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  • Payment options : Credit Card.
  • Available languages : English.
  • Customer support : Phone, email, and postal.
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Online lottery sites that provide a range of services to lottery gamers around the world have blossomed over the past few years. As a result, toady’s lottery players can choose from all sorts of services including lottery ticket betting, participating in multiple lotteries from all around the world, and benefiting from the power of syndicate lottery buying. In fact, it is the latter that has really exploded on the internet in recent years, and more and more syndicate-based online lottery services are now available.


Lotteries and Software

After taking some time to understand how the AusLottoGroup website works exactly, it becomes very easy to navigate and use the various features that are available. Simple navigation buttons can be found at the top right of the home page and clicking on any one of them will take you to the sites results page, where you can see results from all lottery games that the site supports. You will also be able to access a host of other information and features when you hover your mouse over the “About” button. This includes info on or access to:

  • Lotto Syndicates
  • Referral Program
  • Why Join AusLottoGroup
  • About AusLottoGroup
  • History of Lotto
  • Syndicator Arrangement
  • Membership Agreement
  • Community Groups
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Lotto Odds Calculator
  • Contact AusLottoGroup

This list of options makes the AusLottoGroup website better than many other similar operators on the web and is a really good sign of their integrity. Lotto draw results from all the available Australian lottery games that the site covers are updated as soon as they become known and members are also notified immediately of any winnings. While AusLottoGroup only focuses exclusively on covering Australian-based lottery games and not any international ones, it still gives the average player more than enough to choose from. Add to that the benefits of belonging to one of its four lottery syndicate groups and you have a solid online lottery platform to contend with.

AusLottoGroup covers the following Australian lottery games:

  • Monday Lotto
  • Tuesday Oz Lotto
  • Wednesday Lotto
  • Thursday Powerball
  • Saturday TattsLotto

Each membership comes with its own set of fees and benefits and includes a certain number of lottery games that you can enter as a member.

Bronze Group

The AusLottoGroup Bronze Group is where most people start off, particularly if they are new to online lottery syndicates. This is a great place to get your feet wet and find out how everything works on the site. The weekly membership fee to be a Bronze Group member is currently set at $5 and has just 15 shares of a Pick5 entry into the Tattslotto held every Saturday. According to the info on AusLottoGroup, Bronze Group Pick5 entries yield a much higher chance of winning when compared to standard quickpick lottery games. Members are guaranteed a much bigger return on their $5 per week investment, per week, per share and minus any minor wins and/or referral credits.

Sliver Group

The Silver Group is the next higher group in the food chain and membership significantly increases the number of lottery syndicate options that are available to you. The same 15 shares principle applies here but now also includes shares of a PowerHit20 entry in the Thursday Powerball along with a Pick5 entry in Saturday’s Tattslotto. Again, both the Pick5 entry as well as the PowerHit20 entries drastically improves your odds of winning when compared to a standard game, quickpicks or system games. With the Silver Group, you are guaranteed a bigger return on two event nights per week, per share (less referral credits and less any minor wins) at a weekly fee of $10.

Gold Group

The Gold Group is your third option at AusLottoGroup and again, adds an additional lotto syndicate option to the mix. With the Gold Group you get shares of entries to the Pick5 on Saturday’s Tattslotto, a PowerHit20 entry on Thursday’s Powerball draw, and a Pick6 entry in the Tuesday OzLotto. Each represents 15 shares and greatly improves your odds of winning on three nights a week and at a weekly membership of $15, per week, per share.

Platinum Group

The Platinum Group represents the ultimate syndicate group available at AusLottoGroup and gives you the maximum chance of winning. Again, you get 15 shares per week in each of the following lotto draws: the Pick5 entry in the Wednesday Lotto, the Pick5 entry in Saturday’s Tattslotto, the Powerhit20 entry in the Thursday Powerall, a Pick6 entry in the Tuesday Ozlotto, and a Pick5 entry in the Monday Lotto draw. Besides massively improved odds of winning in any and all of the above when compared to standard entries, quickpicks or game systems, Platinum Group members also have a significantly higher chance of winning a division one prize. Platinum Group weekly fees are set at $20 per week, per share, less any minor wins and less referral credits.


The AusLottoGroup website can be accessed in its entirety on the go via your mobile device, thanks to the latest mobile web browsing technology. There is no need to download any apps to your device and the website can be accessed on any operating system including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. While it might take a bit longer to scroll down, being able to access all features and benefits, including lotto draw results, is easy as the website automatically adjusts to your screen dimensions and specifications.


Aside from the built-in benefits that are associated with each of the four membership groups, all AusLottoGroup members can also benefit from a lifelong referral program. The Refer a Friend program works much like any standard referral program and, if you refer someone and they supply your email address during registration, you get $5 per referral, per month on an ongoing basis. This can be a great to offset your own ticket costs and members that refer new members regularly pay very little for their weekly lotto tickets.


Banking at AusLottoGroup is simple and safe since they only offer credit card options for payments. Each new member of AusLottoGroup is required to open an account and add their credit card details along with a number of other vital details. AusLottoGroup do not charge for services upfront, but rather bill their members on a monthly basis. Members receive detailed statements detailing every game played, results and money won or lost on them. Winnings are automatically credited to member’s accounts and fees deducted. The banking system at AusLottoGroup couldn’t be simpler and it seems to work well for their members.

Customer Support

Customer support at AusLottoGroup is excellent and there are several easy options for contacting support staff including an email address and two dedicated phone lines, one of which is a toll free line. Support staff can also be contacted in writing via postal address and there is also an advocate dedicated to member’s rights. This is a support feature that you simply won’t see on other online lottery sites and gives members plenty of confidence to invest their money with the site. Another feather in their cap is their exhaustive FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, which is a useful guide to helping new members or prospective members understand how the site works.

Is AusLottoGroup legit or fraud?

With so many online lottery syndicate scams operating on the web today, knowing that a site like AusLottoGroup is legitimate is extremely important. AusLottoGroup, formerly ALGMO, has been operating without incident since 2011 and boasts one of the fastest growing memberships of any lottery syndicate online. The operator is fully transparent and displays all pertinent information regarding methods, ticket purchasing, referrals and winnings.


AusLottoGroup is an ideal option for anyone interested in finding an efficient and cost effective way of accessing the top lotteries in Australia. The various syndicate groups available on the site give potential members a wide range of options to suit their personal playing budgets. The fact that AusLottoGroup choose to bill in arrears may also suit some players who may not have cash in hand to play on a weekly basis.

Pros / Cons
  • Four big syndicates to choose from.
  • Increased odds of winning each week.
  • Top customer service and support.
  • Members are billed in arrears.
  • Limited to Australian lotteries.
  • Only syndicate games are available.