Introduction to Instant Win Games

World Cup Instant Game

There are different reasons why some people like to play casino games. Some want the anticipation of waiting and hoping for a big win, and others want to know immediately whether they have won something or not. But we are not talking about games that offer small wins. We are talking about games that have great odds and big payouts just like other casino games.

These games come in many different forms, like scratchcards, spinning wheels or card games, just to name some.

The types of games differ, so there is something for everyone and the emphasis is on fun with Instant Win Games. People love these games because they are so versatile, and it seems like you never play the same repetitive game over and over again. You can test your knowledge with quizzes or your stamina with races and much more.

The Top 7 Instant Win Games Online

You can play Instant Win Games both offline and online as well. The reason we prefer to play online games is the fact that there are many different games you can choose from. That is why we have made a list of our favorite games and your job is to make sure to check them all, and find out which one suits you the best.

Mega Money Rush

Mega Money Rush is personally my favorite game, because let`s be serious, where else can you race an arcade car for money?

The game is very simple to play. You start with an 8 section wheel and all you have to do is press the “Spin” button in the middle. Each section on the wheel has a different surprise for you. The game will take you through jungles and rivers and all you need to do is to avoid some obstacles and take the money with you at the end of the race.

Mega Money Rush

You have to collect coins and special prizes along the way, and every time you hit an obstacle it will cost you money.

In order to win you do not need only skills, you will need a bit of luck too. This means that not every spin will activate the race game. Be well prepared, because some spins will leave you empty handed.

The house edge fluctuates, depending on your skills. For complete beginners it is 7%, but for skilled drivers it goes down to 3%. So if you haven`t played the game before we advise you to give it a try before you deposit and start playing for real money.

Mega Money Rush is among the first instant games which was an immediate success and it stood the test of time.

Solitaire Tropical

If you are a fan of card games then you will definitely enjoy Solitaire Tropical. The end goal of the game is to clear the board by removing the cards that are in the middle of the screen. You can do that by matching cards that are in the playing field and the one that is facing up. You just need to click the card that is facing up and the one that you want to make the match with.

Solitaire Tropical

There are several gold cards in the game and as many you manage to collect the more scratch cards you get to open at the end of the game.

There are a couple of other cards that you would like to see more often since they offer some kind of a special features, and others not so often, since they will make your game more difficult.

  • Coconuts card will add a random number of cards to your deck.
  • Locked card needs to be matched twice in order to be removed.
  • Heat wave card adds random value to your current streak.
  • Unlimited undo will allow you to take back unlimited amount of moves.
  • Tropical wave will wash away random cards from the board.
  • Joker card can be matched with any card.

Before you start playing the game the timer is set on 2 minutes. The goal in the game is to collect as many golden cards because after the game is over you can uncover as many fields as the number of gold cards you got. If you uncover 3 fields with matching sums you win that amount.

Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers is another instant win game that is very fun to play and addictive at the same time. You need to knock all the bars down and claim your wins. The minimum bet is $0.50 and the maximum you can wager per spin is $20. If you bet higher amounts, the wins will be higher as well.

Cash Buster Towers

To launch the bonus game you need to fill the stars, circles and arrows that are at the side of the screen. With every game you have 5 spins, and at the end of the game you will receive your winnings and play your bonus games. There are 2 mini games, arrow bonus game and card game. In the arrow bonus game you need to spin the wheel and you will receive either cash prizes or extra blocks destroyed at the tower. In the card game you have to pick one of the cards to reveal your prize, which can be again a cash prize or more blocks destroyed.

During the spins, if a circle symbol appears at the base of the tower it will fill in a segment of the circle table and after 4 circles you receive a cash prize.


Bingo is another interesting instant win game that everyone likes to play, not only your grandma.

Bingo online

Every Bingo game consists of 4 Bingo cards, and each card has 24 numbers. In the center of each card there is a star which acts as a Joker. The game is very simple to play. Once you press the ‘Start’ button 45 out of 75 numbers will be displayed and each match will be automatically marked on your card.

If your winning numbers match with a pattern shown in the Prize Table, you will receive a certain payout.

Instant Euro Jackpot

Instant Euro Jackpot is another interesting game where you can have loads of fun. There are 2 playing areas in this game, on the one side there is a draw device with numbers from 1 to 50 and on the other side are your betting rows each containing five numbers between 1 and 50. The objective of the game is to guess the numbers that will be drown to win a prize. The maximum amount you can win per draw is $150.000.

Instant EuroJackpot game

While you play the game you can change your numbers by clicking the dice that is next to each row. The combination of numbers is picked randomly and you cannot change them the way you want to.


Brilliant is an instant win game which consists of two rounds. In the first round you need to match 3 equal amounts of money, and if you do, you will receive that money as a payout. In the second round you will be presented with a jewellery box and after you open it, if it consists a diamond you will receive an extra prize.

Brilliant Instant Game

There are 9 diamonds every time you start the game and you need to open them one after the other. If you open 3 equal amounts that money is yours, but also there is a great chance that you will not find equal amounts of money. But this doesn`t mean that the game is over. You continue to the next round where you have to open the jewellery box. Every time there is a diamond in the box you will receive $3, and if it is empty you will not receive anything. You decide the order of the rounds in Brilliant, so if you want, you can open the jewellery box first and then turn the diamonds.

The maximum amount you can win when playing Brilliant is $35.000.

World Cup

World Cup will definitely appeal to all football fans out there. Now you can enjoy a penalty shootout game and score as many goals as possible.

Before you start playing you need to decide on your wager which can go between $0.50 and $3.50. The highest amount you can win playing World Cup is $175.000. Each round will award you with five shots and the idea is the ball to pass the goalkeeper. There are 2 targeted circles, one is above the goal and the other one is on the right hand side of the goal. These two will help you decide which trajectory the ball will take.

World Cup Instant Game

You can choose the option ‘Quick Play’ and the game will be played automatically. You can just sit back, relax and hope that you will get all five shots. After the round is over you will be shown six fields, one with a flag and five with a football. Each scored goal gives you a chance to open one field showing a football. You can open the field that shows a flag no matter if you have scored a goal or not. Each uncovered field shows an amount of money and after you are done opening fields you will receive your payout. If you want you can use the option called ‘Random Selection’ and uncover the field automatically at random.

Where to play

Even though instant win games are so fun to play, not every casino offers them. It may take some time until you find the right casino for you that offers your favorite instant win game.