Play Huge Lottos - Is It Legit?

Is PlayHugeLottos Completely Legit? We Gave It a Closer Look To Find Out

There are not many experienced lottery operators out there like Established back in 1998 (over 20 years in the industry and still going strong), this site offered its services as a mixed service of a ticket purchasing service and an insured lotto betting service.

In this article, we will cover what we find, as the most critical legitimacy factors you need to consider before making a decision to choose this brand as your next online lottery service.

Like other lottery operators we covered on our site, will be covered through this 5 factors of legitimacy:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • The credibility of technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


License and ownership is owned and operated by Play UK Internet N.V which is a company that essentially operates, besides this site, 13 other online lottery websites. All of the sites under license No. 8048/JAZ  essentially the same sites with small design/layout changes that focus on a different customer group or geographic location.

The gaming licence is registered in Curacao (you would expect that for a brand that focuses a major portion of its activity in the UK that it will be also regulated under the UK Gambling Commission). The company is physically located in Cyprus under a company named Secure View Services Limited, definitely not a rare location for a company in the online gaming industry.

The licence in Curacao is valid as you can see in the screenshot below:

play huge lottos licence details


To conclude the licence section, all seems legit. Once again, we expect a company that has some UK presence to also hold a UK gambling licence (like Lottoland for example).

Yet again, it's not an issue that shades the legitimacy of From licence perspective, it's valid, legal and regulated.

Type of service

In this section, we normally elaborate on how the brand actually delivers its services. As we mentioned before online lottery sites usually have 2 methods of operating:

  1. Physically purchase a ticket under the client name from a local kiosk in the relevant state the lotto is held. This also known as courier or ticket purchase service.
  2. Provide a betting service for customers that place a bet on the actual outcome of the lottery.
    In a case of winning you're not getting the prize from the lottery draw (for example California lottery) but from the lottery operator or its insurance policy.

Now whats take on this 2 methods? well, it's not sure. I'll explain:
The site main welcome offers its all about “entries”, not lottery tickets What it means basically that you are placing a bet rather than buying an actual ticket.

In its Terms and Conditions page it clearly states:

1.1.12 “Game Entry” means a lottery game entry purchased by the Company on behalf of the User or a Bet placed by a User; unless the context indicated otherwise these terms shall be applicable to both the purchase of lottery tickets and the placing of Bets;

Meaning, there is no guarantee that if you select your numbers for any type of lottery draw, you will get a real lottery ticket under your name. also doesn't state anywhere in the site that there is an option or a service for scanning your tickets to a personal account that you can access at all times (like, for example, TheLotter or Agent Lotto has).

Summarizing this section we have mixed emotions on this one: in general lottery betting is o.k and legal, however, we expect a website of such long tenure in the market to specifically state this fact to its users.
We're not sure all of them know that in most cases, they are placing a bet and not buying a real ticket from the lottery draw operator.

Real winners

This part is always a critical aspect. There are so many online lottery scams out there that the best way to differentiate the legit ones is mainly done by looking up if there are any real-life people that actually won a draw through the service. in this area has a lot to offer, focusing on 2 groups of winners:

  1. Lottery draw winners that placed a bet on a lottery draw and won
  2. Prize winners on side draws that run quite often to make sure your chance to win a prize: either a lottery draw or a once-in-a-lifetime trip (for example Monaco Formula F1 Grand Prix.

On the lottery draw winners, the site has few detailed winning stories of customers that nearly got one of the world's biggest jackpots, for example:

  • US Powerball draw of 23/09/15 one lucky customer matched 4 main balls and the Powerball, leading to a nice winning sum of £ 6,544.40 (along with additional 27 lucky winners that had the same number match).
  • Euromillions draw of 07/11/14 found 5 main numbers match leading to just over £30,000 win. That draw specifically was particularly won by the ladies, especially Mary Hamilton of Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland that scooped the big prize of £12,900,000

In addition to its lottery participation activity, play huge lottos wants to regularly reward its customers by offering all sorts of raffles, competitions, and giveaways.

There is a lot to mention, so we chose a recent story of Erich (in the pictures below) from Austria who won an amazing prize of a trip to Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix competition:

Erich K. from Austria and his wife - Lucky winner of


Erich K. from Austria - Lucky winner of

So Erich, as you can see in the pictures above traveled to Monaco with his wife, in the courtesy of to visit the amazing F1 Grand Prix race.
The couple enjoyed a VIP trip including private helicopter transfers from Nice to Monaco, 4 nights at a luxurious hotel and a once in a lifetime view of the race from a private yacht!

To conclude this section and despite the amazing competition winning stories one major thing that bothered us while covering this section was that there is “evidence” to the lottery draw winnings in a form of a picture of some kind of other proof. We contact the team of play huge lottos to seek for these materials and we got an answer that normally winners don't wish to reveal themselves.

However, the site's team mentioned the ones who won one of the competition prizes show up in pictures across the site as well as their experiences from the winning trips (which is 100% true, as we showed in the pictures above).

Players' feedback profile on the world's leading (and unbiased) consumer reviews site – Trustpilot is the weakest spot we found for the brand.

A very mediocre score of 5.8 (according to the time this article was published) was given to the site, which has some pretty negative reviews that stand out from the profile. Important to mention the overall score of the site is highly affected by the low amount of reviews uploaded (14, according to the publish date).

Here are some of the player feedbacks shown on the review page:

“Customer service??? Didn’t give a crap about customer at all. They only care about taking your money and give u a migraine if u try to withdraw your ‘WINNING’ money out. Try TheLotter and Wintrillions ya’ll. They secure your detail first before u play and u can withdraw your winning money right out!”

“Site could improve a bit by sending withdrawal notification. We receive notification for deposit but not for withdrawal. it causes panic for huge wins.”

All of these reviews and more available in review page on Trustpilot.

To conclude the feedback section, it was quite awkward to see that the site's support team doesn't take the initiative to answer some of the serious accusations and stories mentioned in the review page of Trustpilot (just, for example, Lottoland perfectly handle this task). At least if they answered the users, the impression of the customer support side of the site didn't have to look that bad.

Technology used

The infrastructure which the site is built on is a unique propriety of Play UK Internet N.V (the company that manages PlayHugeLottos), and its deployed across all of its 14 websites.
Instant win games, as well as Keno and scratchcards, are supported as well on the site using 3rd party services (for example game suppliers such as Glück).

Security wise, the site has a valid SSL certificate which enables secure transfer of data from the customer side to the site side including personal details and credit card details.

To conclude, has won its spot as one of the world's leading online lottery sites. However, issues such as customer service complaints and a lack of real proofs of lottery winners cast a slight shade on its regular operation. We give it a 7 out of 10 score, considering its over 20 years of tenure and the extensive coverage of its regular customer competitions.

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