Everything About Lottery Betting – how it works and what it the difference from buying a paper ticket

When it comes to online lottery, there are two options:

  • Completing a purchase of an actual lottery ticket – this means you pick the numbers online and someone is rushing to a local lottery stand or kiosk. Once the ticket is purchased, it is scanned to the lottery platform and the scan is linked to your online account.
  • Placing a wager or bet on a specific lottery's winning numbers – it is identical to completing a round playing a social game or casual mobile app, other than the winning conditions are set externally (outside of the game platform).

What is Lottery Betting?

Lottery betting refers to the activity of guessing the results of a particular lottery game and placing a bet, or wager, on how the outcome of the lottery game will turn out – which will be the winning numbers of the draw. This activity is a form of online gambling. Players do not purchase lottery ticket games online or on-site from official lottery operators or online agents, but rather bet on the results of the lottery games. The process of purchase and how lottery betting works is identical to the process for purchasing actual lottery tickets. The only difference lies in the fact that players are betting on the result of the lotteries and not picking draw numbers in a paper ticket from the official lottery. This form of online gambling can only be run by specifically licensed operators via online gambling websites – different countries require different regulations.

Understanding lottery betting a little better

The interest and investment in online lottery betting have increased substantially in the past few years. The lottery is one of the oldest and most popular people engaging games in any country. Although the revenue generated from the lotteries is much more than lottery betting, this is changing nowadays. And, this is a change happening each day and with each lottery, the gap between the revenue generated from the lotteries and lottery games betting is reduced. This is notably true throughout Europe and North America. Betting on lotteries has been running as a successful business for a long time in the United Kingdom. Data published by the United Kingdom National Commission in 2016 shows that between the month of April 2015 and March 2016, the online gambling industry generated a gross gambling yield of 4.5 billion euros. This at the time made the online gambling industry the largest gambling sector in the United Kingdom. Out of this generated amount, 1.6 billion euros was raised via betting and from 152 million euros from betting exchanges. The UK lottery industry distributed 1.8 billion euros from this 2016 revenue for charity and good causes.

One of the greatest advantages for both the players and the online betting industry is that it is not limited by the geographies of a country or a continent. A player from South Africa could place bets on the results of the French lotteries. Because of this, and because the players play only online, they have access to a lot more games to play and a lot more options to choose from.

How does lottery betting work?

Online lotteries do not require someone to purchase the lottery tickets in order to participate in the games. Popular lottery betting organizations work with international insurers that work with big companies and financial organizations to cover the jackpots and other big prizes. The financial institutions or insurers that work with lottery betting companies must be licensed and regulated by a gambling commission to ensure the safety of the players. In this system, the insurers also cover the risks and if there is a winner, they are paid directly. The business system in lottery betting is unique. Another reason for the popularity that lottery betting has gained is because the prizes and jackpots offered in it are almost equal to the prizes offered in the lotteries. So the players do not lose out on any winning opportunities by participating in lottery betting rather than playing the lotteries.

Details of the process: As mentioned, the player will not have to purchase a physical bet to participate in lottery betting. In this case, when a ticket is purchased online, the player is actually placing a bet on an expected potential outcome of the lottery game of the player’s choice. Other than this, choosing the lottery numbers works exactly the same as the traditional lotteries. The prizes go up to millions of dollars. Each win from the lottery bet is prized equally to the national lottery game that the player has bet on.

What happens when a player wins?

If a player wins on a lottery bet, the player will be alerted via e-mail by the organizing company where they have placed their bet. The e-mail will contain details of the win. All the results of the lottery bets are also published on the company’s website for public access to this information. Since unlike traditional lottery where the prize money is created is created by the sale of tickets, the lottery betting wins are covered by an insurer, this financial investor pays the prizes in full to the winners. The prize money is directly transferred to the player’s registered account details.

What are the insurance module and the ticket reselling model?

The insurance model: The insurance model is the most common model adopted by lottery betting companies. In this model, the companies are not needed to purchase the lottery tickets from the lottery operators to offer lottery betting services. Rather, once a player bets on a particular lottery, the company forwards this bet to an insurer that the company is working with. In order to balance the risk of a large prize money win, the betting organization pays a fee to the insurance company for every bet that is placed. When a player wins a jackpot or any large prize money, the insurance will pay this money to the winner. In case of small prize money wins, the betting company pays the money to the winner from their existing pools. Players should ensure that the betting company they are engaged withholds the required betting licenses in their jurisdiction to offer this service.

Ticket reselling model: In this model, the company purchases tickets for the official lotteries on behalf of the players. A commission is charged along with the price of the ticket when the ticket is bought. When the winner is declared, the company collects the prize money from the lotteries and sends it to the winner on behalf of the lottery operator.

Types of lottery betting:

Draw betting: This refers to betting on the outcome of the draws of the lottery games. The system is the same as when a player would purchase a lottery ticket. The rules and regulations are also the same as the lottery draws. The players placing the bets would choose the same amount of numbers as they would for the lottery draws. They will also win the same prizes as someone who would have if they had won the official state lotteries. The prizes for betting on lotteries is regulated by the respective companies that offer the lottery betting services.
Number betting: This refers to when the players bet on each of the numbers being drawn. They do not have to bet on the entire draw but rather choose to bet on certain numbers from the draw. The players can even bet on the outcome of drawing of just one number from a specific lottery game.

Legality of lottery betting:

The law behind lottery betting changes from country to country across the world. But as a general rule, lottery betting in legal in countries where online gambling is allowed. Therefore, in most of the European nations, lottery betting is allowed. This is heavily regulated by the gambling commission of specific countries. And as mentioned above, the law states that only those with relevant gambling license can offer lottery betting services. Websites that offer lottery betting are generally internationally accessible. Therefore, players should check with their county’s gambling laws to ensure that lottery betting is legal before engaging in the games.

The Pros and Cons of lottery betting:

Players may wonder why they should participate in lottery betting when they can directly purchase lottery tickets and play the lottery games officially. Listed below are few of the pros as well as cons of the lottery betting system. Players should compare both these and arrive at a decision on what works best for them.

The Pros:

  • When playing lottery betting, there is a higher chance of winning the prizes. Because the bet placed is on the “outcome”, this automatically increases the chances of winning something if not a jackpot.
  • The players can participate in lottery betting through some of the websites that offer the service. This website is easily accessible without geographical limitation. Therefore, there is access to more games on an international platform
  • Lottery betting is only allowed in countries where regulation is high. Thus, the companies that provide lottery betting and national gambling commissions together ensure that the customer is safe and secure
  • The prize winnings of lottery betting are transferred directly to the player’s accounts. In the case of lotteries, there is the risk of winners not being to claim prize winnings because of the need to travel to another country to claim their prize money. This is not the case with lottery betting since the money is always transferred to the players’ registered bank accounts.

The Cons:

  • Although there is a higher of winning, players choose only three to four numbers as opposed to the official lotteries where six numbers are chosen. This means the official lottery players will have a higher chance of winning a large/more prize money. Lottery betting will not be able to make the players millionaires.
  • Lottery betting leads more easily to addictions that the actual lottery games. Not that many players purchase lottery tickets to the extent that their financial security becomes at risk. Whereas with lottery betting it is often seen that players get caught up and get addicted to the game.

Where can players participate in lottery betting?

Lottery betting is done only online via websites. Some of the most popular websites that offer lottery betting are listed below along with their web addresses. Although these websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world, players should double check to ensure that lottery betting is legal in their country.

GiantLottos – Read Review
MultiLottos – Play | Read Review
My Lotto 24 – Read Review
Lottoland – Play | Read Review
Lottosend – Play | Read Review
The Lotter – Play | Read Review
Jackpot – Play | Read Review

See the list of all brands for more playing options here.

What the future of lotteries and lottery betting holds?

The lottery betting industry is among the best-regulated industries in the world today. The lottery betting companies are creating an industry of lottery betting that is separate from the world of the official lotteries. Soon, lottery betting will stand out as a separate revenue generating industry of its own. Not only does it have a lot of players but it is also very easy for players to be drawn into placing bets on the lotteries. Players from any corner of the world now have access to some of the biggest lotteries in the world such as the Mega Millions, US Powerball, Euromillions, Eurojackpot and El Gordo, Spain’s famous Christmas lottery. Players do not have to lose on the experience of being a part of these games.

A study conducted by the Research and Markets reported in 2016 that within a decade from then, the lottery industry would expand by 8.85% along with the lottery betting industry. Combined, the lottery world was a 275 billion dollar industry in 2016. This increases each year. It is said that soon, companies that offer lottery betting websites will create lottery betting applications and websites as social platforms where individuals from syndicates and groups with family and friends to participate in lottery betting. It will soon become something that is done together “socially”.
With the advancement in technology, it is also predicted that the expansion of the lottery betting industry will be much easier than ever before. Companies will introduce mobile applications and other modes of access that would make it quick and effortless to participate in lottery betting. Within the next decade, lottery betting would become as popular as lotteries. It will generate more revenue and will be a big addition to the already multi-billion dollar lottery industry. There will be websites and applications that brings lottery betting to everyone’s mobile devices. It is also possible that these might get integrated with social media. The lottery betting industry will be able to contribute more for charitable causes. There is much to look forward to the growth of the lottery and the lottery betting industry.

Is PlayHugeLottos Completely Legit? We Gave It a Closer Look To Find Out

There are not many experienced lottery operators out there like Playhugelotto.com. Established back in 1998 (over 20 years in the industry and still going strong), this site offered its services as a mixed service of a ticket purchasing service and an insured lotto betting service.

In this article, we will cover what we find, as the most critical legitimacy factors you need to consider before making a decision to choose this brand as your next online lottery service.

Like other lottery operators we covered on our site, playhugelottos.com will be covered through this 5 factors of legitimacy:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • The credibility of technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


License and ownership

Playhugelottos.com is owned and operated by Play UK Internet N.V which is a company that essentially operates, besides this site, 13 other online lottery websites. All of the sites under license No. 8048/JAZ  essentially the same sites with small design/layout changes that focus on a different customer group or geographic location.

The gaming licence is registered in Curacao (you would expect that for a brand that focuses a major portion of its activity in the UK that it will be also regulated under the UK Gambling Commission). The company is physically located in Cyprus under a company named Secure View Services Limited, definitely not a rare location for a company in the online gaming industry.

The licence in Curacao is valid as you can see in the screenshot below:

play huge lottos licence details


To conclude the licence section, all seems legit. Once again, we expect a company that has some UK presence to also hold a UK gambling licence (like Lottoland for example).

Yet again, it's not an issue that shades the legitimacy of Playhugelottos.com. From licence perspective, it's valid, legal and regulated.

Type of service

In this section, we normally elaborate on how the brand actually delivers its services. As we mentioned before online lottery sites usually have 2 methods of operating:

  1. Physically purchase a ticket under the client name from a local kiosk in the relevant state the lotto is held. This also known as courier or ticket purchase service.
  2. Provide a betting service for customers that place a bet on the actual outcome of the lottery.
    In a case of winning you're not getting the prize from the lottery draw (for example California lottery) but from the lottery operator or its insurance policy.

Now whats playhuglottos.com take on this 2 methods? well, it's not sure. I'll explain:
The site main welcome offers its all about “entries”, not lottery tickets What it means basically that you are placing a bet rather than buying an actual ticket.

In its Terms and Conditions page it clearly states:

1.1.12 “Game Entry” means a lottery game entry purchased by the Company on behalf of the User or a Bet placed by a User; unless the context indicated otherwise these terms shall be applicable to both the purchase of lottery tickets and the placing of Bets;

Meaning, there is no guarantee that if you select your numbers for any type of lottery draw, you will get a real lottery ticket under your name.
Playhugelottos.com also doesn't state anywhere in the site that there is an option or a service for scanning your tickets to a personal account that you can access at all times (like, for example, TheLotter or Agent Lotto has).

Summarizing this section we have mixed emotions on this one: in general lottery betting is o.k and legal, however, we expect a website of such long tenure in the market to specifically state this fact to its users.
We're not sure all of them know that in most cases, they are placing a bet and not buying a real ticket from the lottery draw operator.

Real winners

This part is always a critical aspect. There are so many online lottery scams out there that the best way to differentiate the legit ones is mainly done by looking up if there are any real-life people that actually won a draw through the service.

Playhugelottos.com in this area has a lot to offer, focusing on 2 groups of winners:

  1. Lottery draw winners that placed a bet on a lottery draw and won
  2. Prize winners on side draws that playhugelotos.com run quite often to make sure your chance to win a prize: either a lottery draw or a once-in-a-lifetime trip (for example Monaco Formula F1 Grand Prix.

On the lottery draw winners, the site has few detailed winning stories of customers that nearly got one of the world's biggest jackpots, for example:

  • US Powerball draw of 23/09/15 one lucky customer matched 4 main balls and the Powerball, leading to a nice winning sum of £ 6,544.40 (along with additional 27 lucky winners that had the same number match).
  • Euromillions draw of 07/11/14 found 5 main numbers match leading to just over £30,000 win. That draw specifically was particularly won by the ladies, especially Mary Hamilton of Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland that scooped the big prize of £12,900,000

In addition to its lottery participation activity, play huge lottos wants to regularly reward its customers by offering all sorts of raffles, competitions, and giveaways.

There is a lot to mention, so we chose a recent story of Erich (in the pictures below) from Austria who won an amazing prize of a trip to Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix competition:

Erich K. from Austria and his wife - Lucky winner of PlayHugeLottos.com


Erich K. from Austria - Lucky winner of PlayHugeLottos.com

So Erich, as you can see in the pictures above traveled to Monaco with his wife, in the courtesy of PlayHugeLottos.com to visit the amazing F1 Grand Prix race.
The couple enjoyed a VIP trip including private helicopter transfers from Nice to Monaco, 4 nights at a luxurious hotel and a once in a lifetime view of the race from a private yacht!

To conclude this section and despite the amazing competition winning stories one major thing that bothered us while covering this section was that there is “evidence” to the lottery draw winnings in a form of a picture of some kind of other proof. We contact the team of play huge lottos to seek for these materials and we got an answer that normally winners don't wish to reveal themselves.

However, the site's team mentioned the ones who won one of the competition prizes show up in pictures across the site as well as their experiences from the winning trips (which is 100% true, as we showed in the pictures above).

Players' feedback

PlayHugeLottos.com profile on the world's leading (and unbiased) consumer reviews site – Trustpilot is the weakest spot we found for the brand.

A very mediocre score of 5.8 (according to the time this article was published) was given to the site, which has some pretty negative reviews that stand out from the profile. Important to mention the overall score of the site is highly affected by the low amount of reviews uploaded (14, according to the publish date).

Here are some of the player feedbacks shown on the review page:

“Customer service??? Didn’t give a crap about customer at all. They only care about taking your money and give u a migraine if u try to withdraw your ‘WINNING’ money out. Try TheLotter and Wintrillions ya’ll. They secure your detail first before u play and u can withdraw your winning money right out!”

“Site could improve a bit by sending withdrawal notification. We receive notification for deposit but not for withdrawal. it causes panic for huge wins.”

All of these reviews and more available in playhugelottos.com review page on Trustpilot.

To conclude the feedback section, it was quite awkward to see that the site's support team doesn't take the initiative to answer some of the serious accusations and stories mentioned in the review page of Trustpilot (just, for example, Lottoland perfectly handle this task). At least if they answered the users, the impression of the customer support side of the site didn't have to look that bad.

Technology used

The infrastructure which the site is built on is a unique propriety of Play UK Internet N.V (the company that manages PlayHugeLottos), and its deployed across all of its 14 websites.
Instant win games, as well as Keno and scratchcards, are supported as well on the site using 3rd party services (for example game suppliers such as Glück).

Security wise, the site has a valid SSL certificate which enables secure transfer of data from the customer side to the site side including personal details and credit card details.

To conclude, PlayHugeLottos.com has won its spot as one of the world's leading online lottery sites. However, issues such as customer service complaints and a lack of real proofs of lottery winners cast a slight shade on its regular operation. We give it a 7 out of 10 score, considering its over 20 years of tenure and the extensive coverage of its regular customer competitions.

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Is Lottoland Website 100% Legit? We Gave It a Closer Look To Find Out

Not many lottery fans aware of Lottoland's vast experience in the lottery betting market. Its service has been a massive success story in many countries including Australia and the UK just to name a few.

However, trust is not always shared globally, and now when the online lottery services are available even in the most exotic countries – trust and legitimacy aspects are raised before making a choice to bet on a lotto result.

Lottoland website will be covered from what we find as the most important 5 factors of legitimacy:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • The credibility of technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


License and ownership

EU Lotto Limited (the company that operates Lottoland website) licensed and regulated in 3 different locations:

  • licence by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (Check licence)
  • licence and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission – relevant for customers residing in the UK (Check full licence details)
  • licence by the Irish National Excise Licence Office – relevant for Irish customers and all lotto activities in the Republic of Ireland (Reference Number 1011284, an online certificate is not available)

We verified the legitimacy of the licence details, all checked out – for example, take a look on the validity of Lottoland's licence in the UK:

Lottoland gambling comission details

For those of you who are unaware, operating in a legal way in countries like UK and Ireland requires a proper gambling licence. Lottoland takes care of their good name and always align with strict standards enforced by the local regulator of the country they intend to offer their services. So thumbs up here, we're all good!

Type of service

Lottoland, as a fully regulated brand in UK among other countries, offers its services in a format of betting rather than purchasing tickets (as other courier services available online).

This means that in case of a winning Lottoland pays the winning customer directly from “pocket”, or in case of big wins uses their insurance to cover such “losses”.
This method, on the contrary to courier services (such as Lotto Agent and The Lotter, just to name a few) who actually purchase a ticket for the customers, and that in case of winnings will make sure the winners will collect their prizes (minus tax of course) directly from the lottery draw operator.

You can read more on Lottoland's betting method in the following link or check out the following video:

Real winners

Lottoland is one of the few lotto brands out there that can actually match The Lotter's amazing winning stories, all by real people with real proofs.

We take real proofs of winners seriously and Lottoland has a long list of them. Take for example the 90,000,000 Euros win by Christina from Berlin, Germany (in the picture below with the winning check).

Christina is not only the biggest winner ever in Lottoland's history, but she is the biggest win ever in any online lottery betting service!

Lottoland Winner

9 more winning stories available here and each one of them is breathtaking.

Some of the winning stories got national coverage on major news organizations in UK and abroad such as The Mirror, Berliner Morgenpost or RTL. Publications of online lottery winners in the press (either online or TV) adds the final seal we look for when we cover this aspect of legitimacy, and Lottoland smash it with amazing, true and real winning stories from recent times.

Players' feedback

Lottoland's score on the world's leading consumer reviews site: Trustpilot is exceptionally impressive: 7.9 with nearly 600 reviews (as for the date this article was published).

As a brand serving over 7,000,000 customers worldwide (the brand has an active operation in Austria, UK, Ireland, Australia, Hungary, Latin America, Sweden and Italy), the score Lottoland receives is a great sign of legitimacy and fairness.

Among the comments we see online, some got our attention and we thought it will be suitable to present them on our legitimacy review:

“I like Lottoland. I think it is the most transparent and honest company in the sector of Lotto betting which includes the likes of ‘Multilotto' ‘World Lottery Club' ‘Lottoz‘ amongst others”.

“I’ve been with Lottoland for quite some time now, I started out as a normal player, now I love the service not just being a VIP. The choices that you play change very frequently and you do win & so you know your not stuck to just one game over time. I love how people like myself stay in touch with such wonderful people. I now have a favourite in the team LoAnne she’s a gold nugget with Tania always helping me with latest games and love my frequent calls and that chit chat, now that’s service to me with a heart. They really value their customers”.

“Lottoland is definitely my first choice for participating in Lottery games and it is great to have the choice of lotteries from around the Globe. Can't wait for the time when Planet Mars has its own lottery for me to play via Lottoland. My bank recognizes that money spent at Lottoland is money spent on ‘entertainment' and this is Lottoland's recognition too.”

All of these reviews and more available n Lottoland.co.uk review page on Trustpilot.

Technology used

Tech wise, Lottoland is one of the most advanced lottery websites out there. The variety of products (lotto betting on most lottery draws out there, scratchcards and various games) and mobile app support for both iPhone and Android phone delivers a great digital experience for Lottoland's customers.

Want to participate in a syndicate to enhance your odds of winning? Lottoland got that angle covered as well.

Lottoland is running on unique technology that you cant find on any other lotto website, this in order to ensure a perfect user experience across all of their geographic targeted licences in Europe and abroad.

To conclude, Lottoland rightfully earned all of the compliments we spot online and the ones we shared ourselves. Its longtime reputation as well as the major success stories they are directly in charge of, ensure a great experience for every lottery fan out there.

Above all stands their strict regulation compliance in several countries and an exceptional consumer review score in Trustpilot. A 10 out of 10 score is a must here!

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Is WinTrillions a Legitimate online lottery platform? Let’s Give It a Closer Look

With each review of an online lottery agent's website, a number of review aspects are taken into account – mostly game and UI related. These reviews are for a lottery player who wants a quick overview of a brand so he could make a quick decision about his next brand to play at. For those who wants to dig a little deeper and deal with the legitimacy of the brand, I write this post and cover the brand's potential to scam its lottery players.

These are the review aspects I consider for my Legit Score:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • Suspicious technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


WinTrillions is a very well known online lottery brand, and its legitimacy would be pretty easy to review, if it wasn't purchased in 2017 by Legacy 8 Gaming – a firm that also bought LottoKings, a brand I think highly of. WinTrilions has an exceptional reputation and positive track record of many years. It was established in 2005, but it now under new management.


License and ownership

WinTrillions is owned and operated, as mentioned above, by a company called Legacy 8 Gaming. It is based, registered, and regulated in Curacao. The same operation owns LottoKings, WinTrillions, Trillonatio, along with some lesser known brands – such as BuyLottoOnline. There's no record of abuse or fraudulent acts of any of the mentioned brands that operate under Legacy Eight Gaming – this is a strong positive signal on one hand, but it is also a relatively new firm. Its license is of Curaçao – it is an island that is part of the Dutch Caribbean – one of the oldest online gambling regulators. While still a gambling regulator, it is of a lesser strict standard than UK's. This is no indication of wrongful doing, but does mean that the effort of gaining the regulators sign of approval is not as difficult.

Type of service

WinTrillions, as does most modern online lottery services, gives its players a platform for completing a wager on a specific lottery's results – as opposed to the option of actually purchasing a lottery ticket back to back with any online transaction. It is called lottery betting. The other option is called lottery carrier. Each has its own downsides and upsides. In terms of a users experience, making a bet on lottery results means much higher flexibility on time of bet and gaming options. WinTrillions has an exceptional user relations record and it is mostly positive. They keep a close contact with players and seem to address different issues – no major ones found – quickly and to the users satisfaction.

Real winners

Real winners are a strong indication of a brands legitimacy, but… lack of it doesn't mean the opposite. Players winning big is a numbers game… the longer the brands exists, the more players complete wagers on the platform, the more likely it is for the brand to have BIG winners. And since WinTrillions is one of the longest running online operations, it also has more than a few jackpot winners that collected some life changing rewards.

A quick search online came up with a number of publications relating to big winners on the platform. It means that winners get to collect their prizes!

Players' feedback

WinTrillions' page on Trust Pilot is a proof of positive relations with its players. This is also the case looking for brand's real players reviews on other websites. As mentioned in this articles intro, being under new management should, somewhat, dim this light as it could have it's own agenda. Not likely, but still an options to consider.

Technology used

Win Trillions, just as other online lottery brands operate under Legacy 8 Gaming, is taking all the needed security measures to make sure the website's users and platform's players are completely secured. This means the latest SSL certificate in the common encryption.


If not for the brand being purchased in 2017 by Legacy 8 Gaming, WinTrillions would get a perfect legitimacy score. But… the brand was purchased and it is under new management. While there is no change in the brand's behavior with its users, there's a small risk. I'll be sure to revisit this article and update as the months pass.

For the meanwhile, I feel comfortable giving it a score of 8/10. A score that is just slightly higher than its sibling brand – LottoKings.

WinTrillions offer players alternating offers based on Jackpots and coming draws. You're welcome to check today's offer here or read my brand's review here.

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Is LottoKings Legit? Let’s Give It a Closer Look

When I review a website of an online lottery agent, I consider a number of review aspects. These consists of game related notes – number of lotteries offered to players, game features, etc. – payment options, customer support, and legitimacy. Since the brand's review is written with the average lottery player in mind, there's only so much I can cover in a reasonable word count. For this reason, I review in more details the review aspect the more veteran lottery players would find relevant – the critical notes are included in the general review.

These are the review aspects I consider for the Legit Score:

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • Suspicious technology used on the site

Jump right in: license | Service | Winners | Feedback | Technology


LottoKings is a hugely popular brand that is a well-established industry player. I reviewed it some time ago, revisit the website every so often, and ranked it at 4.5/5. This puts LottoKings near the top of a list including so many brands…


License and ownership

LottoKings is owned and operated by a company called Legacy 8 Gaming. It is based, registered, and regulated in Curacao. The company seem to be on the high road with a high profile purchase of WinTrillions – also a leading online lottery brand I really appreciate. The license it operates under is of an island, part of the Dutch Caribbean, that is one of the oldest online gambling regulators. This license is of a lesser standard that other. This doesn't indicate any wrongful doing, regulation is still a positive signal, but it does mean that LottoKings had to meet lower requirements.

Type of service

For service, there are two options that are very different one from the other – betting on lottery draw results, real ticket carrier service. LottoKings is a betting platform that allows its players to place a wager on an of the offered lotteries' winning numbers. There's no one preference between the two, but a ticket carrier has logistic limitation that mostly relate to the gaming aspect of the brand (for example: you can't buy a ticket close to the draw time). There are no known complaints by users who played with LottoKings and experienced any issues with the winning numbers.

Real winners

Other than a testimonials section on LottoKings' site, I couldn't find any news items relating real jackpot winners. Again, this doesn't mean there are no real winners, if there were, in the next review aspect it will be reveled. Basically, it's safe to say that there are real winners, just not jackpot ones, playing with LottoKings.

Players' feedback

The LottoKings' page on Trust Pilot is lean with just one review – positive one. Relying on users' review on many small sites and a quick search on social networks doesn't come up with any major complaints by players.

Technology used

LottoKings, just as other brands owned by Legacy 8 Gaming, is taking the needed security measures to secure users' data. This doesn't mean LottoKings doesn't use it in any ways it shouldn't, but it does mean they make an effort to prevent others from gathering any information.


Well… there are no critical and notable risks in playing with LottoKings. They are regulated as should, but not with the strictest gambling regulator. There are no major winners, but no complaints of users not getting their winnings. There are no confirmed real players' positive review, but there are no negatives ones also. Since, there are no strong positive signals, other than reputation and branding, I score LottoKings at 7/10. Will do my absolute best to update this security and legitimacy audit as time goes by and missing information becomes available.

LottoKings offers lottery players with a very fun experience in a pleasant package. you're welcome to check their offer here.

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Is TheLotter a Legit Lottery Ticket Provider? We Gave It a Closer Look

Each review of an online lottery agent's website is comprised of several review aspects. Each review aspect is weighted in when its time to give an overall score, but lottery players are different, and so are their private considerations when they need to pick the next brand of a lottery to play at.

For this reason, knowing that the overall score might not suit those who just want to know if it's safe to play at a specific brand or not, we also try to cover the security aspect in greater details separately.

These are the review aspects we consider for the Legit Score (TM):

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • A suspicious technology used on the site

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The Lotter is one of the world's first online lottery ticket courier service – established back in 2002, this brand name is a synonym for loyalty and high-quality level of service.

Pay close attention to the findings of our legit aspects of this website, the results are abnormal when you compare to nearly every lottery website out there.


License and ownership

Thelotter.com is a brand owned by The Lotter Enterprises Limited, which is licensed by the government of Belize. Registration number along with proof of existence in the Belize business database can be found below:

Thelotter in Belize business search

The screenshot above was taken from the International Business Companies Registry in Belize (IBC) and proves that license wise The lotter's operation is valid.

A close examination of the company details will show that despite the fact the company is registered in Belize, its offices are held in Malta – a common location for online companies, definitely not something that should worry a new or existing customer of the website.

Type of service

The Lotter is an independent ticket purchasing service, this means they have an operation of carriers around the globe that purchase for their users real lottery tickets for the draw they chose.
The ticket is bought under the customer's name, that way in case of winning all of the prizes can be withdrawn only by the customer of The Lotter who ordered the ticket.

Important to mention as well, that The Lotter focuses on transparency in the way they handle existing customers. For example tickets purchased by their carriers are being scanned uploaded to the customer's personal account page in the site – a big sign for legitimacy operation here.


Winning Lottery Ticket By TheLotter

As you can see in the image above (a winning ticket by the way) each ticket purchase accompanied by a scan of the ticket to the personal account of the customer.
That way every TheLotter customer can be sure his card is officially purchased and valid for the next draw.

Real winners

This is an aspect TheLotter truly excells, despite the fact the operator doesn't have any real control over the chance a customer will hit the right numbers or not – we can clearly see series of true succes stories. As we already covered extensively back in 2016, The Lotter has a worldwide recognition of crowning people from around the world as worldwide sensations:

Presented in the video above is Aura D. from Panama who used The Lotter's services and purchased a ticket for the Florida Lotto draw on 19 July 2017. It was a complete shock when she will quickly discover she was the only winner of the $30,000,000 jackpot!

The Lotter team not only purchased the card for Aura, but took care of flight arrangements to get the Panamian winner to Florida in order to claim the prize.

Want more? how about the 2015 sensation when an Iraqi player chose The Lotter to purchase an Oregon Megabucks ticket for him. It didn't take much of time to realize a $6,400,000 prize is won by none other than M.M, the Iraqi lucky winner.
That story hit the American press like a storm with extensive coverage on The New York Times, AP, Daily Mail and NBC. Check out the amazing news update on that historic winning:

There are over 20 amazing winning stories presented here, so go ahead and feel free to dream how will your winning experience sound like

Players' feedback

The Lotter receives an impressive score on TrustPilot, thanks to its superb support and customer service. No surprise this experienced brand gets such a positive feedback, especially due to its excellent variety of products and its unparalleled purchasing experience.

Some of the recent feedbacks posted on the site:

“Honest company. I have been playing for a while now although no major wins but definitely have had a couple of small wins. I have no issues with withdrawals or anything. I like these guys”.

“I was skeptical at first but have grown confidence in placing my bets with theLotter.com after having had frustrating transactions with other comparable online sites. (Copies of your tickets are sent to your email as final confirmation that your ticket is in play for the desired play/date.)”.

“Best online lottery site. It may seem to cost a bit more, however, their work ethics, trustworthy policies, and customer service make up to it so in my honest opinion the extra charge on the tickets is totally worth it. Thank you for your honesty and keep up the good work.”

Technology used

Tech speaking the site is completely up to date with all relevant security certificates, supports a wide collection of payment methods and it is probably the only lottery ticket purchase site that has an iPhone, an iPad and an android app (more details on that can be found in our article on lottery mobile apps).

Add to that a top-notch support service through chat (not all online lottery websites offer that, most cases you get a phone number or an e-mail address) along with an independent technology to process the ticket orders and transferring them to the couriers deployed in the different countries. All of the above place The Lotter at the crème de la crème of online lottery websites.


A true lottery experience awaits for you on The Lotter website, from amazing and true winning stories to a real scanned ticket that's emailed to you the moment it's being purchased on the lottery kiosk – its all good. Given its astonishing aggregated score (over 80) of trust in the world biggest trust arena – Trustpilot, we grant a 10/10 legitimacy score.

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Is LottoGo Legit? We Gave It a Closer Look

Each review of an online lottery agent's website is comprised of several review aspects. Each review aspect is weighted in when its time to give an over all score, but lottery players are different, and so are their private considerations when they need to pick the next brand of lottery to play at. For this reason, knowing that the overall score might not suite those who just want to know if it's safe to play at a specific brand or not, I also try to cover the security aspect in greater details separately.

These are the review aspects I consider for the Legit Score (TM):

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • Suspicious technology used on the site

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LottoGo is a complete revamp and re-brand of a well known lottery website called WLC (World Lottery Club) that I reviewed its legitimacy some time ago. It officially launched on June 20th 2018. Since its a young brand, some review aspects will not be taken to consideration as are not relevant. I'll revisit this article every now and again and update as the missing review aspects become relevant.


License and ownership

Just as WLC, LottoGo is owned and operated by Annexio Limited. The company based in Isle of Man, as does many other betting related operations, and is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commision. If you look closely in the regulator's website, you'll see Annexio owners several other gaming brands – all are lottery related. Choosing to issue a license with UK comes with a stamp of approval that means meeting some very strict rules and regulations, and having greater transparency. All are very strong indications for legitimacy. Also, since receiving its license on 2011 there were no recorded sanctions.

Annexio Gambling Commission summary

Annexio Gambling Commission summary

Type of service

LoggoGo, and all other of Annexio's brands, is a lotto betting website. This means players are making a wager, or placing a bet, on the winning numbers of a specific lottery draw. No tickets are purchased against the wager. This is why the service is called lottery betting, as opposed to a lottery carrier service. This means LottoGo can accept wagers up to minutes before the actual lottery draw, offer any prize (boost low jackpots for example), and also, offer side games and bets – scratchcards and other instant win games.

Real winners

Since the brand was just launched, there are no confirmed jackpot winners. For the time being, you should know that WLC did have some winners that made it to the news. Considering the there's only a change in brand, and not ownership, it's safe to assume, just for now, that any winner on LottoGo's platform is expected to be paid in full and in accordance to the site's terms and conditions (mostly relating to any free offers).

Players' feedback

The WLC page on Trust Pilot was renamed to LottoGo, but the feedback is still of the old brand. Again, as with real winners, its safe to say that LottoGo is expected to keep the same service standard and receive same great feedback. What I personally love most is the LottoGo is quick to respond and address any issue raised on Trust Pilot and other 3rd party service review websites. There will always be players who are unhappy and WLC's willingness to address any issue in public is remarkable. Well done!

Technology used

LoggoGo's platform is an ever evolving one. They keep adding features and game types, something that gives extra incentive to stay with them. In terms of security, the website uses a SSL certificate that is registered to Annexio – it is always good to see the name of the owner matching on all sources. In terms of intent and record, using a number of testing tools, there were no indications of fraud or any malicious and unsafe content. Annexio is taking the needed precautions to keep its players safe from harm.


While I would have liked to review some more records, the brand is new and so it's sister brands were taken into consideration. Will definitely revisit this article in a couple of months to make sure LottoGo justifies a very respected score of 9/10. Annexio has some great record of legitimacy and trustworthiness, and they do take the necessary steps to keep information and users safe.

If you'd like to know more – gaming elements, customer support, promotions, and more – read my complete review.

You're welcome to try their welcome offer of “55 extra chances to win for FREE” here.

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I won the lottery! now what?

What to Do Once You Win the Lottery

You’ve been diligently buying lottery tickets your whole life. Surely, you’ve spent some time thinking about what happens if you actually won. However much you spend your time thinking about buying your own plane, solving homelessness, or buying your extended family their own houses, there are some practical matters to consider once you’ve won those millions of dollars. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the things you need to do once you realize you’re a millionaire.

“Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe”

Gandalf’s wise words to Frodo also apply to winning lottery tickets. Once you’ve won, if you’re a normal human being, you’re going to be excited and want to spread the news. However, until you’ve figured out how you’re going to handle your newfound wealth, it would be best to keep the fact that you won a secret. After all, you don’t want reporters and other people swarming your house looking for a story or cash.

You also need to keep the winning ticket physically safe. Make sure you sign the original, make multiple copies of it, and then store the original in a safe place like a safety deposit box. Do not hand it over to a gas station attendant to verify if the numbers are correct. Keep physical control of the ticket at all times until it is safely secured in a bank or a safe.

Try Not to Ruin Your Life

As much as you’d think winning millions of dollars would solve all of your problems, this is not always the case. There are several tragic stories out there of people who won the lottery and then completely ruined their lives and sometimes the lives of those around them as well. The best way to avoid this is to hire a team that will help you manage the money. Three people you’ll need are a lawyer, a financial planner, and an accountant. This is especially true if you weren’t necessarily good at managing money before you won the lottery. Having millions of dollars to manage isn’t going to magically fix your money management problems. Those three people will help you plan what you are going to do with the money and keep others from making claims to your money on dubious grounds.

Decide How You Want to Receive the Money

Finally, to get the money at all, you’ll need to decide whether you want it all at once or in a series of payments over the course of decades. This is where your state and national tax rules come into play. This is also where you’ll need the advice of your financial planner and accountant to help you make the best decision, which is why it is essential to hire those individuals. Each method has its benefits, but you should consult the professionals to figure out what is right for you.

It’s fun to spend time thinking about all the different things you could spend money on if you won the lottery. If you every do find yourself in such a situation, then follow the advice above to make sure that you can make the most of your winnings, and congratulations!

How to Raise Your Odds for Winning the Lottery

Everyone wants to win the lottery. Frequently, the amount of money you could win by doing so would have you set for life. The chances are so slim though; the odds are a million-to-one, or more. So how do you better your chances of winning big? Believe it or not, there are ways to improve your chances other than just buying more tickets. In this article, you’ll learn about just a few of the ways you can help yourself win the lottery.

Play State Lotteries and Scratch-Offs

Not all lottery games are created equally or present the best chance of winning. For instance, the popular Powerball and Megamillions lottery games in the United States are national lotteries, so you are playing against everyone in the country. State lotteries, on the other hand, offer a better chance of winning because you are playing against fewer people. The odds are still very small that you’ll win, but they’re still less small than with the national lotteries. Also, scratch-offs may offer very small prizes, but there’s a better chance of winning those small prizes. Plus, they’re fun!

Use a Lottery Pool

This might seem like it falls in the category of “just buying more tickets”, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Lottery pools are a way of buying more tickets without paying for more tickets. In a lottery pool, a group of people will throw in a certain amount of money and then the pool manager will go out and buy as many tickets as they can with that money. If one of the tickets in the pool is a winning ticket, then the entire pool splits the money. So, you might not get the $50 million to yourself, but $5 million dollars is better than no dollars. If one of the lottery tickets only wins a small prize that isn’t worth splitting among the pool members, then they can vote on whether to divide up the tiny prize or they can choose to reinvest the prize money into more tickets.

Check Your Numbers!

One of the best ways to win the lottery is to make sure that if you win, you remember to check your ticket and realize that you’ve won! You might be thinking this goes without saying, yet there have been millions of dollars’ worth of lottery prizes that have gone unclaimed in the past.

Use Rare Numbers

This method won’t increase your chance of winning. It will actually cause it to decrease. However, by using rare numbers, you increase the chance that your lottery ticket, if it is a winning ticket, will be the only one to win, thus increasing the total prize money you would receive. If you’re interested in trying this method out, you can check out lottery apps and the Powerball website for a list of rare number combinations to use, or you can just choose rare numbers yourself, like consecutive numbers.

None of these methods is guaranteed to get you millions of dollars, however by playing smart, you increase your chances of winning big. After all, what do you have to lose?

The Lottery Scams You Didn’t Know About

The Internet is a wild, wild place. You can never know exactly who to trust, and sometimes on otherwise trustworthy sites, people will still try to scam you. One such website is Fiverr, a website that will allow freelancers to sell “gigs” for at least $5. These gigs range from content writing to video creation to more unique gigs. However, along side the perfectly legitimate gigs selling things like scriptwriting services, there are also gigs that are completely shady and probably scams. One area that is particularly prone to scams is online lotteries.

There are two main forms that these lottery scams seem to take: offers to perform the services of an online lottery agent and offers to create lottery systems (aka lottery wheels).

Lottery Agent Scams

To understand what a lottery agent scam attempts to do, you’ll first need to understand what a lottery agent does. A lottery agent is basically a service that allows people to purchase lottery tickets from various locations including outside of the country in which they reside. The main reason that a person would want to do this is that lotteries in other countries may offer better odds than the lotteries in the location where a person actually resides. They also offer the opportunity to play more and different types of lottery games that you would be able to play if you just stuck to walking down to the gas station every time you wanted to play the lottery.

Lottery agent scams occur on Fiverr in the form a person saying that they will perform the job of a lottery agent for a fee. The problem with this is that the person paying the lottery agent has absolutely no idea how much the lottery tickets in that country cost. There’s also absolutely no guarantee that the seller is going to pay you if you do win. So for all you know, they could be selling exorbitantly overpriced lottery tickets and then not actually planning on paying you when you win. It would be best to stick to verified and vetted online lottery agents.

Lottery System Scams

The other type of scam frequently encountered on the internet is an offer to sell a lottery system to you. A lottery system distributes possible lottery numbers across multiple tickets. By doing this, one of the tickets should contain the winning numbers if certain conditions are met. If you’re interested in lottery systems and their effectiveness, then you’re free to do more research. One thing that is certain though is that giving money to a person upfront for a system that you haven’t seen and don’t know the effectiveness of certainly sounds like a scam. It is also a little fishy when the seller of such a system has no references by which to verify their success beyond claims that the system works. If you’re going to buy a lottery system, go through someone who can demonstrate their results.


Fiverr is full of honest people doing honest work, but just like the rest of the internet, it can also be full of scammers. Be careful out there and use your best judgement to avoid lottery system scams and lottery agent scams.