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Is LottoKings Legit? Let’s Give It a Closer Look

When I review a website of an online lottery agent, I consider a number of review aspects. These consists of game related notes – number of lotteries offered to players, game features, etc. – payment options, customer support, and legitimacy. Since the brand's review is written with the average lottery player in mind, there's only so much I can cover in a reasonable word count. For this reason, I review in more details the review aspect the more veteran lottery players would find relevant – the critical notes are included in the general review.

These are the review aspects I consider for the Legit Score:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • Suspicious technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


LottoKings is a hugely popular brand that is a well-established industry player. I reviewed it some time ago, revisit the website every so often, and ranked it at 4.5/5. This puts LottoKings near the top of a list including so many brands…


License and ownership

LottoKings is owned and operated by a company called Legacy 8 Gaming. It is based, registered, and regulated in Curacao. The company seem to be on the high road with a high profile purchase of WinTrillions – also a leading online lottery brand I really appreciate. The license it operates under is of an island, part of the Dutch Caribbean, that is one of the oldest online gambling regulators. This license is of a lesser standard that other. This doesn't indicate any wrongful doing, regulation is still a positive signal, but it does mean that LottoKings had to meet lower requirements.

Type of service

For service, there are two options that are very different one from the other – betting on lottery draw results, real ticket carrier service. LottoKings is a betting platform that allows its players to place a wager on an of the offered lotteries' winning numbers. There's no one preference between the two, but a ticket carrier has logistic limitation that mostly relate to the gaming aspect of the brand (for example: you can't buy a ticket close to the draw time). There are no known complaints by users who played with LottoKings and experienced any issues with the winning numbers.

Real winners

Other than a testimonials section on LottoKings' site, I couldn't find any news items relating real jackpot winners. Again, this doesn't mean there are no real winners, if there were, in the next review aspect it will be reveled. Basically, it's safe to say that there are real winners, just not jackpot ones, playing with LottoKings.

Players' feedback

The LottoKings' page on Trust Pilot is lean with just one review – positive one. Relying on users' review on many small sites and a quick search on social networks doesn't come up with any major complaints by players.

Technology used

LottoKings, just as other brands owned by Legacy 8 Gaming, is taking the needed security measures to secure users' data. This doesn't mean LottoKings doesn't use it in any ways it shouldn't, but it does mean they make an effort to prevent others from gathering any information.


Well… there are no critical and notable risks in playing with LottoKings. They are regulated as should, but not with the strictest gambling regulator. There are no major winners, but no complaints of users not getting their winnings. There are no confirmed real players' positive review, but there are no negatives ones also. Since, there are no strong positive signals, other than reputation and branding, I score LottoKings at 7/10. Will do my absolute best to update this security and legitimacy audit as time goes by and missing information becomes available.

LottoKings offers lottery players with a very fun experience in a pleasant package. you're welcome to check their offer here.

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