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Is LottoGo Legit? We Gave It a Closer Look

Each review of an online lottery agent's website is comprised of several review aspects. Each review aspect is weighted in when its time to give an over all score, but lottery players are different, and so are their private considerations when they need to pick the next brand of lottery to play at. For this reason, knowing that the overall score might not suite those who just want to know if it's safe to play at a specific brand or not, I also try to cover the security aspect in greater details separately.

These are the review aspects I consider for the Legit Score (TM):

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • Suspicious technology used on the site

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LottoGo is a complete revamp and re-brand of a well known lottery website called WLC (World Lottery Club) that I reviewed its legitimacy some time ago. It officially launched on June 20th 2018. Since its a young brand, some review aspects will not be taken to consideration as are not relevant. I'll revisit this article every now and again and update as the missing review aspects become relevant.


License and ownership

Just as WLC, LottoGo is owned and operated by Annexio Limited. The company based in Isle of Man, as does many other betting related operations, and is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commision. If you look closely in the regulator's website, you'll see Annexio owners several other gaming brands – all are lottery related. Choosing to issue a license with UK comes with a stamp of approval that means meeting some very strict rules and regulations, and having greater transparency. All are very strong indications for legitimacy. Also, since receiving its license on 2011 there were no recorded sanctions.

Annexio Gambling Commission summary

Annexio Gambling Commission summary

Type of service

LoggoGo, and all other of Annexio's brands, is a lotto betting website. This means players are making a wager, or placing a bet, on the winning numbers of a specific lottery draw. No tickets are purchased against the wager. This is why the service is called lottery betting, as opposed to a lottery carrier service. This means LottoGo can accept wagers up to minutes before the actual lottery draw, offer any prize (boost low jackpots for example), and also, offer side games and bets – scratchcards and other instant win games.

Real winners

Since the brand was just launched, there are no confirmed jackpot winners. For the time being, you should know that WLC did have some winners that made it to the news. Considering the there's only a change in brand, and not ownership, it's safe to assume, just for now, that any winner on LottoGo's platform is expected to be paid in full and in accordance to the site's terms and conditions (mostly relating to any free offers).

Players' feedback

The WLC page on Trust Pilot was renamed to LottoGo, but the feedback is still of the old brand. Again, as with real winners, its safe to say that LottoGo is expected to keep the same service standard and receive same great feedback. What I personally love most is the LottoGo is quick to respond and address any issue raised on Trust Pilot and other 3rd party service review websites. There will always be players who are unhappy and WLC's willingness to address any issue in public is remarkable. Well done!

Technology used

LoggoGo's platform is an ever evolving one. They keep adding features and game types, something that gives extra incentive to stay with them. In terms of security, the website uses a SSL certificate that is registered to Annexio – it is always good to see the name of the owner matching on all sources. In terms of intent and record, using a number of testing tools, there were no indications of fraud or any malicious and unsafe content. Annexio is taking the needed precautions to keep its players safe from harm.


While I would have liked to review some more records, the brand is new and so it's sister brands were taken into consideration. Will definitely revisit this article in a couple of months to make sure LottoGo justifies a very respected score of 9/10. Annexio has some great record of legitimacy and trustworthiness, and they do take the necessary steps to keep information and users safe.

If you'd like to know more – gaming elements, customer support, promotions, and more – read my complete review.

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