All about the Spanish Christmas Lottery: The biggest lottery raffle!

El Gordo Spanish lotto

Two days before Christmas, the world’s largest lottery draw is held: the Spanish Christmas Lottery, also known as the Christmas Gordo delivers more than € 2.3 billion in prizes – approximately US $ 2.660 million! All that money is distributed in a single day to thousands of players worldwide! Keep reading and discover everything about this great Christmas raffle.

It is no accident that every year more than 90% of the Spanish population rush to the lottery stores to ensure their participation in the Christmas lottery. With € 2.3 billion (US $ 2.6 billion) in prizes delivered in a single day, the chances of you having luck with El Gordo de Navidad are quite large compared to other lotteries!

As we know the importance of the Spanish Christmas raffle that will take place in 40 days, we have collected as much interesting information as some curiosities about this great Spanish party – And don’t worry if you are not in Spain, because with our online lottery agents you can play online from any place in the world!

The history of the Spanish Christmas Lottery

The first draw of this super lottery was on December 18, 1812 and was held in Cádiz, Spain. At that time, Spain was at war against Napoleon, so the Christmas Lottery pursued a rather peculiar objective: to raise money to deal with the war.

It was not until December 23, 1892 when it was known as the Christmas raffle. Today the raffle is held every December 22 and since 1814 is held in the Spanish capital, Madrid. This raffle connects many people at Christmas! Lottery tickets are purchased by entire families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and even by companies.

More than 90% of Spanish residents – including those who do not play – celebrate this great event and acquire at least one ticket a year. Many of the people who play with the Christmas lottery do not even participate in raffles from other local lotteries or in international lotteries.

The Christmas Lottery draw can last more than 3 hours!

El Gordo de Navidad is not only the oldest and one of the biggest lotteries, but probably one of the most famous. The Christmas lottery awards thousands of prizes, ranging from the grand prize, known as “El Gordo”, to the smallest, such as “La Pedrea”.

The total sum exceeds € 2.3 billion! – the equivalent of US $ 2.6 billion. To give you an idea, this is equivalent to € 50 for each inhabitant of Spain, so it is not uncommon to find people who have won prizes with this lottery. In addition, the big jackpot can come out at any time, which gives it a touch of suspense.

kids singing lotto numbers

During the Christmas El Gordo raffle, the children’s choir of the second oldest school in Madrid, the San Ildefonso School, sings all the numbers and the prizes. And if you thought you misunderstood, well no, they sing the drawn numbers! – This may be the reason why the raffle can last for more than 3 hours.

Another fact that makes the celebration even better is that part of the money raised from the sale of lottery tickets is donated to charities and orphanages.

How to play El Gordo raffle?

Unlike many lotteries where you can choose the numbers you are going to play one by one; the Christmas lottery has a slightly different format than the rest – one very similar to raffles. El Gordo de Navidad tickets already come with a 5-digit numerical combination that goes from 00000 to 99999.

el gordo lottery ticket

Each ticket is printed 170 times and is issued by series, so if you buy for example a ticket with the numbers 54321, another 169 people could acquire that same numbering as you. And in case those numbers are awarded, all winners will win a millionaire prize!

The advantage of playing El Gordo Lotto online

Playing the Spain Christmas lotto online has several advantages! The biggest advantage is that with you can choose all your numbers! You could choose your favorite combination and also choose if you want to buy an entire ticket (US $ 290) or a fraction of the ticket – the most common option of all.

For example, when choosing a tenth of the ticket (1/10), you would pay only US $ 40.50, but if you are looking for something even more affordable, you will find additional alternatives (only available at the best online lotto agents) with which you can play the Christmas Lottery at a much lower price.

Another great benefit is that you can join this Christmas party from anywhere, because you do not need to be a resident in Spain to have the chance to ensure the most special Christmas of your life. Fantastic! Don’t you think?

The millionaire dream

Every December 22, more than US $ 2.6 billion is distributed in a single day and your chances of winning are unbeatable compared to the odds of winning from other lotteries. With El Gordo de Navidad you have a chance of 1 in 100,000 of hitting the big jackpot, while, for example with PowerBall you have a chance of 1 in 292.201.338 and in Mega-Sena 1 in 50.063.860.

With such promising odds of winning, you have to run to secure the ticket! Maybe “Santa Claus” comes straight from Spain to bring you a Christmas jackpot! Good luck!

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