Lotto365 Megalines Combo

Increase Your Chances to Win the Lottery with Lotto365 Megalines

Lotto365 was already mentioned on our top service operator review, now its strikes with a brand new offer that can save you a bundle of cash participating in the world’s greatest lotteries: Megalines Combo.
The idea behind Megalines Combos is to offer within one purchase an attractive bundle of the best Lotteries from around the world: Mega Millions, Powerball and Euromillions.

Not only that those bundles will instantly improve your chances to win some of the greatest lottery jackpots, they will also save you 10% on the lottery ticket costs. You have 2 great packages to choose from:

Lotto365 MegaLines Combo – 1208 Lines for just $49 (Only 4 Cents per line)

In this combo package you receive 1 personal line of numbers at your choice for the next 8 Mega Millions draws and recommended 50 lines of numbers to the next 8 draws for Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions.

Lotto365 MegaLines Combo – 3616 Lines for just $99 (Only 2.7 Cents per line)

With another $50 you can increase your chances by 200% with 2 personal lines, and recommended 150 lines for all 3 major lotteries: Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions. Those lines as well will secure your spot in the next 8 draws of each lottery.


Lotto 365 MegaLines Combo with 3616 Lines

Lotto365 MegaLines Combo with 3616 Lines for less than 3 cents per line

Checkout Process

Once you picked your combo package, the purchasing process is a breeze. By simply clicking the “check out” button on the page you will be directed to the fast checkout process showing you all the relevant info of the package you chose including the exact numbers picked for you to the next 8 draws.
In addition you can manually select one (or 2 lines depends what package you chose) line of personal favorite numbers. The entire procedure is secure, fast and above all – really worthwhile.
With any question you might have on the Combo package, you can always use Lotto365 excellent chat services that always available on the right hand side of your browser if you’re using desktop browser or pressing on the bubble icon on top right hand corner if you’re on mobile device.

In conclusion – we assure you that grabbing one of those packages will fill your Tuesday to Sunday for the next 8 weeks with excitement waiting for Europe’s and US biggest lotteries draw results. So hurry up and pick the package that fits you best on Lotto365 website.

Want to start maximizing your odds to win the next lottery draw?