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Top 10 Best Online Lotto is the main entrance to the online lottery world. Our main mission is to review all the top websites around the world that offer top quality online lottery experience and to offer you a reliable ranking of those sites to ease your decision of what brand to choose. A secondary mission is reviewing the different lotteries around the word – there are numerous lotteries you can participate with – after those that offer the biggest jackpots, highest odds of winning, and best additional or side games. On the way, we write about just about anything that is online lottery related. We encourage our readers to reach us and simply ask for new content, ask a question, or just give a friendly digital high five.

Top Online Lottery Websites By Country

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Top 10 International Online Lottery Websites

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Latest Lottery Results

Colombia - Baloto Logo
Ukraine - Megalot Logo

Ukraine - Megalot Draw Results and Winning Numbers: 20/01/2018 18:50 GMT

Winning numbers / results: 7;9;23;35;40;41 + 6
Ukraine - Super Loto Logo
Brazil - Quina Logo
Brazil - Dupla Sena Logo
Italy - SuperStar Logo

Italy - SuperStar Draw Results and Winning Numbers: 20/01/2018 19:00 GMT

Winning numbers / results: 27;48;50;74;76;84 + 61 + 19
Spain - BonoLoto Logo

Spain - BonoLoto Draw Results and Winning Numbers: 20/01/2018 20:30 GMT

Winning numbers / results: 2;19;28;35;37;43 + 25
Ontario - Ontario 49 Logo
U.K. - Thunderball Logo
Poland - Lotto Logo

Poland - Lotto Draw Results and Winning Numbers: 20/01/2018 20:40 GMT

Winning numbers / results: 22;24;25;27;36;37
France - Loto Logo

France - Loto Draw Results and Winning Numbers: 20/01/2018 19:35 GMT

Winning numbers / results: 27;32;38;44;46 + 7
Brazil - Mega Sena Logo
South Africa - Lotto Logo

South Africa - Lotto Draw Results and Winning Numbers: 20/01/2018 19:00 GMT

Winning numbers / results: 5;27;28;35;50;52 + 39
New York - Lotto Logo
California - SuperLotto Plus Logo

Online Lottery quick overview – the gist

Playing the lottery has been in existence in one form or another for centuries; the only difference now is in the way we play these forms of luck based games is everything has now switched to online and of course this means playing the lottery as well. Basically, you no longer need to to purchase tickets from a store, kiosk, or lotto shop, waiting on an endless queue to claim your winnings, confirm lotto numbers and being at the mercy of lotto sales outlet agent who have been known to try and scam winners out of their earnings.

Why should we still follow this archaic pattern of giving your physical ticket to the cashier to determine if you have won or not, with no clue on the owners part as to if a game was won and how much was won, so many players have been robbed of their winnings through this process. Online doesn’t necessarily mean safe, but the platforms that lottery ticket sellers gives their players provide complete transparency by using account management tools.

So, what better way to play lottery, other than online, where you can stay on top of all the games you’ve played, check your winnings, claim you winnings and of course get paid out in record time.

To top it all, it’s now easier than ever to play international lotteries; you no longer need to be a resident of said country and you can play from the comfort of your own home using your PC or on the go and anywhere using your personal favorite mobile device. The purchase process is quick, and super simple and intuitive with many unique features that gives additional value to the game.


With the introduction of playing the lottery online, it offers convenience, but this has to be looked carefully to avoid being scammed. So firstly a pivotal point to look out for is security. How secure is the online lottery site ,does it use the correct encryption? A safe and secured site guarantees a safe play and winnings are paid out securely to the nominated bank accounts. Always look out for licensed and SSL Encrypted protected websites.

Safe and secure is the critical review aspect in every review we publish. We’ve got your back! Not completely safe?! no point in creating an account. Trust is THE most important element of the relationship between a lotto players and his lotto operator.


Online lottery offers differ around the world and include but are not limited to the following the Powerball, Euro Million to the Australia- OZ Powerball, Oz Lotto and the California- Super Lotto Canada, to name but a few of these. There are literally hundreds of lotteries to cover, it will take us some time, but we’ll eventually cover the majority of those offered.


The introduction of playing the lottery online can be described as a transition in time, from the crude method of trying to buy physical tickets to buying virtual tickets with no stress from the comfort of your location and spare time. You can pick your lucky numbers any time from anywhere and to which ever world lottery you want. Never before was this so easily accomplished.

Privacy is important in the game of lotteries and with the introduction of playing lottery online it has put smiles on the faces of millions of users as their identity is protected. This also means if you were to win big you can keep it a secret to stop people hounding you for money.

An amazing feature is the fact that there is no restrictions on your GEO location; online lotteries allow users to participate in the biggest international lotteries like the powerball and the euro jackpot from the comfort of their own homes.


There are some big players in the online lotter space and this makes for healthy competition and means a player such as yourself benefits from being able to play on a multitude of platforms such as : jackpot.com, Lotto Kings, Play Huge Lottos, Lottosend, Wintrillions and The Lotter, all offering excellent services on their various platforms.

For easy access, we grouped the leading platforms by country – not all offer services to all countries – in the navigational links at the top of this page.


Playing lottery online gives the added advantage of receiving promotional offers as most online lottery operators offer bonuses and promotions to users. Keep an eye out for our daily and weekly aggregated deals from some of the biggest players in the online lottery space.

Customer Support

Most if not all of the big online lottery sites will offer exceptional customer support. The ones you want to keep an eye out for are the ones with 24/7 live chat support and telephone support. This is another key review aspect, second only to security that was mentioned above. Getting a quick and relevant reply is key when establishing a trust based relationship with an online service provider.


We absolutely love the fact that you can now play worldwide lotteries from the comfort of your own home. Sign up and registration to all of these sites is straightforward and simple:

  1. Click on the registration icon and fill in all information as required
  2. Select the lottery you intend to play and pick your lottery numbers (can also use the quick pick option many offer)
  3. Complete a checkout

Your one step closer to winning a life changing amount, or at least a couple of days of fun!

It’s as simple as that! We wish you all the best with your online lottery endeavors.