Biggest winners on India lottery

Kerala lottery winner

A huge jackpot prize, the idea of winning something for nothing or pure habit are just some of the reasons people play the lottery.

Even though the odds are not in your favor, the idea that someone has to win is a fact, and why wouldn`t that person be you.

India and the lottery

India is the second most populated country in the world, so you can imagine how many adult people play the lottery every single day. India is a wealthy country but unfortunately its wealth is not distributed equally. Sometimes even a small lottery ticket can cost someone his daily wage. Still so many poor people choose to play and hope to win life changing amounts.

Playing international lotteries online

Only 13 states in India allow lotteries and in the rest of the states any form of gambling is considered illegal. The good news is you can play international lotteries online from India and the process is very simple. Since the draws are taking place outside India, they are not a subject to Indian gambling restrictions.

Why do people play the lottery?

On the one hand the answer is so simple. You spend a small amount of money and then give in to the irrational hope that you will win huge amounts of money.

They say money can`t buy happiness, and as a matter of fact that is true. But money can buy you freedom, freedom of choice and finally you will be able to invest in yourself and in your personal growth.

Many stories of people winning the lottery and going bankrupt in less than five years emerge, but today we will go in another direction and focus on a very moving story, a story that inspires and gives hope.

The biggest winner on Indian lottery

This is the story of Mofijul Rahima Sheikh, 22 at the time, whose life changed in a moment after he realized he won the lottery. But let`s go back and see who Mofijul Rahima Sheikh really is.

He is a young man from Bardham, West Bengal who is looking for a better life for his family. Living on the edge of poverty he decides to leave his parents, his 18 year old wife and 8 months old daughter and go to Kerala to look for a job.

He found out that he can earn twice as much in Kerala as a construction worker, so the idea that he can save more money faster to provide for his family drove him to this place not knowing it can change his life forever.

Troubles never end for some people. Mofijul Rahima Sheikh had no finances to travel to Kerala, and lending money from moneylenders was not an option since they charge a lot. He borrowed Rs 600 from a childhood friend.

Once he arrived at the destination he found a shelter for Rs 1000, and he only had a bed in a room which he shared with dozens other man. In his pocket he had only Rs 100 left, but he found a job on the first day. A job that requires a hard labor but earning twice as much that he was earning in Bengal was satisfactory.

Going back home, he saw a physically challenged man selling lottery tickets, and feeling compassion he bought the ticket for 50 rupees. He never imagined nor hoped to win anything. Mofijul Rahima Sheikh just wanted to help the old man. This is a very touching moment and it only proves that those who have experienced poverty truly understand it and will do something to change it.

Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus ticket

You can imagine his excitement when three days late he found out that he has won 10m rupee at the Karunia government lottery. Excited as he was, he called his family and shared the good news with his roommates. Mofijul Rahima Sheikh had at least one good friend in the crowd who advised him to seek police protection, because someone might steal the winning ticket from him or even attack him. He stayed at the police station for two days and then policemen escorted him to the bank to deposit his ticket. His long term plan to stay in Kerala and work changed into a 5 day experience.

Mofijul Rahima Sheikh is happy that his daughter will be the only person in his family to receive a proper education.