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Is Lottoland Website 100% Legit? We Gave It a Closer Look To Find Out

Not many lottery fans aware of Lottoland's vast experience in the lottery betting market. Its service has been a massive success story in many countries including Australia and the UK just to name a few.

However, trust is not always shared globally, and now when the online lottery services are available even in the most exotic countries – trust and legitimacy aspects are raised before making a choice to bet on a lotto result.

Lottoland website will be covered from what we find as the most important 5 factors of legitimacy:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • The credibility of technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


License and ownership

EU Lotto Limited (the company that operates Lottoland website) licensed and regulated in 3 different locations:

  • licence by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (Check licence)
  • licence and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission – relevant for customers residing in the UK (Check full licence details)
  • licence by the Irish National Excise Licence Office – relevant for Irish customers and all lotto activities in the Republic of Ireland (Reference Number 1011284, an online certificate is not available)

We verified the legitimacy of the licence details, all checked out – for example, take a look on the validity of Lottoland's licence in the UK:

Lottoland gambling comission details

For those of you who are unaware, operating in a legal way in countries like UK and Ireland requires a proper gambling licence. Lottoland takes care of their good name and always align with strict standards enforced by the local regulator of the country they intend to offer their services. So thumbs up here, we're all good!

Type of service

Lottoland, as a fully regulated brand in UK among other countries, offers its services in a format of betting rather than purchasing tickets (as other courier services available online).

This means that in case of a winning Lottoland pays the winning customer directly from “pocket”, or in case of big wins uses their insurance to cover such “losses”.
This method, on the contrary to courier services (such as Lotto Agent and The Lotter, just to name a few) who actually purchase a ticket for the customers, and that in case of winnings will make sure the winners will collect their prizes (minus tax of course) directly from the lottery draw operator.

You can read more on Lottoland's betting method in the following link or check out the following video:

Real winners

Lottoland is one of the few lotto brands out there that can actually match The Lotter's amazing winning stories, all by real people with real proofs.

We take real proofs of winners seriously and Lottoland has a long list of them. Take for example the 90,000,000 Euros win by Christina from Berlin, Germany (in the picture below with the winning check).

Christina is not only the biggest winner ever in Lottoland's history, but she is the biggest win ever in any online lottery betting service!

Lottoland Winner

9 more winning stories available here and each one of them is breathtaking.

Some of the winning stories got national coverage on major news organizations in UK and abroad such as The Mirror, Berliner Morgenpost or RTL. Publications of online lottery winners in the press (either online or TV) adds the final seal we look for when we cover this aspect of legitimacy, and Lottoland smash it with amazing, true and real winning stories from recent times.

Players' feedback

Lottoland's score on the world's leading consumer reviews site: Trustpilot is exceptionally impressive: 7.9 with nearly 600 reviews (as for the date this article was published).

As a brand serving over 7,000,000 customers worldwide (the brand has an active operation in Austria, UK, Ireland, Australia, Hungary, Latin America, Sweden and Italy), the score Lottoland receives is a great sign of legitimacy and fairness.

Among the comments we see online, some got our attention and we thought it will be suitable to present them on our legitimacy review:

“I like Lottoland. I think it is the most transparent and honest company in the sector of Lotto betting which includes the likes of ‘Multilotto' ‘World Lottery Club' ‘Lottoz‘ amongst others”.

“I’ve been with Lottoland for quite some time now, I started out as a normal player, now I love the service not just being a VIP. The choices that you play change very frequently and you do win & so you know your not stuck to just one game over time. I love how people like myself stay in touch with such wonderful people. I now have a favourite in the team LoAnne she’s a gold nugget with Tania always helping me with latest games and love my frequent calls and that chit chat, now that’s service to me with a heart. They really value their customers”.

“Lottoland is definitely my first choice for participating in Lottery games and it is great to have the choice of lotteries from around the Globe. Can't wait for the time when Planet Mars has its own lottery for me to play via Lottoland. My bank recognizes that money spent at Lottoland is money spent on ‘entertainment' and this is Lottoland's recognition too.”

All of these reviews and more available n review page on Trustpilot.

Technology used

Tech wise, Lottoland is one of the most advanced lottery websites out there. The variety of products (lotto betting on most lottery draws out there, scratchcards and various games) and mobile app support for both iPhone and Android phone delivers a great digital experience for Lottoland's customers.

Want to participate in a syndicate to enhance your odds of winning? Lottoland got that angle covered as well.

Lottoland is running on unique technology that you cant find on any other lotto website, this in order to ensure a perfect user experience across all of their geographic targeted licences in Europe and abroad.

To conclude, Lottoland rightfully earned all of the compliments we spot online and the ones we shared ourselves. Its longtime reputation as well as the major success stories they are directly in charge of, ensure a great experience for every lottery fan out there.

Above all stands their strict regulation compliance in several countries and an exceptional consumer review score in Trustpilot. A 10 out of 10 score is a must here!

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