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A company that was formed in 2011, Lotto Booking has been around long enough to know what is going on in the world of lottery. They were formed by a team comprising some of the best marketing minds and programmers all with a passion for the lottery. Their main goal was to make the lottery an even more enjoyable experience than it already is, by offering easy and simple ways for people to play more lotteries from all over the world.


The main additional feature that Lotto Booking has is that they offer the chance of getting involved in syndicates. Syndicates are always a good feature in a lotto provider as they allow the players a hugely increased chance of winning a large prize – granted, though, that the size of the jackpot pay out per individual is less than if you won it on your own, but you will win it more often.

Commissions and Fees

Like all lotto provider websites, and in fact, all other businesses, Lotto Booking need to make a profit and they are doing so by adding a small fee onto the price of the tickets. This means that you will pay slightly more for you ticket through them than it actually costs. But they also allow you to play lotteries in other countries that you wouldn’t be able to normally. So its ok to play slightly more for that privilege.

Safety and Security

Lotto Booking take their position of power within the lotto industry very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that only the best security and safety is provided to their players. They understand how amazing the lottery can be and do their best to keep that as safe an enjoyable for everyone as they can. The encryption they use is called, GeoTrust Encryption Technology.

List of Games

  • Euro jackpot
  • Euro Millions
  • Mega Millions
  • Lotto 6/49
  • Super Enalotto
  • PowerBall

Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller are amoung the payment methods that are accepted by Lotto Booking. They offer others too but these are the main one on display.


Lotto Booking was set up and it is managed by some great minds and as a result the product that they offer is of a first class standard. To anyone looking to get involved with a good lotto provider it would be difficult to overlook Lotto booking.


  • Very secure
  • Set up by lotto lovers


  • Not a massive selection of games