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  • Draw days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Numbers to pick: 7 out of 31
  • Win odds: 1 in 12
  • Jackpot odds: 1 in 31,554,900
  • Jackpot: R$300,000
  • Biggest Jackpot: R$1,000,000

Here’s what you need to know about Brazil’s Dia de Sorte Lottery. This review includes answers to frequently asked questions. It also includes valuable information about the lottery you should know before you buy your next ticket.

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What is Dia de Sorte?

Brazil’s Dia de Sorte Lottery is one of the country’s official lotteries. Caixa, a government-owned company, runs most of the lotteries in Brazil, including Dia de Sorte.

When is Dia de Sorte draw?

The lottery draws weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 pm Brasilia Time.

How much does a Dia de Sorte ticket cost?

One line of Dia de Sorte costs R$2.00, which is about US$0.37.

How do you play Dia de Sorte?

You pick 7 numbers of 1 to 31. The minimum entry is one lottery line.

How much is Dia de Sorte jackpot?

The minimum jackpot is R$300,000, which is about US$. If there are no jackpot winners, the prize rolls over to the next draw.

In 2018 a single winner won Dia de Sorte’s biggest jackpot of R$1,000,000. At the average conversion rate, the amount is US$183,300. This is a substantial amount in Brazil, but not life-changing as other lotteries can be.

What are the Chances of Winning Dia de Sorte?

The odds of winning the top tier prize – the jackpot – are 1 in 31,554,900. The odds of winning any prize of the different tiers is 1 in 12.

Prize TierPicks to MatchWinning OddsWinning Odds %
Match 7 +11:31,554,9000.00000316
1Match 71:2,868,6270.0000348
2Match 6+ 11:187,8270.000532
3Match 61:17,0750.00585
4Match 5 + 11:5,4440.0183
5Match 51:4950.202
6Match 4 + 11:4450.224
7Match 41:402.500
8Match 0 +11:128.333


With decent odds and the option of a jackpot prize rolling over, Dia de Sorte is a popular lottery in Brazil. It is not well known outside of it, as it can’t compete against some of the more attractive lotteries.

Dia De Sorte Brazil Ticket

Dia De Sorte Brazil Ticket

Dia de Sorte Brazil Lotto logo

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