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  • Payment options: Visa/Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards, Skrill, Netteller, Yandex, Money and Qiwi
  • Customer support: Live chat, email
  • Available languages: English
  • Trustpilot score: n/a
  • Number of lotteries: 17
  • Mobile app: No
  • Ticket Scan: Wager
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Crazy Lottos recently contacted me. An account manager of theirs introduced the brand and asked me to have a look and give my honest review. This is a limited, but thorough, review of the website. They launched on September 1st, 2020 and I set a reminder to revisit Crazy Lottos a second time within about a month.


Crazy Lottos Review Aspects

There are hundreds of online lottery websites – agents selling scanned lottery tickets and brands offering lotto draw results betting – and each is looking for differentiators. A website aim at a unique angle that would attract and keep players. This makes the review a little more complicated. For this reason, I set a few fixed review aspects that allow better comparison.

Here are the review aspects

  • Security – by far, security is the most important review aspect. This is also why it is at the top – failing this guarantees a minimal score. I audit the security measures Crazy Lottos is taking to ensure players are safe.
  • Products – there are thousands of lotteries around the world – some more exciting than others – and I’m checking which ones Crazy Lottos have. In addition to lotto, some offer games – scratch cards, keno, live lotto, etc. – and I’m checking these too.
  • Features – the game selection is important to many players, but the features available on the lottery platform are setting the overall experience.
  • Platforms – the more players signup to Crazy Lottos, the more devices the platform has to support. I’m talking about device types, operating systems, screen sizes, etc. This is a major technical challenge for Crazy Lottos tech teams.
  • Promotions – bonuses and rewards are the main tools in Crazy Lottos’ marketing and CRM departments. They help in the acquisition and retention (and reactivation) of lottery players. This is why many operators offer promotions.
  • Support – ideally, a players’ journey is simple – signup, deposit, play the lottery, (hopefully) win the jackpot, withdraw winnings, live off the profits. But, in case anything goes sideways, you want to be sure there’s someone from Crazy Lottos on the other end of a phone call, chat, email to assist. I check how to reach customer support and when (day and time) they are available.

Covering these review aspects leads to two sections in the review. The first is the simple question of is Crazy Lottos a legitimate brand to play the lottery with. The second is the review summary. In the summary section, I gather everything I learned and give my recommendation or rejection. In any case, I also suggest alternatives to anyone looking for another brand.

Security and Safety Measures

As I mentioned, this is a little technical, but very important to dive into. The big question is how seriously Crazy Lottos takes their visitors’ security, and which measures they are actively taking to ensure it.

Website Encryption

CrazyLottos SSLLabs Test Results - Grade B

CrazyLottos SSLLabs Test Results – Grade B

The website is using an SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare. It is a well knows service provider – for more than SSL – and the certificate is valid. However, this is a B grade certificate that can be upgraded easily. Have a look at the test I ran using SSL Labs (takes a couple of minutes to complete). A B grade certificate is not a red flag but could be a misconfiguration of the certificate or just a technical misunderstanding.

Crazy Lottos Blacklist Status

CrazyLottos VirusTotal Test Results - clean

CrazyLottos VirusTotal Test Results – clean

Security is a big thing when it comes to the web, and some companies focus on finding and tagging risk or fraudulent sites and services. For this aspect, I’m using VirusTotal to see if Crazy Lottos was detected as a fraud. Out of 79 engines VirusTotal scan, 69 engines rated, and all marked it as clean. This is a positive signal, but I’ll have to monitor this soon to make sure it is still clean.

These are some of the engines VirusTotal samples: BitDefender, ESET, Yandex Safebrowsing, Trustwave, and BlockList.

Crazy Lottos Reputation

Technical measures are easy to implement, but it is the human factor that matters most. Crazy Lottos are using common security practices, but what do they do once they gained a player’s trust. In this review aspect, I look the web for any real player reviews – the more, the better. These reviews and how a brand is addressing them – quick to respond? address the issue? solve it to the user’s satisfaction?

Unfortunately, Crazy Lottos only recently launched, and I couldn’t find any reviews – good or bad.

Available Products – Lotteries and Games

There are 17 lotteries to choose from on the site. While others offer a wider selection, Crazy Lottos has the ones players are actually looking for – you won’t miss out. The list of lottos is Powerball US, Irish Lotto, Hoosier Lotto, Wednesday Lotto AU, Monday Lotto AU, Oz Saturday Lotto AU, UK Thunderball, New York Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Super Plus, German Lotto 649, Powerball AU, French Loto, Oz Lotto, Euro Jackpot, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions

Scratch cards are coming to Crazy Lottos soon – banners are announcing this across the site. I think it is nice to offer “side games” to lotto – you can play while you wait for lottery draw results. Lottery tickets and scratch cards go hand in hand for many years, and this applies to online.

In addition to scratchies, Crazy Lottos want to introduce slots and casino games. Over 400 games would be added to the site. This might take the site in another direction – the sear number of games would be much more significant.

Available Features

Since there are only lotto games on the site right now, I’ll cover the relevant features to lotto.

Quick Play Widget

There’s easy access and quick to play lottery widget at the side. It allows completing a quick line of select few lotteries from almost anywhere on the site. Nicely executed and very clear. I think it would be a useful feature for existing players.

Pick +1 and Pick All

Each lottery form and line have a pick one button that auto-fills a line of the selected lottery. Players usually play a few fixed lines and auto-fill a few other lines. This button makes adding another pre-filled line easier.

Each lottery form has a pick all button that auto-fills all the open lines – 4 by default. If you add more lines, you’ll have to click the button again to auto-fill them.


This is a classic never miss a draw feature that became a must for online players. Each form has the option of buying the same lines for more than one draw. Crazy Lotto gives the option of 1 draw, 3 draws, 6 draws, and 12 draws. This means that you’ll play the same line consecutively. The more draws you buy tickets for, the lower the cost of each line is – the 12 draws has the best value, naturally.


You can buy a few lines from different lotteries by adding lines to the cart and completing a purchase of tickets of a few lotteries. There’s the option of editing one line or the complete form, adding, and removing from the cart.

Platform Experience

Crazy Lottos is built using a modern platform created by Spinola Gaming. This means that visually, the site is completely responsive. It has multiple breaking points for adjusting to multiple screen sizes.

Some elements are pushed down on mobile, but the experience is mostly kept from Desktop. I like it. Nothing is missing from any of the screen sizes. Banners and other images are also adjusting to screen sizes. Well executed.

There is no app – iOS or Android – but the mobile web experience is polished. Committed players will miss the features and close communication an app provide.

Promotions and Bonuses


The promotion section lists three offers that are currently available – Get a Free Powerball Line, 20% Off All Lottery Bundles, and 5 Florida Lottery Lines for €5. It is not clear for how long will they be available – there’s no expiry date – and there’s no link to the full terms and conditions. I think this should be more detailed and clear to avoid any misunderstandings.

Get a Free Powerball Line

First time depositing players are eligible for a 50% or buy 1 get 1 free on US Powerball. The first deposit has to be €25 or higher. Note, it will be available for the first 24 hours following the deposit.

20% Off All Lottery Bundles

First time depositing players are eligible for a 25% discount on lottery bundles subscription. The first deposit has to be €25 or higher. Subscription has to be for 6 or 12 months. Note, it will be available for the first 24 hours following the deposit. There’s also a limit of one bonus per household.

5 Florida Lottery Lines for €5

First time depositing players are eligible for a 5 for 5 bonus – buy 5 Florida Lottery lines for €5. The first deposit has to be €25 or higher. Note, it will be available for the first 24 hours following the deposit.

Customer Support

There’s 24/7 live support – but I didn’t test this claim yet. Anyone looking to reach someone from Crazy Lottos can use the live chat on the site (powered by LiveChat). So far, the response time is very quick. Another option is sending an email to [email protected]. There’s no phone number or contact form, but as long as response time and availability are decent, live chat and email should be fine.

I would have liked to see an FAQ section and some more information on the site’s operator – phone and address.

Is Crazy Lottos Legit or Fraud? a Close Look

I’ve covered the main review aspects, and have some sense of the operation.

There are no red flags, but this is also because the site was launched recently – real players didn’t get to experience the platform on a large scale.

Crazy Lottos issued their license with Curaçao’s regulator. Having a gaming license requires complying with strict regulations. This is a threshold that distinguishes fraudulent operations.

I’m a little concerned with not finding much about who are the people who operate it. The domain is privately registered (see DOMAINTOOLS for more details), and the site’s about us page is pretty lean.

Social pages – Facebook and IG – are live, but with little to no engagement so far.

All things considered, there are no negative signs and some positive ones. The operation seems legit, and I’ll note to check again within a couple of months to revise this conclusion, if necessary.

Review Summary

Crazy Lottos make a positive first impression. If you’re looking for a new operation with a few attractive offers for new players, Crazy Lottos could be the brand for you. The site is built on a polished platform, and so it is expected to deliver a consistently pleasant experience and grow with new features and games.

Pros / Cons
  • Solid platform - Spinola - with excellent performance
  • Attractive first deposit promotions
  • Many payment options
  • Compliant with Curaçao's gaming regulations
  • Completely new, with no real user reviews... yet
  • Only English is available
  • Only accepts Euros

Alternatives to Crazy Lottos

It’s difficult to suggest alternatives to a brand that has no negatives, other than being new. If the attractive offers are not enough, and you’re concerned about joining an unknown brand you could go for the top brands in my top 10 list. These two ranks high and offer a complete package – LottoKings and LottAgent.

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