prize offered to players is for players who match at least three out of the six winning lottery numbers. For this, the odds is 1 in 22.28. For players who are able to match four out the six lottery numbers, the odds they would have faced is 1 in 366.4. For players to be able to match five numbers in the lottery, they will have to beat the odds of 1 in 17, 861. Players will have to beat the odds of 1 in 678, 755 to match five numbers plus a bonus number. An additional prize is given away for the Early Bird draw. The odds of winning the Early Bird draw is 1 in 4, 966.5. And finally, in order to take home the jackpot money for Lottario, the odds of winning is 1 in 4,072,530.

1Pick 61:4,072,530
2Pick 5 + 1 Extra1:678,755
3Pick 51:17,862
4Pick 41:386
5Pick 31:24

Payments and Costs for Lottario Lottery

Lottario players have to pay $1 (Canadian) to be able to play two sets of numbers. Players can select their initial set of numbers manually or via Quick Pick (a feature that automatically picks random six numbers for the player). For the second set of numbers, players do not have the option of manually selecting the numbers; it is generated at random.

Claiming the prize money

All Lottario prizes must be claimed within one year from the date of the draw took place. Any prize not claimed within this period will be deemed to be unclaimed prizes and this money will be added to the profits paid by OLG to the provincial government to help with state aid.

Lottario prizes that range from 0 to 1000 dollars can be claimed from an authorized retailer anywhere in the province. This prize can be claimed not just at the retail store, but also via mail, hand-picked casinos, and the OLG prize center. Prizes that range from 1000 dollars to 250, 000 dollars will have to claim at hand-picked authorized casinos or at the OLG prize center. For prize above 250,000 dollars, players have to claim the prize only at the OLG prize center.

All prizes exceeding 1000 dollars requires players to fill out the Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form. This form can be found on OLG’s official website.

Tax payments for Lottario Lottery

The Canadian competition law governs over the rules and regulations for lotteries and games in Canada (inclusive of taxation policies) According to this law, all prize monies are exempt from tax in Canada. Players should note that this only applies to residents of the country. International players will be bound to the tax laws of their respective countries.


Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, that regulates Lottario, contributes its profits to various state aid requirements. For instance, in the year 2016-17, OLG contributed $2.2 billion towards the operation of hospitals, $115 million to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (benefit of local and provincial charities), $38 million ministry of health and long-term care to gambling prevention and addiction treatment and $10 million towards the support of amateur athletes.


Lottario has retained its hold as one of the most popular lotteries in North America since its establishment. It offers great odds for players to take home money and churns out more millionaires each year. It is definitely a worthy investment.

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