Lottery courier vs. betting vs. official

Lottery players who are interested in buying a line online often don’t know that there are a few options. Just searching for a website that offers a specific lottery isn’t enough. Players should know which service the website is offering and decide if it is right for them.

The three services that websites offer are lottery ticket couriers, lottery betting, and an official online ticket. Websites offer one of these services and never more. Each service has its pluses and minuses and it’s important to know the difference as it impacts the overall experience. Lottery couriers are buying an actual paper lottery ticket from an official and licensed retailer – mostly likely a kiosk or lottery stand. Lottery betting websites are offering players the means to wager on a lottery draw’s results. Official lottery websites issue an official online ticket.

Lottery Ticket Purchase Models

I’ve mentioned there are a few models – courier, betting and official – and now I’ll dive a little deeper. Each model is critically different than the other. It means that key game aspects are different and the overall experience is different.

Lottery Courier

Websites that offer a lottery courier service, also known as a lottery ticket messenger service, are providing a lottery page where a player can pick the numbers of a specific lottery. Once the line is paid for, someone goes to a lottery retailer and buys a physical lottery ticket with the picked numbers. Once the ticket is paid for, that person scans the ticket and uploads it to the website as proof of purchase. If that ticket is winning, that some person who bought it goes to the retailer and cashes it. The player usually gets paid by the website. In the case of jackpot prizes, the owner of the ticket might have to fly to the lottery’s country to cash it in person.

Lottery Betting

Websites that offer lottery betting as basically betting operators with a focus on the lottery. In this case, a player picks the numbers of a specific lottery – doesn’t have to be an official one – and makes a wager. No official ticket is bought. All winnings are paid by the operator. In the case of a jackpot, most websites have insurance that helps pay the prize.

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Official Lottery

This is the lottery’s official website which is run by the country’s supervising body. It is the online equivalent of going to the local kiosk or lottery stand and buying a paper lottery ticket.

The Best Website for Each Model

Since there are significant differences between the models and a website only offers one model, I want to list the most recommended lottery websites offering each model.

Best Lottery Courier Websites

The most known website that offers a courier service is The Lotter.

Which Purchase Model Is Best

Of the three, I think that lottery betting is the ideal one. Government-run gambling commissions are regulating these lottery websites. This means that there’s little chance of scams or wrongful doing. This model also allows for the most interesting lottery games and sometimes offers a higher jackpot than the official. Trustworthiness and gameplay are the two most important aspects of playing the lottery online, and lottery betting excels in both.