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Online lottery sites have always been a favourite among UK residents. They are highly rewarding and exceptionally easy to comprehend. They offer hours of fun-filled entertainment, and as a result, many lottery sites have been developed for your enjoyment. Finding a unique lottery however, one that delivers superior quality games, fast payouts and a range of updated trending lottery options isn’t half as easy as finding an accessible UK lottery. In this in-depth review, we take a look at what makes Islands Lotto stand apart from the rest and what makes UK residents choose this lottery above all others. Check out what Islands Lotto has to offer you in terms of games, support, software, jackpots, mobile compatibility, promotions and banking options. Discover why the UK has fallen in love with Islands Lotto today.

A Quick Overview of Islands Lotto

Launched recently in 2016, Islands Lotto has already managed to make its footprint in the gaming industry. The company is entirely independent adding exclusivity to its allure and is licensed by the Jersey Gambling Commission ensuring you of its legitimacy and reliability. As a charitable display of kindness, Islands Lotto donates 15% of Jackpot6 ticket sales to the Islands foundation, to help improve the Islands community and community-based projects, another feature to stand apart from other lotteries. The wide variety of lottery games available to you includes a new addition Euro Millions, Jackpot6, Xtra Win, games, draws and even slots gaming. New gaming additions are readily available under an easy to navigate optional tab which delivers high definition graphics and an updated catalogue of trending games from Islands Lotto.

A major hit among lottery enthusiasts is the Instant Wins selection for those of you who enjoy high-intensity games with optional wagering amounts to determine how much will be paid out upon a winning play. A massive £75 000 can be won in the new game Pirates Gone Wild, an exciting addition to the already great selection of lucrative betting games.

Islands Lotto has craftily created a sign-up option that eliminates the tedious task of entering personal details and has opted for a more time constructive sign-up process involving one of two easy steps to create or sign into an existing account. Choose between Facebook login details or create a separate account by simply entering a few minor details such as your password, name and surname and email address then proceed to the action-packed gaming options that define Islands Lotto.

Lotteries and Software

Of all the available games at Island Lotto, there are three massive lottery options for you to choose from. The latest and greatest of them all is the multi-million stake pot of Euro Millions. Currently, the lottery is sitting on £36 million and continues to grow at an exponential pace. Europe’s biggest and most popular lottery draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday night in Paris and Islands Lotto has your ticket. Ticket prices begin as low as £2.50 and only seven numbers in total need to be chosen. You can, of course, buy as many tickets as you see fit to grab your share of the Euro Millions.

Although not as impressive as Euro Millions, the following available two draw options are between Jackpot6 and Xtra Win. Jackpot6 offers an impressive payout of £100 000 and ticket draws are held every Thursday. The appeal comes in where the effort is minimal and all you are required to do is choose 6 numbers or opt for the Lucky Dip option. Enter your lottery details and then get a notification if one of your tickets has hit a bit of luck.

The next of the two is a subdivision of Jackpot6. Xtra Win is a Jackpot6 raffle game and for each ticket purchase on the Jackpot6, you are automatically entered into a raffle draw, one of the impressive features of playing Jackpot6. Here is where you could win up to £75 000 on a simple raffle draw!

A clever feature is currently underway and being introduced to Islands Lotto members; Syndicates. Although there are a few lottery sites to have already incorporated this feature, Islands Lotto has taken its time into perfecting the recent addition. You can set up a syndicate and create your own name for the group, invite friends, family and even colleagues. Essentially this is a group of players who share the ticket cost and winnings are shared amongst members according to their stake percentages wagered. You can choose your value of stake, choose members, add your stake to the syndicate value, buy lottery tickets as a syndicate and easily release your syndicate winning information to other members of your syndicate.

Instant Wins Games

Slightly different from the lottery games, Instant Wins leave you wanting more. The available games are highly interactive, well themed and offer smaller payouts than Euro Millions yet they have kept their popularity through the introduction of the European lottery game that is Euro Millions. The highest paying Instant Wins games range up to £75 000 on the biggest bet. The higher the bet, the better the chances of you winning. Thanks to the modernized software used to project and run these games, you can use the information option to determine your wager, compare the odds and even see how much you will be paid out based on your stake.

On the topic of software, Islands Lotto strives to deliver uninterrupted gameplay, lottery selection and instant win games. To do so, the site utilises the best gaming software platform to deliver the best graphics and user interface and boasts the features of a quality site used to power the latest gaming additions.


Designed to be accessed through multiple device platforms, Islands Lotto delivers the same quality you would gain when accessing the site through your desktop. Build for smart device access you have the option to log into your existing account, create a new account, purchase tickets and play games from Islands Lotto through your mobile device. Although no mobile application has been designed for the app stores as yet, you won’t miss the option as the site is easy to navigate through the mobile for web option. You can also receive notifications of wins to your mobile device and enjoy all the perks of desktop gaming from Islands Lotto.


Islands Lotto is currently running a handful of attractive promotional offers. The sign-up bonus attracts players by rewarding £5 for every £10 spent. Then there is the Refer a Friend Bonus offer which awards the referrer, with an active account, £5 for every additional 5 qualifying sign-ups. In addition to this, the Xtra Win promotion enters each ticket into a raffle for a grand cash prize. Islands Lotto also provides a Black Friday promotion which awards you with an additional free ticket on Euro Millions 94 with 2 lines or more and a free ticket on 93, irrespective of weeks or days purchased.


The banking methods used to deposit cash into your Islands Lotto account is quite straightforward. Choose between Visa and MasterCard to make these deposits and upon winning, Islands Lotto will immediately deposit the amount into your lotto account from which you can then withdraw it. All personal banking information is protected by SSL Encryption technology which has been designed to protect both the user and the lottery from any third party surveillance.

Customer Support

Through multiple communication platforms, you are ensured to receive the best customer service available to you. The telephonic line is open from 10 AM – 4 PM (Monday to Friday) and excludes public and banking holidays. Alternatively, you can email Islands Lotto or make use of the FAQ option for any straightforward queries. As a last resort, and if you are so inclined, there is a postal address to which you can send your queries via pigeon post.

Is Islands Lotto Trustworthy?

Being independently operated might raise a few red flags, but rest assured that Islands Lotto is fully licensed under the Jersey Gambling Laws since 2012, ensuring members of its legitimacy. Having operated for as long as it has, Islands Lotto is most assuredly one of the most trusted UK lotteries to date.


Being able to access such a massive database of not only lottery games, but additional new games makes Islands Lotto one of its kind. The site is easy to comprehend, navigate and is visually appealing. Through a series of promotional offers and sign up incentives, you are bound to remain entertained through the duration of your membership and with that being said, Islands Lotto continuously adds appeal to the site through new games and refreshingly new promotional offers on a regular basis.

Pros / Cons
  • Trusted, secure and reliable
  • Massive database of gaming and lottery options
  • User interactive site to easily navigate through popular instant wins, slots and lottery games
  • Licensed under the Jersey Gambling Law
  • No mobile application